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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: You Laugh You Lose Challenge! Superhero Kids Play YLYL #1

Difficulty: 0

- [All three] What's up guys?!

- I'm Eden.

- I'm Hope.

- And I'm Noah.

[All Three] And we're SHK Play!


- Okay guys, so today, we're gonna do

a new challenge that we've never tried before.

Inside this box is the bad thing.

- Oh no.

- Ohh.

- There are a bunch of em' and so

here's how it's gonna work.

We're gonna play videos on the TV,

and if you laugh, you get a point.

For every three points you have to

take something out of the mystery box...

- Oh no.

- And wear it.

- [Hope And Noah] Oh.

- Is it gonna be food?

- Food? (laughing)

- Or bugs or a shark.

- So how many points till you have to wear something?

- [All Three] Three.

- Alright, we're gonna keep track over here

for Eden, Hope and Noah.

I'll be controlling all the videos with my phone.

Also, once you take something out of the box,

you're not allowed to look, you have to close your eyes

and feel around and pull something out.

The rules for a laugh are anything that's out loud.

So Pft, Crr, or anything like that counts as a laugh.

- Okay.

(screeching hurl)

- That counts as a laugh, sadly.


Noah, who do you think is going to do the best out of

all three of you?

- Eden, I think Eden's gonna win.

- [Zane] Eden's gonna win?

- She doesn't have a very strong sense of humor.

- [Zane] Oh!

(sad piano music)

- How does that...

- I just can pull a stone face, that's what it is.

- [Zane] Stone face Eden.


- [Zane] Alright Hope, who do you think is gonna win?

- Me.

- Oh.

- I always win at this stuff, if I'm really trying.

- Nah uh.

- [Zane] Alright Eden, who do you think is gonna win?

- Me.

- [Zane] Alright, we're about to start.

In three, two, one.

(Noah laughing)

(cricket chirping)

- [Zane] That's one point for Noah,

write your point on the board.

- That was hilarious.

- [Zane] Already?

- Is this an animation?

- I hate this video.

Oh my gosh, I hate this video, I can't watch this,

I can't watch this.

- Gross.

- This is gross. - I hate this thing so much.

- This is like try not to look challenge.

Or try not to look away challenge.

- It's the try not to.

(gasping) - Ew ew ew ew ew ew ew.

- It's taken?

- No.

- Alright.

- I love this guy.

- Pretty day out huh?

What's your name?

- I really need to work on something

so I'm not really into social hour.

- Oh okay.

You wouldn't by chance know how to do this would you?

- Nope, sorry.

Have to look up a tutorial online.

- Yeah the only problem is I didn't bring my computer,

I could use yours.

- Like I said, I'm not into social hour.


- It hurt, it hurts.

- I love him.

- Maybe you should move to a different table.

- I thought we were pals, we're like lab partners.

- No, we're not pals, no no we're not.

- Eh!

- Would you shut up?

- It hurts, it hurts.

- I don't care, you sound like a moron.

- Can you massage it?

- I'm not ever gonna touch you.

(Eden and Noah laughing)

- [Zane] Hope's face, Hope's face.

- Oh I've seen that.

(Eden laughing)

- Eden.

- I didn't laugh.

- Put a point for me.

- [Zane] Hope is...

- Hope's the one who usually laughs.

- No.

- Yeah.

- Hope just doesn't get anything.

- [Zane] Deep breaths, here we go.

- Fortnite memes, really?

- That is really disappointing.

- [Zane] Noah got so close, okay he held it together.

You guys ready for the next one?

- Yeah.

(inspirational music)

- I've seen this. - I think I've seen this too.

- I haven't seen this.

I'm not into the memes.

(jazzy out of key recorder music)

(Noah laughing)

- Oh my god, comes in and he starts dancing.

This is the mood.

This is the vibe, this is a real vibe.

Oh yes.


- [Zane] Alright, Noah lost, wait

What's that mean?


Noah's got three.

- Three points.

You crazy.

- [Zane] Alright, are you ready Noah?

- Yeah.

- You've gotta open up the mystery box.

- Close your eyes.

- Close your eyes.

- All of us can't see, 'cause then we would know.


- I can't- - Do you need help opening it?

- No I'll be okay.

- Okay, he got something.

- Oh what is it?

- A cape.

- (laughing) You're having a rough time.

Oh, just one.

It's like a tissue box of terribleness.

- [Hope And Eden] Goodbye Mr. Box.

- Oh no!

("Only time" by Enya)



How does that cape make you feel?

- Sad.

- Sad (laughing).

All around me are familiar faces


- [Zane] Oh my gosh.

- Ew you spit on my face.

- Sorry.


- [Zane] It looks more like a clown than a tear.

- He's sad.

- [Zane] We're gonna keep going through all the memes

and then once we finish, whoever has the most pieces of

clothing on loses and has to-

- Jump in the pool, that we don't have.

- (laughing) Has to do the worst challenge in the world.

- But so far he's got it.

- Which you'll find out later.

Alright, you guys ready for the next one?

- [All Three] Yes.

(upbeat music)

- Is this what people see when I dance?

- Very much yes.

- I think I might be that thing.


- My sister has friends over and they're playing with an

Ouija board upstairs.


Oh you hear them screaming.

- Oh puppy, oh Pug.

- Pug.

- Not you!

- Aw.

- Awww.

- Poor dog.

- Why's it so over saturated?

- Aww.

- Panda.

- Be careful.

- Oh no, the Panda song.

Panda, panda, panda

- Wait wait.

Panda, panda, panda

- What is that Rolf?

- The hat of discipline, do you live in a cave?


- Do you?

- [Zane] I guess they haven't seen Ed Edd and Eddy.

- I have.

(Zane laughing)

- Okay leave in the comments down below if you've

watched Ed, Edd and Eddy the greatest show ever.

- Of course I've watcher Ed, Edd and Eddy

I'm just trying to win this challenge.

- [Zane] Okay ready, let's keep going, next one.

- Oh.

- Aww.

- There's too many of 'em

- How many are there?

- They're so cute.

(Spanish music)

- [Zane] I would be so bad at this game (laughing).


- 35 years of my life, whoa careful.

Our journey begins with this mug.

- Dave that's the microphone.

(glass shattering)

- Oh.

- That sucks.

- [Hope And Eden] 35 years of my life.

- And they break them all.

- Yeah boii.

- [Zane] Oh my gosh.

That was hard.

- That was hard.

- [Zane] Ready for the next one?

- [All Three] Yeah.

- He's Goldtrouper skin?

- He's in Fortnite now guys.

- These are the best special effects

I've ever seen in my life.

- I'm going to get you.

- This poor kid.

- His head disappeared.

(Eden laughing)

- You lost.

- I've never watched it that far, his head.

(Zane laughing)

- [Zane] So Eden's one point away from

getting into that mystery box.

- I'm not gonna get it.

- Hope is killing it.

- She doesn't understand enough.

- Just because you're jealous,

you're saying I have no sense of humor.


(Eden laughing)

- Wait did JoJo actually do this in real life.

- What does that mean?

- Like did JojJo Siwa actually take the phone,

find that and record herself going like that?

Wait, or is that an edit that

someone else made of JoJo Siwa?

(Eden laughing)

- [Zane] Hey Eden.

- Ah.

- Hey Eden, let's go, outta the mystery box.

- [Hope And Noah] Mystery box.

- I got a squid head.

- [Zane] Ooh.

The sweet hat of shame.

- Next.

- Alright, we're going on so Eden now has three points.

Okay, so now, we're taking it up a notch.

This time, this time, for any points at all

is an article of clothing.

You have to take one out for every laugh you do.

No matter what.


For the last couple memes, let's do this.

- Can I do that?

- [Hope And Eden] I wanna do that.

- It pops.

- Ready?

- She laughed, she laughed.

- No I breathed.

That was Zane.

- [Zane] It was me.

- Oh.

- Okay, ready, next.

(splashing) - Ooh.

- [Zane] Okay.

- That one, that one almost got me.

- [Zane] Okay.

- Alright here's the 4-1-1 folks,

say some Gangsta is dissin' your fly girl.

You's give 'em one of these.

- This is cool.

- Wow.

- This is cool.

- I wanna just like play this every morning

be like today's gonna be a good day.

(Zane laughing)

- [Zane] Me too.

- Today's gonna be a good day.

Make sure you like and subscribe.

- [Zane] Okay, here we go, next one.

- You told me this whole I could use just

regular old scotch tape to fix my bricks to my door jams?

This is gonna be a revelation.

(Distorted "In the Jungle")

(Eden laughing)

- Oh.

- [Zane] Eden.

- It's the song.

- Eden you have to get-

- [Zane] You know what this means,

what does this mean?

- Mystery box.



- What do you think she's gonna get,

open it all the way.

- I don't know what's in there.

- A cockroach.

- Close your eyes.


- [Noah] Oh no fair.

- [Zane] Mystery box.

- Ooh.

- A whole new filter on every.

- Alright, Eden has two pieces of clothes.

So that means you lose.

Alright, for the final challenge, Eden has to put on

all of the mystery box clothes.

- Oh, my goodness, wait I'm helping, I'm helping,

I'm helping.

- You have two minutes to put on everything here.

You have to somehow put everything on in two minutes.

On your mark, get set, go.

- Okay okay.

- Two minutes.

- Oh my gosh this is a onesie, I'm putting it on as a scarf.

- [Zane] It's a scarf onesie now.

- Oh I can't see.


- Put it on hurry.


- One minute and 30 seconds.

- Come on guys.

- [Zane] Oh.

- You still have so many socks.

- [Zane] You have so many socks.

- Layer the socks, go. - [Zane] Go go go go.

- I can't.

- Hurry up.

- It's impossible, I'm trying.

- Put the shoes on my hand.

- [Zane] One minute.

- [Noah] Come on Hope.

- [Hope] I'm trying.

- [Zane] 45 seconds.

- Oh my god.

Ow ow ow ow.

- [Zane] 30 seconds.

- [Zane] 20 seconds.

- Noah.

- There's still one more mustache, 10 seconds.


Four, three, two, one.

Oh, she did it.

Look at this monstrosity, good job Eden.

- Make sure to subscribe guys.

- Woo.

- We'll be back with more videos soon.

- Woo.

- Click right here to watch more.

- [All Three] Click, bye guys.

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