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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 925 English Lesson 21 - How to Make an Offer in English | Learn Business English with 925 English

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Hi Tim here with another nine-to-five English lesson. In today's lesson we're

going to learn how to make an offer in English. There's give-and-take in every

relationship and giving involves making an offer. It might be something simple

like offering a cup of coffee or it might be something big like help with a

project. In some situations - like offering a drink - we can make the offer very

directly. One common way to do this is with the word "can." So you can ask a

question like "can I help you with that" or you can make a statement like "I can

get you a cup of coffee if you want" How about a bit of practice on making direct

offers. Let's try some examples. Listen to each example then repeat it yourself.

Ready? Let's get started!

Can I get you anything?

I can clean up when we're finished here if you want.

How about I buy you some lunch?

Need a hand with that report?

As you heard you can also use the question "how about"

to make a direct offer you just add what you want to do for the person

after how about such as how about I get you some coffee. And you can also just

ask if someone needs or wants something.

Asking them like this means you're offering to give it to them.

Now sometimes you don't want to be too direct.

Instead you want to be polite and careful. This might be true with someone

you don't know well or in a sensitive situation. So how can you make a careful

offer? Well instead of can you can use could, for example you might say "could I

give you some help?" Just a little change like this can make a big difference.

You can also use other polite expressions such as "would you" and "shall." For

example you might say "would you like some help with that?" or "shall I send you

that document?"

Let's try some examples of making careful offers in these ways.

Remember to repeat the examples after you hear them.

if you like I could give you some help with that

would you like me to you the report for you

could I offer you a glass of water while you wait

shall I organize the files for you

Great job! And maybe you noticed some if questions in both the direct and careful

offers. To make an offer with an if question just say that you can or could

do something "if you want" or "if you like" and you can change the order of the two

parts. I mean you can say "I could help you if you like or "if you like I could

help you" Besides making offers you also need to

respond to offers whether you're accepting or rejecting an offer it's

polite to make a complete sentence. Just saying

yes or no is not enough to accept an offer you can use the word would again

like that would be nice or I would like that and to reject an offer you can say

no thank you and then add a bit more like that's okay

or I'm alright let's try some more practice this time we'll be responding

to offers here we go that would be great thank you

sure I'd appreciate that

no thank you I'm alright

that's okay I should be able to do it

I'd like to point out one important thing in those examples in the last one

you heard that's okay this expression actually means no it can be confusing

because okay means yes but that's okay means the opposite all

right so we've practiced making and responding to offers but how does this

sound in a conversation let's listen to a short dialogue between John and Kim

John is offering to help Kim with some work would you like me to help you write

the proposal Thanks that's okay I should be able to do it

okay so how about I review it when you're finished sure I'd appreciate that

as you heard Kim rejected John's offer to help write the proposal but accepted

his help reviewing it now it's your turn to practice will repeat the dialogue but

this time we're going to beep out the second speakers words you will have to

say those parts yourself remember to reject the first offer then accept the

second one would you like me to help you write the proposal

okay so how about I review it when you're finished

okay that just about does it for this lesson we've learned some great ways to

make and respond to offers tune in next time to learn about making and

responding to requests until then so long and happy learning

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