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February might be the shortest month of the year, but Netflix still has a long list of

new offerings coming your way.

Whether you're craving amazing action or dizzying drama, there's something for everyone.

From horror to hilarity, it's all here for your viewing pleasure in February.

Looking for some action?

You've come to the right place.

Beginning February 1st, you can check out Dirty Harry, the 1971 film that first introduced

us to Clint Eastwood's iconic detective.

You know the one.

"You could ask yourself a question: Do I feel lucky?"

The 1967 classic The Dirty Dozen is also coming to Netflix on February 1st.

It tells the tale of twelve Death Row convicts who improbably become soliders, infiltrating

a Nazi powwow just before D-Day.

Go team!

If you're looking for altogether lighter fare, there's always The Other Guys, a buddy-cop

film starring Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg.

When a minor case unearths a much more serious crime, two down-on-their-luck cops realize

they have the perfect chance to prove their mettle.

Here's a tantalizing taste of what these down-to-earth crimefighters can do.

"Who's got the golden goose now, huh?"

The Other Guys starts streaming on February 1st.

Craving sci-fi served with a side of satire?

Starship Troopers will surely hit the spot.

Directed by inscrutable Dutch provocateur Paul Verhoeven, the film involves an all-out

war between Earth and a bunch of extraterrestrial bugs.

But it also serves as a fantastic military satire.

This underrated gem really piles on the gore and hammy acting.

Did we mention the alien insects?

[Aliens screeching.]

Starship Troopers hurdles your way on February 15th.

Fans of Blade Runner will definitely want to check out Ridley Scott's Final Cut.

Yes, it's just one of many versions of the film - but this is the only one where Scott

had complete creative control over every frame.

The sci-fi opus starts streaming on February 1st.

If you've never seen it before, here's your chance - so run, don't walk.

There's so much gut-wrenching drama coming to Netflix in February, so go ahead and consider

your world effectively shattered.

First up: Roman Polanski's The Pianist, starring Adrien Brody.

Based on a true story, it involves a classical musician who manages to survive the Holocaust

against incredible odds.

The film - which won three Academy Awards - hits the streamer on February 1st.

Then there's Driving Miss Daisy, the 1989 drama starring Morgan Freeman and Jessica


It depicts the burgeoning friendship between a headstrong widow and her supernaturally

patient chauffeur.

The film won four Oscars, including Best Picture, and it's coming your way on February 1st.

Last but not least, Prince's semi-autobiographical musical drama Purple Rain also starts streaming

on February 1st.

It tells the story of a fiery young musician whose band is about to make it big.

The film deservedly took home an Academy Award for the score, which features "Let's Go Crazy,"

"When Doves Cry," and the epic title track.

Here's an icebreaker for you: Do you like the Police Academy movies?

If so, February is officially your month.

Seven installments of the comedy series are coming to the streamer on February 1st.

And while you're at it, why not throw Scary Movie 2 and A Haunted House into the mix?

They start streaming on February 1st and February 21st, respectively.

Here's a little teaser for you:

"What happened to your furniture, 'cuz?"

Sex and the City 2 also starts streaming February 1st, and it goes a little something like this:

"What do you think?"

"This is fabulous!" *phone rings* "There's my phone!

Oh my god, here's my phone!"

"Who's her long distance provider?"

Want to see something really scary?

Take a good long stare at Polaroid, which tells the story of a high school outcast who

discovers an old camerabut there's a catch.

Anyone photographed by the camera comes to a very grisly end.

Say cheese!

You can start streaming - and screaming - on February 9th.

Then there's Girl on the Third Floor, the story of a man who just wants to remodel his

new home and live happily ever after with his blossoming family.

Unfortunately, this house was born bad - and it's out for blood.

Check it out beginning February 22nd.

Finally, there's Every Time I Die, which has quite the mind-melting plot: After a man meets

an early death, his consciousness keeps zipping into the bodies of his close friends.

Turns out, he's hoping to protect them from the same person who killed him.

Will he succeed?

Find out for yourself when the movie starts streaming on February 25th.

As for TV offerings, we're super-excited for the first season of Locke & Key, based on

the critically-acclaimed comic book series written by Joe Hill.

Expect lots of near-indescribable weirdness - our favorite kind.

You can give it a whirl on February 7th.

On the comedy side, there's only one new stand-up set coming to Netflix in February 2020, but

it should be quite the doozy.

On February 4th, veteran comic Tom Papa drops his fifth set of all-new material, You're

Doing Great!

For the uninitiated, here's Papa talking about his daughter:

"We have a Mean Girl.

Yeah, I didn't know they were real.

I feel guilty.

I made it, I feed it, I'm keeping it alive."

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