Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Little White Lie Episode 2 Pt.2

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[door creaking]


No way.

Is this Kevin's?

[Duder] It's a jam room.

This room is totally sweet, Duder, look at these drums.


They're so shiny...


He played bass?


Duder, check out this Martin.

This thing's awesome!

[breathy] Whoa...

Sami, this is so much better than mine.

[Duder] Is this like a recording studio? What is this?

[Sami] Yeah, look at this, there's, like, a mixer, and...

This... thing.

Duder, look at this.

Sami, it's- it's pages and pages of music

Duder, this is /hand-written/

Kevin wrote this.

Sami, no.

Don't be a freak, they can't hear us.

[ ♪ "It's Over Now" quietly playing through headphones ♪ ]

There it goes, ♪

Duder! ♪ Another one is gone

C'mere. ♪ Another try

Another one is wrong

Listen to this. ♪ But where to go? ♪

What is there to say here? ♪

[increases in volume]

No one knows

I never really felt

Is this Kevin?

Good about

Y- yeah, I think it is.

The hand that I've been dealt

I didn't know he could sing like this. ♪ What kind of game

Is this anyway, here? ♪

Did he write this?

If he did, he's awesome. ♪ I tried to be someone

But I don't know how

It sucks that nobody knew how talented he was. ♪ I don't know how

And nobody's gonna know. ♪ And I tried to be the one

But it's over now

With music like this, he could've been the coolest kid in school. ♪ It's over now


[sudden increase in volume]

I can see

The loneliness in you

Hey, Duder? ♪ I know it well, and

Everybody's got it, too

[music cuts out] Yeah?

When Kevin auditioned for our band, he knew we were looking for a songwriter, right?

Yeah, I think he did.

Oh, man, that would've been sweet if we could get him.

It's too late now.

Yeah, that- that would've been awesome, Duder:

We would've been playing his music.


That would've rocked.

Yeah, that- that would've rocked, but Duder:

It could still rock.

Sami, he's in a coma.

No, Duder, I mean

We could play his music.

You mean, like, steal it?

No, no, I mean we just...

Look at it and get...

Inspiration, y'know?

We'd still be taking it, though, right?

Duder, come on, this stuff is awesome!

What we've been looking for the whole time, it's right here!

Please. -It isn't gonna hurt anybody, Duder

Duder, look how awesome this stuff is.

It's really good.

[Mrs. Bushwald] Oh, kids!


Where did the kids go?

Let's go, come on. [Mrs. Bushwald continues calling for them]

♪ "Broken Record" ♪

I have heard this all before

As you're walking through the door ♪ [fade-out]

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