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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Learning Our ACTUAL Bra Sizes!? (Beauty Trippin)

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You've got like breasts that are magical

she knew that

I know that's true

What are we gonna do? I don't know have we ever been on this show together? oh my god, this is our first time.

Just chocolate on a beauty trippin' cherry. I love it

I'm excited.

Drew I can not believe it's 2018. What, how did we get here? I don't know, but I'm happy about it. I'm so happy if you have so many possibilities

so many things to learn so many mistakes to make ah

Speaking of all of those things we want to make our content even better

She's right in 2018 so no we did something for you guys something really special. We're doing a survey

It's in the description below

Or you guys can weigh in on what you think we should be doing you want to make couple extra dollars

You get paid why wouldn't you do that? It's crazy? Okay? Are you ready for the clue?

Yeah, the Golden Globes oh

Those are coming up really soon this weekend. I think or this next week. Maybe it's like we're getting fit in four gowns

for the Golden Globes. Girl I don't know, have you ever been to the Golden Globes? No.

Know neither have a high. Oh, maybe we're going to the Golden Globes together gonna walk the red carpet. Well. Why are we going now?

It's not until this weekend. Maybe we're gonna get our nails done, and you call your head of globe

Like could your head be a cook like maybe we're getting highlights

That could be it golden. Gold golden glow blonde highlights

I did not sign up for that me either, but like you just clip it on. I don't think that will look good.

Hi. How are you? Welcome to the lace lounge.

Oh the lace lounge I think I know bra fitting. Heck yes!

Golden globes

So we are gonna fit both of you and see where you're at

Bra wise see how your current bra is actually fitting you

Oh, and maybe get a new yes, yeah, this is so good because a I love bras and B

No, one knows their bra size same yeah

I know we need an expert like you so I'm glad we're here

Heck Yes, - let's do it. All right come on back. This is so cute. Oh, it's so pretty in here

It smells so good you guys can smell of it

Okay TIFF pretend I'm a Martian, and I've never had my boob size ever. Oh, what's the process?

What you do okay? The process here is I don't use tape measures

What? Not at all and that's usually one you can tell if the place is legit. If they're not using tape measures stop

That is never you got a Victoria Secret

That's the first thing they do they'll have that tape measure like how do you measure?

Well most places do a plus four method where they add four inches on to your band size usually because I need it yeah. After the holidays

So your band size is directly underneath your bust here, okay?

And basically that measurement is your band size. wait. How do you measure though just by eyeballing it?

Yeah, so basically I do the fitting by eyeballing it. wow talent, real talent. she's like yes talent. those are some strong glasses.


So you notice it's not like a Victoria Secret where there's like a thousand different things to try it seems very intimate yes

So everything is off the floor and that's because I want to make sure everything fits on you

Do you ever customize bras? I do I do alterations as well. Ohh

TIFF, I have a really important question okay, how long should someone keep their bra it depends

It's it's however long you feel comfortable keeping it some people are gonna have to replace their bras a lot faster

Usually larger cup sizes because there's so much weight on the on the bra, so they'll have to replace it quicker

But there comes a point in time with the elastic starts to break down and you'll

I think I know already here comes this little lips

Orange-looking elastics hanging out on the sides you ever seen that

That's when the elastic starts to break down the battle wounds of the wire coming out

Poking you in weird places

That's worse my other question is washing your bra should you wash it hand wash it cuz I never wash them you always should hand was your bras.

In real form so what are the mistakes that people make when they buy bras because I know I make a lot of them

usually for smaller cup sizes

They usually have a lot of gapping going on in the top of the cup where so silly you don't fill it up

That's happened to me before well. My boobies have been waiting for you my whole life

Okay, so let's get this show on the road belt up. Yes, so who wants to go first

Drew I'm sure my feeling yeah. I feel like you should kick this off in a big way

There's boobs in here.

Yours or someone else's

Girl, the 68th annual golden globes.

So these are by boobs. okay, so I have to tell you this so my name is drew Dorsey, and I like

Really want always my size to be a double D

So that I also have it's like the same thing as like my name as is my boob size your initials

uh-huh yeah

And I've always said that if I was a pop star like my fandom would be the double D's

Right so like if I'm not a double D. If you tell me that I'm gonna cry

What is she I can tell already you're not? I don't know

So I look at her torso. She's really tiny here, so what size have you been wearing?

36 double D. So definitely not a 36

Yeah, smaller. I'm gonna kiss your face

And usually you want this to be parallel to the floor back here. This is pretty good, but it's again

It's not a normal bra back. So you you can't really judge it based off of this

I think you need a smaller band and a larger cup which will probably be similar to what you're wearing

But it all goes by ratios so when you go down in the band you have to go up in the cup

So I'm gonna pull a bra and see how that works for you

And we're gonna go from there based on how that's fitting you cool. Okay. Let's do it. All right

Okay, do you have that on do let's see it?

Victoria Secret Fashion Show , yes, okay, this one is so pretty

okay, so this is too big so little too big in the cup and sometimes when people come in wearing stuff that are just a

little bit kind va va voom, huh

Over shoot and put them in a larger cup size like what I think that you can go

Down a cup size in this and the way you can tell you can see that. There's this lace at the top

That's just not lying flat. Uh-huh and there should be a little bit more lift to this bra than this okay. Oh

This is better it like feels better

But I feel like you can still go down a cup size the straps you should only be able to fit two fingers

on your like this oh

No, you keep your back muffin fat from poking out most of what should come from this part here the band, yeah

What size is this? This is a 32 G U.S.. Or a 32 F UK?

Are you kidding me? Yeah F UK?

Okay, maybe I shouldn't say it that way

I don't know how that's gonna work with mt initials. There's no G anywhere. Double D is a really small cup size.

In the scheme of things on a scale, on a bra scale. It's actually pretty small because you haven't seen my titties

Okay, Erin, let's see what you're wearing

I don't know if you're ready for this.

I mean look it has these little things all over it

It doesn't look that bad I'm doing it's like a wall of the bra. It is so well left

Yeah, that's a great way to put it so you're fine. Okay, so you're getting quite a bit of gapping at the top

Yeah, and every time. I wear sure you can see that. It doesn't fit me. Well. Yeah

I have back fat that pours over the side, Erin because sometimes that happens


My issues look like a mermaid. Oh, that's how I fix it

Sometimes that happens when the band is actually too loose, so we're not - yes

It starts to drag everything up and then it hangs over so if you get a nice firm band

It's gonna stay lower, and then you're gonna avoid that issue, okay

Yeah, so what else am I doing wrong see these things are like falling off

Yeah, the straps are kinda and sometimes people don't know when to tighten their shops

Yeah, but I'm gonna go grab something and and we'll talk oh

Okay mystery



The only thing I don't like about this one is I know you said the band my band was way too big. It's tight

It's too tight. Yeah. Oh, yeah, look at this this stuff is like hanging out like here

This is quite firm for her, and I think that she could possibly. This is a 30d. She could probably do like a 32

Did you say a 30 D. Yeah girl stop told you?


Aditya which would be equivalent to a 32 C or a 34 bean oh

So I've been wearing 34 peas yeah, which makes sense okay?

No one's believing that

This one's cute yeah, and that's so good. I don't feel like my circulations being cut off

Yeah, I liked the juiciness of the last one. Yeah, there's known as you see in here no

That's okay period I'm time here Ian time in a month

I'll be juicing okay, so this one has a little bit of push-up padding in as well

I like and you can feel at the bottom, but this is actually too small for you

It is yeah, but I like it. Yeah, they like bounce around. They won't they won't push it like a lamb

Yeah, you can see how it's cutting in here, and you're kind of like falling towards the center. It's actually

Especially on the bigger side you can see that you're popping out quite a bit more. I never guessed it

you could tell this one's bigger so you're popping out on a

32d and the other one you previously had on was at 32 double d

c okay, that's not fair because

Girl that wasn't experience wasn't he I had no idea that I was a G. I'm just saying like well. I'm not G

I'm Adi, but even still like that's not possible. I'm like what that sounds ridiculous

I found this to be so helpful

I think every single person should go and do this Wow because you have no idea all right you guys. Thanks for watching

Let us know in the comments. Where else you want us to go next on beauty tripping in 2018

We'll see you next time

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