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20.000kg of food

and you started with only 4 products

But if you are this big, it is hard to gain muscle. I have to eat 7 times a day.

I got crazy from all the cooking.

I was 80kg at 2.18meter

when I was fully grown

at the age of 19

which was severely underweight.

and that was the reason why I went to the gym.

Nice. Yes so you train 'functional'

and I train to look better than before in the mirror.

because my goal is Marvel

Come on!!

Yes, welcome and thanks for watching another episode of Day1.

We got a new season of the special season from

what we last played

last year in co-operation with Philips One Blade

And in this season we start with a guest who is

an international actor who

can be scene in a real

Marvel movie. He is officially

the tallest bodybuilder of the world

(Guinness world record)

and also runs a successful company

he can really do it all.

That is a beautiful intro,

thank you haha.

First we are going to check out your company (Muscle Meat) and then do a gym training.

Yes! Lets go.

How tall are you?

2.18meter. Oh... you can hardly see! Haha

I have to admit, I already ordered at your supermarket.

We are an online frozen supermarket

mainly focused on athletes

We have more than 250 products like sweet potato, chickenbreast etc.

We give our package to PostNL even if its 40 degrees outside.

People can choose evening deliveries, pickup points, home and at work.

How did you come up with this idea?

I started thanks to bodybuilding 6 years ago.

I just had to eat so much.

People don't realize that for me it is pretty is to gain muscle, because I am smaller. But if you are so big...

it is pretty hard to get so much muscle mass.

I had to eat 7 times a day and I got mad cutting and cooking all that food

The father of my sister in law worked at a meat factory who made ready-to-eat chicken dices for salads.

Just for me he made 200gr packages with these dices and I put them in my freezer.

Thanks to this I never had to make to cook chicken breast anymore.

I told this to my gym friends and then they all wanted the same!

Each weekend all my gym friends bought chicken at my home.

And then we figured this frozen shipping method so we could ship all over Netherland, Belgium and Germany.

Developing new products, that are more clean,

bulk products so it's cheaper, make special recipes, get more protein in it.

Which made us grow to over 250 product in 6 years time.

And now we ship over 20.000kg of food per week.

20.000kg of food per week and you started with 4 products...

You have your own supermarket...!

It must be hard to film up and down up and down.

I want to take it all with me

It is -12 degrees, can you handle it? Or do you need a cap?

So we have a few people order picking here with suits which can handle -30 degrees.

Are you walking here all day? Yes all day. Every lap is different haha

So when the carbs and vegetables are picked, they go to the next freezers for adding meat products.

Then it goes outside and it is packed with isolation and dryice.

And then the cool thing is we still have room in the package for supplements and other stuff.

You only have to warm up the food and it is ready to eat, it is awesome.

This could be the solution for many people.

Protein ice? 51grams of protein in one pint and it taste so good..

Well I would like one, I need to shop anyways here.

We are going to the gym soon. You are not only the tallest bodybuilder of the world, you take your training's very serious and that is the starting reason of muscle meat.

But you are now also a successful actor!

I did a lot of small jobs here like GTST as a bodyguard, TV Kantine as Lurch. I discovered I had passion for acting.

And then I saw actors like Mountain of Game of Thrones, Nathan Jones in Troy. All people above 2.00 meter and also buff

and they also play in movies, I thought that was amazing!

Then I made a whole journey like to Los Angeles, Cannes film festival in the hope people would see me.

What happened then was I got an audition for Men in Black, Maleficent 2,

And then all the sudden for The King's Man and I was chosen! I screamed like a little girl!

But then you also have to think a lot about your appearance, because you always have to look good now as an actor.

Well it is a real story that because of the movie industry, I bought the One Blade already.

Haha, we did not plan this!! Correct, I also had to laugh when you said One Blade. I never had a beard and King's man asked me to grow one.

I did not even know if I could grow a beard! But I did and I had to sustain it well, so I bought the One Blade.

And I brought it with me to every movie set to trim my beard.

We are going to the gym and you are getting one from me.

Everything together... I think it is great that you can combine this all together, supermarket-acting-bodybuilding.

I have let a tear of joy once in a while. I even notice now I get emotional, because it was such an incredible journey of 6 years.

But the tears of joy are because the hard work all let to something.

I was 80kg, 2.18meter at the age of 19 which was severe underweight, the reason why I went to the gym.

And I manage to transform my body to 155kg in 10 years time. And because of this transformation,

we got the idea of Muscle Meat. And at some point I was so big I could use it for the film industry.

Bodybuilding was for me the start of everything. Kind of like the Arnold Schwarzenegger story

From Kingsman I went to HBO, to Marvel, to Netflix.

And in Januari I got a casting for Dwayne Johnson The Rock and then Corona - Covid happened.

We are not going to talk about it, because after Kingsman, marvel etc. you now have DAY1.

Much bettet than Dwayne Johnson haha!

I always watch your channel, so it is a honor for me that you are here!

Shall we go to the gym? Yes! See you in Almere.

Every time I walk away it feels like I am disappearing next to you.

We arrived in local gym Almere, how nice is that!

So this is your bag, we already put in on Instagram and asked people ''from who is this bag''?

A lot of people guessed it right.

And such a suprise, how can this be? There is a Philips One Blade in it!

But the good part is that we have a real fan of this blade right here and that is not only me.

You really use it don't you? Yes, less hair is more definition on the muscles which is better for the movies. So I do use it on film sets, also to trim the beard.

I get recognized a lot more now so I want to look good all the time outside.

And that is why this One Blade is very use full to me.

What else do we have?

If I forgot this, I am really driving home. Music make me push myself further in the gym. The psychological effect.

How many times do you go to the gym? Each other day, max 4 times a week. Else I do not recover fast enough.

A mistake I see a lot of people make: too long in gym, do not take enough rest, do not recover well, no progress.

I really do believe over training exist.

Then we have a towel, because when you are this big, you do burn a lot of energy and thus sweat.

Half-way during the training I drink dextrose and whey. It keeps me going. I need it else get dizzy.

I also take it with me on planes. Did they ever open it? No, I just flex my arms and say protein, they believe me.

Or you just tell them: these guns are bigger than the one on your pants.

It is really basic, but if one thing is missing I do go home to get it.

And the shaker ofcourse.

This is really minimal, we had guest who had vacuum cleaners with them.

If you want to watch episodes we already made, click here above. We had people like Bizzey.

It is time we are going to train. This shirt is going off, I am ready.

Lets rip those shoulders apart!

Why shoulder training? Big shoulders are just cool in movies, big bowling balls. Makes you so much wider. Every muscles group is important, but it is my favorite.

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