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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Swamp People: Alligator Infestation on Cow Island (Season 10) | History

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[ominous music]

NARRATOR: Sunrise on day 24 of the 30 day alligator hunting

season in southern Louisiana.

And in Pierre Part, King of the swamp Troy Landry

and his crew, Jacob, Holden, and Terral,

are preparing for their most ambitious

hunt yet, a trip to Cow Island.

Everywhere you look they gonna have a alligator

if it's like it was.

Cow Island.

TERRAL: They got any cows out there?

Or they got alligators big as cows.

That's good enough.

NARRATOR: To reach the notorious gator breeding grounds,

they need to travel over a levee to the lake

at the center of the island.

First boat went up easy.

Real light, small, boat.

Perfect for this kind of situation.

But big gator tails pretty heavy,

so we decided to lay the pipes down on the edge of the water

and get dad to come run and hit it wide open.

And hopefully he can run that boat up on bank

a good ways before we have to start

pulling with the four wheeler.

JACOB: Terral, I don't know if you want to stand right there.

TROY: Y'all ready?

NARRATOR: The higher Troy gets his boat up the levee,

the easier it'll be to get into Cow island.




TERRAL: Hey, you too far to the left.

TROY: I wanted to go over there.

[all laughing]

TROY: I turned it, it was sliding.

Troy didn't let us down.

He come in there and smoked it.

NARRATOR: After pulling the boats across the levee.

One, two, three.

NARRATOR: They launch em into the lake.

[interposing voices]




TROY: We're going to hang to the left y'all hang to the right.

We're going to meet up way in the back.

TROY: Straight in front of the border 11:30 that's a nice one.

Look out there.


You know, everywhere as you'd look there

was a 10 footer and 11 footer.

Oh, did you see that son of a [bleep]

It really didn't make no sense, how many

alligators they had in there.

Bring em up big buddy, bring them up.

Uh oh.

Coming up, coming up.

TROY: Oh, look at here, look at here.

Oh, that's the back foot you got him by.

You got him by the back leg.

Oh, he bit the pole!

He bit my pole.

Son of a [bleep], did he?

He bit my pole and pulled it out of my hand, I swear to God.

Oh there it is, look at it right there.


That him, right here.

Got the gun on fire.


TROY: Oh ho!

TERRAL: Damn, he's heavy.

On three, one, two, three.


NARRATOR: Meanwhile.

TROY: Oh yeah popo.

NARRATOR: Jacob and Holden are filling their boat to the brim.


Holy [bleep], whoa.

[multiple gunshots]


JACOB: That's a knock.

That's a knocka rocket.



Whenever you catch an alligator, every

one you catch is-- is helpful.

That's a female right here, that's definitely what

we wanted to get out of here.

That alligator right there would've

had 30 or 40 more little alligators in here, next year.

NARRATOR: With their boats filled to capacity,

the Landry's trip to Cow Island is nearing the end.

Now, we got to get all our equipment out,

plus a bunch of alligators.

One, two, three.

Had some big alligators, had some 12 footers.

It was just a load.

Cow Island was exactly what I expected it to be.

Good, right there.

That's it, I think we got everything, big buddy.

It's a lot of hard work, man.

But when you decide to do things like fish Cow Island, that's

just one of things you've got to fight

and go through to get there.

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