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- Good day everyone, Nick here again,

from Cpap reviews.

I just did a video on the

new ResMed F20 full face masks.

So I thought I'd carry on from that

and do a little video on the N20,

which is the latest nasal mask.

So nasal being that it just covers the nose

and doesn't cover the mouth.

Okay. This is carrying on from ResMed N10 mask

which was a bit of a flop,

especially by resmed standards

and the main letdown of that mask

was that it just didn't seal well.

So it was prone to mass leakages,

especially up here into the eyes

and with this mask can see

they've sort of tried to address those,

those issues that they had with the N10

There's a few other features that I'll go into.

I'll put a link to the size guide

in the description.

So you can print that off

and check your sizing and things like that.

But without further ado,

let's have a bit of a look at the mask

and talk about some of its features.

So I'll start by just giving you

a bit of a pan around the mask,

so you can see it up close and personal.

All right, so you can see that frame

sort of, kind of like the Wisp frame.

So the way it sort of comes around the side there

and that's a soft padded frame

which I'll talk about going around at the back there.

Cool so one of the first features

I'll talk about is the

the headgear and the frame itself

so the frame is a soft padded frame.

So just on the inside here

is very soft and padded.

It's a very nice, plush material

and to be padded so

when you lie down on the pillow,

it's gonna be nice and soft to lie on

and it's less likely to leave

you know red marks on your face

and this headgear itself is also

they've made it softer headgear.

So it is nicer To feel

and you've got your Velcro parts there,

like the F20 one of the best features

which I really love is the magnetic clips.

Okay, so I'll show you again on this mask

so nice an easy so you can

just clip them on all right just clip on like

so and they just grab.

Now this is really handy for those people

that struggle with the dexterity

trying to manage clips

in the nighttime in the dark,

you might have arthritis in your hands,

very easy with this masks

just to get a good clip

and the magnet sort of just,

you know draw each other in

and away you go.

So that's certainly a great feature of this mask

and certainly something to think about

if you are frequently struggling with hooks and clips

and trying to manage those you know

manage those things within our time

cause it can get quite tricky,

especially if you do have arthritis

and that so the head strap is very nice.

It's very nice and supportive.

You can see it sort of

the way comes around the back here

you get a crown strap at the top here

and adjustable in four spots

one, two, three, four.

Another feature of the mask

is same with the F20.

You've got that nice clear field of vision.

So nothing up on the forehead.

Which is great because you don't get marks

on your forehead for ones

and you start looking like me with my dinted forehead.

But to you know you don't have anything

in front of your eyes, which is great

If you're a bit claustrophobic you know

it doesn't feel like

you've got a Cpap mask on

as much as you normally do

and you've got the ones with the

the thing up here on the forehead,

and also easy to put your glasses on

if you want ever read before bed,

watch TV, that sort of thing.

So I do I'm a fan of the clear field of vision.

I just think it yeah,

it's probably the way that that the masks

are gonna be going in the future

just not having anything up there

in front of the eyes.

Just makes it a little bit nicer to wear.

So that's a definitely a feature

talk about the magnetic clips,

this short tube here

they kind of this is kind of a handy little tube

you can see it sort of stretches

and this part here sort of swivels around.

Okay so having that bit of stretch

there is nice so if you move

and pull on it actually has a bit of give to it

and obviously the fact that it

can swivel move around with you

overnight time is cool

and this is a quick release type setup as well.

So just pinch here at the front,

so pinch at the front

and it just pops out.

Okay, so nice and easy

to sort of come back in and just push that in.

So if you're getting up to go to the bathroom at night time,

you don't take your mask off.

You leave your mask on quick release that

leave it in the tubing

when you come back from the bathroom,

click it on and you're all set to go.

So that's they've had them

on a lot of mask now

but still a feature and still

still handy if you do get up

and go to the bathroom

a couple of times of the night.

You're not constantly

taking off your mask

and trying to figure out

where it is in the middle of the night

sorry about that.

So the exhalation port

I'm not sure why they don't

put a diffuser on this exhalation port

might have something to do with a patent

that fisherParkel's got

or something like that generally,

if you think why they done something different

in the CPAP world or why haven't they done this,

it's not only because another company

has already got it,

and is blocking another company

with their patent.

Okay, some of the things

just don't makes sense,

but no diffuser on this

that the little insulation port the holes

are angled down

so the air will shoot downwards,

not straight across.

but still without a diffuser on it you know

you probably are gonna get

a little bit of noise through that diffuser.

Compared to say that you know,

the fisher and paykel eson 2 that

and the Eson have that nice diffuser,

which makes it very, very quiet

through the exhalation port.

If the air does get high in pressure,

that these little holes tend to whistle,

especially if you get a bit of moisture in them as well.

So you can get a bit of noise with it.

But you know I reckon you could,

you could almost just whip something up yourself

you know do a little but of filter material.

I don't know use your imagination,

I've seen a few Cpap hacks,

some of them are good,

some are not so good,

but, you know there's no reason

you couldn't do some

sort of modification on that right.

Now the the other great thing about this mask

is the improvement in the cushion the seal itself,

so they call it the Infinity seal,

good at coming up with their little words resmed

but they've added some support

where they were getting a lot of mass leakages

with the N10 redesign that seal that cushion

and that's made a world of difference

in terms of the seal that you get.

So they may design a cushion

that's gonna fit like a really

wide range of noses and faces

and also one that is gonna seal well

over a wide range of pressures.

So the engineers have done a really good job

in just reinforcing certain areas of the seal

making sure that you don't get those really weak spots

like they had with the N10

where, you know the air pressure can really,

you know intensify and cause those those leakages.

So, it's really easy to take this cushion off,

so you can just take this mask apart,

so you just can click this little short tube out,

and it just pops off the frame,

you just sort of pop it off,

but I'll show you up close.

This is your little cushion

and if you look inside the cushion,

it's gonna be hard to show you,

but there's these little parts

that attach to the wall

that they've they've got

that they've designed,

they sort of come off the wall,

and they've got thick parts

that run through.

You'll have to sort of get it to see if

the thick parts run through so it's quite,

quite thin here and quite thin here,

but all through here you have these reinforcement areas.

So yeah, a really cool really cool

bit of innovation I guess you could call it.

So in all really only three paths

this four parts this mask,

you've got your head strap

which attaches to your frame.

So this is that frame

while I've got to the thing off

I can show you the inside of that frame,

see it's that nice sort of plush material,

it's quite soft

and then you've got your your cushion.

Okay, there's your cushion there

comes in small, medium and large.

Like I said, the size guide

will be in the description

so you can check that out

to print it off and check your size

and then you've got your short tube assembly.

Being resmed, they do charge an arm on the leg

I think the RRP in Australia is about $275

so they do charge a lot for their products.

They are very good products,

but you know shop around and you can

probably find a good deal on it.

Probably get it for around the

$220 mark

and obviously over time

they will drop a bit more in price.

But overall, you know like if you are

someone who uses a nasal mask

and you're not quite happy

or you something about your mask

that you're not quite yeah

you're not quite comfortable with

certainly do check out the N20 mask

especially it's got those nice magnetic clips you know

clear, clear field of vision,

good soft headgear

and it's nice and easy to take apart you know.

and clean and put back together.

Okay, so enough positives there

to make it a definitely a mask

to consider in the future.

All right, as always, thanks for watching.

I'll, at the end of the video here,

you'll have a little link up here

to subscribe to the channel.

So feel free to subscribe the channel

that way you're gonna get

up to date news on

all the Cpap stuff as we do it.

I'll put a link over in this side

where you can you can

you can view the the mask

and purchase the mask

and the size guide

I'll put in the description of the video.

So as always,

I hope everything's going well with you and your sleep.

I know it's not easy, but hopefully

some of these new improvements

and new mask and machines

will make life a bit easier for you.

So as always, thanks for watching,

and all the best.

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