Practice English Speaking&Listening with: How To Nose Roll On A Snowboard (Regular)

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Nose Rolls On a flat area, feel these 2 different positions

while nose pressing. When you try it riding you'll notice that

it seems to roll over the nose easily moving you to switch.

This is a very simple and common buttering trick.

Again there's 2 directions so make sure to try both.

Opening up your body around the nose of your board will be similar to a frontside 180.

Turning your body towards the tail of your board will butter a backside nose roll.

Try doing some quickly with lot of rotation and quick application of pressure. Then try

doing them slow with less rotation and more emphasis on being balanced and pressed.

Try a nose roll with a nollie out. Remember to land equally on both feet to make it look

easy. You can make them look a lot more stylish

by adding ollies and nollies into and out of the butters.

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