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Hello and welcome to this quick overview on what is included within the Di-O-Matic Character Pack.

The first thing you will notice, when installing the Character Pack, is the Di-O-Matic menu directly within 3ds Max.

In this menu

you can access all of the various tools that make the Character Pack the ultimate solution for character animation and modeling,

including Voice-O-Matic, Hercules and Facial Studio, to name only a few.

Lets open a Voice-O-Matic sample file.

Voice-O-Matic allows you to create an automatic lipsync on any character setup within 3ds Max.

In this scene we have a Head setup with Morpher,

but you could have one with Bones, Morph-O-Matic or any other character rig you are more comfortable with,

to rapidly create a draft lipsync using Voice-O-Matic.

If you open Voice-O-Matic and choose an audio file,

then set it asactiveso you can see the audio in the timeline

and finally pressCreate Keys

you will create a basic lipsync animation that you can easily adjust to fit your exact needs.

With Voice-O-Matic you can create a lipsync animation in any given language

and for any type of character rig directly inside of 3ds Max.

Another great tool included in the Character Pack is Morph-O-Matic.

Morph-O-Matic is intended as a replacement for Morpher,

so if you have been using Morpher you should already be familiar with what Morph-O-Matic does.

Although it does have a few tricks up its sleeve,

amongst these exclusive features we have a huge section devoted to keyframing.

So you have the ability to cut copy and paste keyframes,

and choose the type of interpolation you want for your curve.

Other very useful features include the ability to see more than ten channels at once,

powerfulPosesand combinations of morph targets can be created.

You have the ability to use this floater menu

and you can also filter the types of keyframes you want to see.

Here you can only see the keyframes on the timeline and the morph targets related to the eyes

and you can choose which type of channels you wish to manipulate.

You can even quit Morph-O-Matic in the stack

without preventing you from working via the floating menu.

You could also work on the blink and adjust the values

or even work only on the mouth and only see mouth shapes

and easily adjust the characters behavior by only focusing on these specific keyframes.

One of the great reasons why world class studios use Morph-O-Matic instead of Morpher, is speed;

it is so fast in fact that it eliminates the need to constantly make previews of your scene.

If you are interested in learning more about Morph-O-Matic

we invite you to check out our more detailed videos for this specific plug-in.

Hercules, also included in our Character Pack,

is another great addition to your 3dsMax pipeline.

Hercules enables you to create muscles

sub skin deformations faster and better than ever.

To obtain this higher level of realism

as you can see on this characters leg,

Hercules will help you achieve subtle deformation to add realism to your characters and creatures designed in 3ds Max.

Amongst the other great tools you will find within the Character Pack is Facial Studio.

Facial studio will let you drag a primitive head, as you would a teapot,

but with the advantage of accessing over 500 parameters

to help you obtain any style of head by simply adjusting a few sliders.

Once you are happy with the head you have created,

you have the possibility to animate it directly within Facial Studio.

you will for instance be able to use the mouth section and adjust the mouth opening,

or use adjustable phonemes which are preset mouth positions for manual lipsyncing.

You also have access to the eyebrows as you can see here.

It is also possible with Facial studio to enable asymmetry to any given group of deformations you use.

Facial studio also lets you adjust the resolution and completely redefine the look of a face

simply by clicking the varioussub-objectsof themodifier list”.

For example you could reset to the default neck or clickrandomlike this,

or you can do the same with the ears as you can see here.

The facial studio primitive lets you create very nice heads quickly.

Here are some examples of the heads that can be created.

There are many other tools available in Di-O-Matics Character Pack,

Like Morph-Toolkit which enables you to create your morph targets quicker

or Cluster-O-Matic to put more selection tools at your disposal.

Also the Di-O-Matic VIP tools such as VOM Batch and Pose-O-Matic should prove to be useful for longer projects.

Thank you for taking the time to listen to this brief overview of The Di-O-Matic Character Pack.

If you have any questions, or interest in the products displayed in this video

dont hesitate to look at the individual products on our website or come talk to us on our live chat.


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