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Bam, bam, bam, bam, bam. I'm back.

New episode of "What the Fit" starring yours truly.

Through my actions and activities,

I hope to inspire and motivate other people at home

to simply get up, get out, and get active.

But today I have one of the funniest guys on the planet.

I'm such a fan of Keegan-Michael Key.

Just hanging on the corner waiting for Kevin Hart.

It's no bigs, guys. This is an everyday occurrence. No big deal.

The man, the myth, and the legend.

- There he is. - Kev! Hey, man.

- How are you, man? - What's up, brother? How you doing, man?

- Good to see you, man. - Good to see you.

What are we doing today? Karaoke?

- No, we're not doing karaoke. - Just with the set-up,

I just thought for a minute, you know--

No, I'm in the dark. I have absolutely no idea

- what we're doing today. - Good. Here's what we're doing.

So I had a dream. I had a long dream of going to the Olympics

- at one point in my life. - I love the Olympics.

- Everybody does. - Everybody loves the Olympics, yeah.

Here's a piece of reality. I don't know if you've noticed or not,

but I didn't make the Olympics, okay?

So, it was-- it was a hell of a dream.

Not yet. You haven't made the Olympics yet.

- Not yet, not yet. - Not yet.

Now some people would say, okay, well, that dream is over.

Not me. Because I found the other sports

- that have been overlooked. - Oh, wait a second.

See, there's a lot of sports-- there's a lot of things

- that go down in the Olympics. - There are a lot of events.

- So I set me and you... - Uh-oh.

...up for try-outs for some of the overlooked events

that go down in the Olympics.

( music playing )

So you and I have a shot at the 2020 Olympics today.

What if we found out that we were really, really gifted at these particular events?

Well, this is the whole thing. I want to make sure

that we have all the tools that we need to do it correctly.

So one thing that's big, they got a lot of rituals.

- Mm-hmm, mm-hmm. - They got things that they do.

- So I got us a ritual expert. - Really?

Yes. I just hope they're not weird.

Yeah, I don't want it to be too hippy-dippy.

Yeah, but I don't want it to be too--

"And now you're breathing through your eyelids." I don't know how to do that.

- That's not fair, ritual expert lady. - Ritual expert lady.

- Ritual expert lady. - Come on, ritual expert lady.

- Hey. I'm Kevin. - I'm Siri.

Siri, I'm Keegan. Nice to meet you.

Nice meeting you. Come on in.

- You want us to sit here? - Yeah, have a seat.

- Okay. - This is exciting.

We've never experienced anything like this before.

- But you're ready to go, right? - Yeah, 100%.

- Okay, that's good. - Who else have you worked with?

I work with everybody at the highest level.


And then I work with Olympic sports, too.

So, this is a big stage now, right?

You're gonna be competing on Olympic sports.

So we need to be able to help you manage that pressure

so you can narrow your attention to what's about to take place

and execute your skill to the best of your ability.

So let's do some deep breathing, okay?

First thing we want to do is loosen up your muscles,

especially at your shoulders, your upper back, your chest.

Tense it up for a second up there and try to take a deep breath.

- Oh, I can't. I can't. - It's not possible.

- ( both wheezing ) - So you want to loosen up your muscles.

- That hurts. - Loosen up your muscles.

So you're gonna be able to take deep breaths from your core.

- Okay, let's do some visualization, okay? - Okay.

Let's say you're stepping up to the first tee for the Ryder Cup, all right?

- Okay. - I've been there before.

Yeah, you can see yourself holding the trophy, right?

You want to have some keywords

that are gonna help you execute that first swing.

- Yeah. - What's your keyword?

( chuckles ) "He da man."

- Has it gotta be one word? - "He da man."

- It can be a phrase. - 'Cause when I pop out there,

that's what people think. They're like, "What's that?"

And I'm like, "He da man." All right? So, "He da man."

And, "Yes, I am," right? Okay, so--

Good tempo. "He da man." "Yes, I am."

- Okay. - "He da man." "Yes, I am."

- Bitch! - Man: Baba booey!

( canned applause )

Let's switch to a sport maybe like tennis.

The other thing that's helpful besides a keyword

is to have an image of a force field

or a bubble or something

that kind of keeps all distractions out.

- Oh, okay. I'm in there. - Step into it.

- I'm in that bubble now. - Laser focus.

- Laser. Right? - All right, let's see you go through the motions.

Okay, so I'm just gonna-- I'm-- so, okay.

Hello. Bing-bong! Force field.

- Yep. Step into it. - Pshew!

- Okay. Nothing. Nothing. - Now I can't hear anything you say, Siri.

- I can't hear you. - You should be-- right.

( no audible dialog )

My force field-- 'cause I can't hear.

And then I'm gonna-- watch this, Siri.

Don't talk, though, 'cause I can't hear you.

- Where's your attention, Keegan? - He can't hear you.

That's right. Good.

- Laser! - Wow.

- Very good. Very good. - Whoo!

Siri, that was an ace! I'm sorry, I don't mean to yell.

- That was very good. - I'm sorry, I was inside the thing. I'm sorry.

Here's what I'm gonna say, Siri. I'm gonna say this right now.

- Yeah. - I hope you have off

when the 2020 Olympics come

because I'm gonna need you there to thank you.

'Cause I'm gonna be on that podium, 'cause I just saw it.

- You got that mental picture. - That's great.

I got it, I got it. Hey, Siri, how do we, uh--

how do we get to the 2020 Olympics?

- I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry. - Such a good one!

We do really respect you so very much.

- Siri? Siri? - Don't answer him. Don't answer him.

It just encourages him.

- I'm laser focused. - After the ritual, we should be focused.

- Oh, no. - Wow.

- That table tennis? - What do these dudes do?

- ( grunts ) - Hey, is that fencing there?

- Hey, guys. - Hey, hey!

- How are you? - Hi, how are you?

- I'm Keegan. - Pleasure to meet you.

My name is Sharon Monplaisir.

I was a three-time Olympian in the sport of fencing.

- Oh. - Wow, all right.

Today are you ready to train with Olympians?

We're ready here. We're just ready to get this part in.

- Exactly. - Okay, I'm gonna hand you over to your first event.

- Okay. - This is racewalking.

- Racewalking? - Nick Christie and Robyn Stevens.

- Here you go. - So have you guys ever done racewalking before?

I'm very familiar with racewalking.

I used to do it, um--

I'm not sure if you guys have ever been

to Thailand, but we had a little group

where we racewalked a little bit.

- You did? - Yeah, I'm pretty familiar.

Real competitive, so are you familiar with Robyn Stevens?

She's actually the number one American

- in the 20K and 50K racewalk. - Really?

- 20-- 20K? - 12.4 miles.

- Wow! - And he's our top U.S. male American.

- Holy mackerel. - There are two rules to racewalking.

You have a straight knee on contact with the ground.

And then you have to appear to have one foot on the ground

- at all times to the human eye. - Appear to the human eye?

Can you demonstrate to us what it looks like?

- Look how fast-- - Oh, that's--

He's really swinging his back arm back,

which will help keep the front straight.

- And you do that for-- - The opposite arm?

Nick: Why don't we go over a couple of drills?

- Yeah, drills. - Okay.

First thing is an old lady with a tight skirt.

- Old lady with a tight skirt, okay. - Hello.

Something like a mini-skirt. Just kind of hold it down.

Don't take any wooden nickels.

You want to demonstrate, Robyn?

What you're gonna try to do

is you're gonna try to reach down as far as you can.

- And keep the skirt down. - Don't pull my skirt.

Get off my skirt. Don't you touch my skirt.

- Yeah, boys, look at my gams. - I'm late for church.

Who's gonna help me cross the street?

Y'all better close that door outside. Letting all my air outside.

- I think you guys are ready for a race. - Really? Okay.

- You guys ready to try out? - Let's do it.

- You're gonna race Robyn right now. - Uh-oh.

- She's one of the best in the world. - All right.

Okay, so we're gonna do one race around the gym.

- All the way around the gym. - And back to here.

- Okay, copy that. - You want to have straight arms.

- Oh, keep 'em low. - Like the Terminator

when he was running after them.

Yeah, just sprint around--

( imitates cocking shotgun gunshots )

Okay. We're gonna go "on your mark."

And then I'm gonna just clap my hands, and then--

- And then we go. - And then you go.

( music playing )

Okay, ready? On your mark.

- Wait a second. I have to do my ritual. - Does it matter?

He da man. Yes, I am... bitch.

- Pow. - Okay, ready?

- On your mark. - Pap.

Kevin's cheating! Kevin's cheating.

Goddamn it. She's running!

Oh, no, wait a minute. That's not real!

She's running! That's not real!

- That's not real! - She's running.

Oh, my God, that's not real!

- Nick, come on! - Disqualification.

Disqual-- disqualification.

- I can't even-- - That's not real!

- I can't even catch her cheating. - Come on!

( music playing )

- Goddamn it! - Ah!

Nick, that's not real. She was running.

- I think we can even bring it up on the slo-mo. - ( bleep )

What's next, okay? We-- we got this.

( music playing )

- Wow, this is my speed. - Wow.

Ice. Ice, baby.

Ice, baby! Slice it! That's icy!

( both grunting )

Look at that. Ooh, it came at me!

Yeah! That got intense.

I'm Matt Heatherington. I'm from U.S.A. Table Tennis.

- Nice to meet you, Matt. - And I'm an ITTF level two coach.

- Ooh. - And this is Nikhil Kumar.

- Nice to meet you, brother. - He's 17 years old,

and he's already made the U.S. National Men's Final twice.

- Wow. - What?

Well, today is gonna suck for you.

- This is my event. - Matt: All right.

We're gonna do something called multi-ball.

- Multi-ball? - Yeah, it's a special type of training

that they use a lot in Asia, and it's pretty tough.

- Thailand. - That's where I--

- Thailand is in Asia, yeah. - That's where I played at,

- so I know what multi-ball is. - He did multi-ball.

That's where you throw all the balls at it

- and hit it, right? - Okay, let's go.

( grunting )

Get it, Kev! Kev!

Nice, Kev. Nice, Kev!

- Keegan, you think you can do better than that? - I think so. Let's see.

Well, he's got the reach advantage.

Yeah, he's got the advantage. He's taller.

- That looks pretty good. - This is bull( bleep ).

- High ball. - Ah! God!

- Whoo! - Are you okay?

- Keegan, are you all-- - You good?

- Who? - Yeah, are you all right?

- Me? Yeah, I'm good. - That's a workout.

- It's good. That's why we're here. - I'm good.

Keegan's dying.

Why does all of this look easy?

- You guys ready for your challenge round? - Yeah.

The good news is you guys are playing together now.

- Nice! - Against this guy.

- Against Nikhil, yes. - Sucks for him.

I'm gonna get some service going.

- My turn! - Aah!

- ( bleep ), man! - I know, Kev!

Keeping it balanced!

- We didn't-- - It's a game!

- It's a game! - Are we done warming up?

- 'Cause I'm ready to play. - It's my serve now.

( music playing )

Your return.



Me! ( grunts )

- Me! - Yes! Yes!

- We won. You suck! You suck! - Matt: All right. All right.

You suck, man! He sucks! Yeah! Yeah!

We're going to the Olympics.

You're going to the Olympics, guys.

- We're going to the Olympics! - Yeah!

- Watch out, China! - I knew it!

Tokyo, here we come!

- I knew it! - We gotta get out of here, quick.

- Yeah, we're done. - If you score and then walk away...

- That's it. - won.

( music playing )

Have you guys ever seen fencing before? Have you ever tried it?

I used to fence in, uh, when I was, uh...

- Thailand? - ...Thailand.

- Really? - We had an underground fencing league.

Okay, all right, guys. We're gonna learn how to fence today.

- Yes. Let's suit up. - Let's suit up first.

- Is this what's happening? - I don't want to give off cameltoe.

I'm not giving off toe, am I?

You won't have any cameltoe today.

- Pew, pew! - Okay, so now, guys,

I want to show you how to move. I want to teach you a lunge.

Front foot into back foot.

- Straighten this arm. - ( grunts )

Yah! This sport is considered a martial art.

So when you hit, you can scream as loud as you want.

- Oh, you can? - Yeah, it's like...

- ( screaming ) - Yo.

Okay. All right, Sharon.

- You okay? - Okay, let's get our weapons.

This is what's called mirroring.

So if I come back, you gotta come.

- Ah-ha! Ah-ha! - Okay, I dropped my weapon.

- Lunge. - Die, ( bleep )!

There you go. Okay, you ready?

- Get her, man. - Lunge.

- Aah! - Excellent. Okay.

You guys are ready. This is our final match.

Most matches are 15 points. We could do a quickie, which is only five points.

Kevin, which Musketeer are you? Dopey?

- Hey. - ( clattering )

Why don't you go ahead and call your wife right now?

'Cause this is the last time you're ever gonna be able to talk to her.

Remember, Kev, chin in first. Pull it over your head.

- You want to use your own? Yeah, go get it. - Okay. Thank you.

You have your own sword? Okay.

I'm slightly concerned about what he's talking about right now.

- What does he have? Let's see what he has. - Okay, now--

That's insane. Now, Sharon, I don't know anything about fencing,

- but that does not seem regulation. - What are you talking about?

Bro, that's a saber. You can't use that.

Modern fencing's not till death.

Well, that's a common mistake. All right.

I'll take it.

- Okay, fencers ready? - Ready.

He da man, bitch.



( music playing )

Good. Good move, man. Keep going.

- Aah! - Oh, halt.

- This is( bleep ). - So it's one, zero.

- Fencers ready? - Are you tired? I'm tired!

- Are you tired? - Yeah!

- Ready. - Fence.

Fence! Fence! Fence!

- I like that technique, Kev. - And die!

- Halt! - His arms are like the size of a goddamn giraffe!

Come on. Come on, you can do it, man.

You know, next point winner takes all.



- Oh, that's-- - Oh!

( all laughing )

- That was a good one. - That ( bleep ) is tiring.

The winner is Keegan.

- How you doing? - I'm good!

- Oh, no, I'm good. - Do you think that, uh--

that we're ready for the Olympics?

Are we gonna make the 2020 squad?

- No, not exactly. - Oh, no? That just came out.

You need a lot more practice.

- That answer came out fast. - It came out very fast.

To all of our viewers, it doesn't mean

that you can't make an effort to get here.

Yeah, try your hardest at all times.

Maybe 2024 is our year.

- That might be our year. - That's our year.

- I don't know. - Maybe 2028.

Olympic superstar Kevin Hart here.

To see my athleticism be put to the test,

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