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Hi! I'm Mrs. Dorset your Beauty Consultant with Caribcultura Beauty and today we

are here to talk about Younique products.

So you've probably seen the social media advertisements or you've seen one of the

million plus Presenters talk about their products or share their products or

invited you to join their team. Well when I first got started with Younique I had no

clue where to go or what the products even looked like it was just one of my

co-workers and dearest friends who had a few of the products and she asked me to

try to test them out. Fast forward three years later I still actively actively

utilize their products and I figured that it would be great for anybody that

is interested in the brand or just curious as to what products they

actually use because it is a multi-level marketing company there may be a lot of

negative stigma associated with being an MLM and so you might think that it's

a Ponzi scheme or that the products are not that good, that it's like cheap

products that they just made up and just are over priced so I wanted to personally

come on here and tell you guys what my Top 5 favorite Younique products are

what products do I consider the must-have must purchase cannot be

compared to any other brand, Now Younique is known for their mascaras

okay they have the 3d mascara that's what they first originally were known

for but then they revamped that formula and they came out with an EPIC

mascara then recently they came up with a 4D one-step fiber mascara and so

they're well known throughout the industry for being the lead innovators

when it comes to mascara and more traditionally the fiber mascara

however me personally I'm not a mascara person but anyway I said all that to

say that, the five-of the five products that I'm going to tell you about none of

them is mascara okay so these are the top five products that if I were not a

presenter with Younique I would still probably purchase from my friend because

they are just that good like I said you're gonna see a lot of

negative things both positive and negative just about any multi-level

marketing company okay whether you're ah Paparazzi whether you're with It works

whether you're with Farmasi, Mary Kay any multi-level marketing it doesn't

mean that the company or the the makeup of the company is negative okay you

actually have to look at the product that they're pushing or the products

that they're pushing okay. Are the products crap or are they're worth it

These are the five products that I'm going to tell you that are definitely

worth it alright the very first product that I'm going to talk about is our

Moodstruck crush lip powders I'm gonna put this as number one because

this was the very first video that I did on YouTube the Moodstruck crush lip

powders they are such an innovative item the first time I came across and that's

really what made me fall in love with you need to be honest with you because

they were the very first product that I not only did a video about but I told

everybody on their mother because I just thought the whole concept was cool and

that's pretty much what I'm wearing on my lip today there's just casual and

it's literally powder in a bottle I did an entire youtube video on these I have

quite a few in my collection and I do want to get more most of them are in the

pink family okay and I have on casual today but we also have captivating

we have curvaceous and we have... what are you? Casual oh no I don't have on casual what I

have on compatible (Get it together) no I do have on Casual, what are you talking about okay

so I am wearing casual on my lips right now okay so it's very pink it's a pink

powder but when you apply it it comes on cream just like a cream lipstick it's

long-lasting beautiful just like a liquid lipstick but just not as drying

and these were like literally a game changer for me because it's just the

concept is so cool it's it's powder powder crystals or I should say some type of

water crystals that are like pulverized I don't know I don't want to

tell ah you the wrong thing again alright so let me see exactly one thing that I do

like about Younique is their ability to provide the ingredient fact sheet for

every single product on their website so if you want to know what ingredients

make up any given item you can just go to that item click on the fact sheet and

it's going to launch a PDF document so that you can go through and read and

find out everything about that product what is infused with what it's used for

what are the directions for use all the products to make sure that there are

nothing bad or toxic or that you don't have any allergies they do a very good

job of explaining all that to you and first we're going to look at the

moodstruck crushed lip powder and just see how they describe it okay so this

particular item contains glycerin now glycerin I know is a humectant because I

look for glycerin when it comes to leave-in conditioners or also for toners

for my face so I know glycerin is a good ingredient

now it says glycerin is a humectant that conditions hair and skin for the full

ingredient list see the products fact sheet or packaging okay so I'm going to

go to the products fact sheet okay and if you go to the website it

literally is at the bottom not on the bottom but literally at the bottom of

the price point so these lipsticks are $22 each, they retail for $22 and you can

click on the fact sheet to launch the PDF documentation on the actual item

okay so here is the fact sheet I don't even know how to fix this anyway so I'm

looking at them, yeah that's better, so I'm looking at the fact sheet for the Moodstruck

lip powder okay actually I should probably just post it here yeah let's

do that because this is anyway experience our complete innovative

MOODSTUCK powder featuring encapsulated water technology that transforms from

powder to a velvety cream completely weightless multi-dimensional and radiant

this creamy lip product is ready to play full coverage get comfortable it's the

color wonder your crush can't turn down I want to tell you these like when it

comes to lipsticks I like traditional lipsticks I mean to me you have one you

have you have all okay when it comes to the bullet lipsticks it is what it is, liquid

lipsticks some are drier than others but these lip powders are a must-have

they're super innovative they're designed with innovative encapsulated

water beads which blend with loose powder pigments and transform into

luxurious cream on the skin that alone we're talking just pure innovation just

to say that you have like a powder that turns into lipstick so when it comes to

the first item that I definitely recommend go ahead and get you some lip

powders okay they retail for $22 they're super innovative they're fun they are

amazing products because they last all day they are very comfortable on the

lips and you would not be disappointed if you were to get the lip powders again

this is my number one product that I recommend from Younique so the second

product that I recommend from Younique is their touch glorious face primer

currently we have two separate face primers we have the

hydrating face primer, which this is not, this is the regular touch glorious

face primer so because this is the one that I actually have and I use on a

daily basis I'm going to go into details about this particular product okay

there's nothing fancy about a primer and I get it they say primer is a glorified

moisturizer I get it okay but what I do have to say is that this

primer gives you a flawless looking makeup application now I have oily skin

so I can only rave about what personally works for me and this primer works

flawlessly with all Younique face products as well as here's the kicker because you

know that it's recommended that if you purchase a foundation that if that brand

markets a primer that works well or that is formulated with that foundation it is

always best generally speaking although a lot of people think that primer is not

needed I'm not one of those people I believe in my primer and I also believe

in getting the primer that was formulated for that face product so I

have tested this primer this exact one I haven't tested the hydrating

one as yet but I've tested this one with their liquid foundation with their stick

foundation with their powder foundation with the cream foundation and the most

recent spray foundation okay and the consistency throughout their entire line

has been a flawless makeup application and I honestly think that it is the

primer why because I also use this primer with the Juvia's Place foundation

and I got a seamless flawless finish and before you say that I'm just hyping up

this product I have other primers I have Fenty Beauty's primer which I use

with Fenty Beauty's foundation and I do have a nice finish with that one when I

pair them together however when I try to using the Fenty Beauty primer with the

Juvia's Place foundation it was very thick and slippery and cakey and it

oxidized okay a lot of the complaining that a lot

that people had in the beginning when Juvia's Place launched their foundation

it was not necessarily due to Juvia's Place foundation because I can tell you every

time I wear Juvia's Place foundation I get compliments people tell me oh my

gosh your skin looks so flawless you look airbrushed and I have not had apart

from the fact that it transfers so you know you just you just don't wear white

with the Juvia's Place foundation but I can attribute not only to the foundation

but to the primer because I have tested the Juvia's Place foundation with my e.l.f.

primer with my Revlon primer with my Fenty Beauty primer and I can tell you

there's nothing that gives me that smooth flawless canvas face like this

touch glorious primer. So Younique recently launched the hydrating primer but

because I've had great success with this I'm a strong proponent of if it ain't

broke don't fix it so I'm telling you straight up that this primer works well

for me it works well with oily skin and it works well with all Younique foundation

complexion products across the board and it also works well with Juvia's Place

foundation now I can't tell you about anybody else I haven't tried this with

Fenty foundation because I have the Fenty Beauty primer but I can tell you

that Juvia's Place Foundation and this are much made in heaven

okay heaven so highly recommended this is a must have it's weird that it is a primer yes

I know but it's the silicon base so if you're not really into silicon base this

is probably not the primer for you but I would say give it if you own the Juvia's

place foundation and you had anything negative to say about it try this primer

with it and tell me come back and tell me what your experience was okay all

right now when it comes to Youniques primers it

was definitely kind of like neck-and-neck because I also love their

moodstruck eye primer okay they have gotten this down pact when it comes to

prep okay makeup prep I would say Younique is ahead of the game and a lot of people

rave about the Urban Decay primer but I have had so much success with Younique

primer because like I said I'm very oily now again if you don't have oily lids or

wrinkly lids I can't exactly tell you that this is the product for you because

I can only give you my personal experience with these products when it

comes to the eye primer it gives you a smooth canvas for your products okay

usually what I do if I'm going in with a very bold look

I always prime my eyelids with this okay I do my entire face with the touch

glorious primer but when it comes to my eyes I do my eyelids with this I do my

brows and I do my concealer under brow but from my lid to about my crease I use

this product why it controls my oil it doesn't leave me dry where it's like all

the moisture is out of my eyelid but creasing is reduced significantly I

don't have watery eyelids or oily eyelid so to speak this just does a great job

of mattifying keeping my shadow but keeping everything seamless and you

would never know that I have so many wrinkles on my eye, I have a lot of wrinkles

like you have no idea but when I put it on it like instantly fills in the lines

it's amazing okay I'd always always start off by priming

my lids with this also it prevents my lids from

being stained okay when you apply it let it dry okay because it dries matte and

then you can go ahead and apply your product especially if you're lighter

skin and dark colors or bold colors stay on your skin you want to prime before

you put anything on your eyelid so it was a little competition between these

two I wasn't exactly sure which one to choose but I would say the primer

because you can get more use especially if you're not an eyeshadow type person

if you're just a complexion person and you want a foundation and you want to

put on your foundation you want to put this underneath your foundation okay so

the next product that I absolutely recommend from Younique is none other than

the touch mineral skin perfecting concealer okay now this concealer comes

in multiple shades I know if you love makeup you have a concealer already but

you haven't tried this concealer this concealer is so creamy and it blends

like a dream okay I have this concealer in three colors now this concealer comes

in multiple colors from light to darkest and the three colors that I

have are Charmeuse, Chenille and Cypress Cypress is my foundation color in well

right now it's still my foundation color I don't think I've changed to Chenille yet

even in the winter so I've been rocking ah Cypress now I keep this for when I

have darker clients so like if you were a suede or georgette I would use Cypress

to do a subtle highlight but for my highlight color I use charmeuse now back

in the day when I did my brows and I was still learning how to do my brows I

would go in with Chenille under my brows and go in with Cypress which is my

foundation color on top of my brows so I would avoid having that halo brow look

but once I learned how to blend eyeshadow now I just go in with charmeuse for the

bottom and the top but I think it's very important to note that these are super

creamy not only do I use them and they're very

opaque I used them for concealing under my eye I use them for sharpening my

brows I use them for spot treatments or spot covering they're pretty much

versatile I love the consistency because it is thick and creamy it is not at all

drying it is not matte by any means but they blend out like a dream they don't

separate when you put them on like this is a very good formula very good formula

okay but because the formula is so good I usually opt for like if it's not

everyday look at something I don't really care about I opt for my Juvia

Place foundation with my Juvia's place concealer which does separate the Fenty

Beauty concealer I do like but the consistency is a tad bit different from

this and I primarily use that one for under my brows or to pretty much conceal

my brows or you know to line my brows but when it's like a look that I want to

be nice and seamless and blended and snatched I go in with the skin

perfecting concealer and just like the name says it perfects your skin it gives

you that smooth natural your skin but better but the coverage is also amazing

it's excellent for covering dark circles most of the time like you don't even

have to color correct with these okay you just go in you just layer them on

you can go with your sponge a little setting powder and you're good to go and

you don't have this cake you look like something the Fenty Beauty if I put it

like under here it dries matte so if I put powder on top of it I could I could

just look cakey these don't give you that effect because there are nice

smooth and creamy I highly recommend I do have oily skin once I put the touch

behold setting powder on top I don't have any like it's not flipping on side

and all over me it really does a good job so definitely recommend definitely

recommend if you have not tried their concealer go ahead and pick it up all

right so we have just two more items left on

the list what are those products that I would

consider your must-haves from Younique well the next product was recently

launched it is the liquid eye shadows okay let me explain now I know Stella

has liquid eyeshadows urban decay has liquid eyeshadows everybody is coming

out with these liquid eyeshadows most of the time they're coming out with glitter

shadows but these are actually liquid shadows what is so amazing about these

number one they are very opaque okay in other words they are not sheer that's some

of the issues that we had with the Jouer and some of the Stila that went on

sale on Sephora when apply them they were sheer or you had to do

multiple coats let me tell you all about this okay if you saw my last video where

I demoed these you would see actually the one that I wore was this one okay

and this one is called Reverent it's kind of like a champagne pinky

and this one is more of like a red pinky kind of like what I have on my

eyes but what is excellent about this if you don't know how to do a cut crease

and you've always wanted you to do a cut crease go ahead and do your eye look

using your mattes but then come in with one of the liquid shadows and literally you

can either use the applicator that is with the product that comes with the

product or my personal fave is just tap the applicator on a palette and use a

concealer brush and apply it which is how I did in the other video okay but

this is what the applicator looks like it's very nice okay the actual packaging

is sturdy it's nice it's very very cute and they come in multiple colors okay

I personally utilize these two colors I told you before the light one is

reverent and this darker one is exalted these are the two colors that caught my

eye so these are the ones that I personally have in my collection

now I do recommend these products because one let me tell you you gotta

have to watch that video okay and I'm gonna put it in the description box when

I took that flat concealer brush and I applied the first one I see how seamless

my crease was you have no idea you have you just do not know the precision that

it takes to cut a crease and to cut a crease that looks sharp and seamless and

especially if it's a lighter color crease because it could go left real

quick but when it comes to cutting a crease these to me it's super

easy so I highly recommend this product this is called the moodstruck liquid eye

shadow definitely recommend definitely recommend okay but don't apply these

without first putting on your primer I do not suggest you put anything on your

eye especially anything liquid on your eye without first creating that barrier

so always going with a primer before you use any type of shadows not only just

liquid shadows but any type of shadows okay at the end of the day our skin is

our skin our eyes the skin on our eyes is very very thin very very sensitive so

it doesn't matter if it's this brand if it's any brand I do believe in

protecting your skin first and foremost because when this stuff comes off you

still have to deal with you you have to make sure that you're doing and taking

the necessary steps to take care of your skin but I'm not gonna preach I just

want you to know the seriousness of using those bases underneath your makeup

Okay? Anyway mi sorry bout that mi no want to preach but so we're gonna recap our

first item was the lip powders our second item was our touch glorious

primer /eye primer but mostly the touch glorious primer then we talked about the

concealer the amazing skin perfecting concealer nice smooth creamy finish okay

then we talked about our moodstruck liquid shadows that are great and

excellent for cut creases you don't really have to go in with a P.Louise

base okay you can cut your crease without a base it all depends on the color

that you use it's a very opaque so beautiful and then last but not least my

favorite Younique product to date and when I say to date and mean of all time I

mean like they were like a look I don't know about selling this Younique but when they got that

product I was like shoo I need to get my discount on this every time I need a

restock so we're gonna be rockin with Younique it a little bit longer until they

discontinued that product because I'm telling you

getting a discount on that product okay it's probably the reason that I'm still

a Present with Younique okay because this practice product get rid of the entire

get get rid of the entire inventory all you need to sell is this one product

okay Younique Tou-yeah I don't even know what it's called Younique touch S P R A Y

yes I said spray, Spray foundation. When I tell y'all about the innovation of

Younique is like they always are one step ahead of the game they always want to be

they want to come up with a new product the hottest product the most

talked-about product they did it with the fun with the mascara and then they

came up with the lip powders I mean granted they had a lot of products along

the way but I was just talking about things that me, that personally blew me

away This is a spray yeah like a spray spray

and I'm gonna be use about a spray foundation before okay so this is

nothing new nothing new if you're interested about how this applies go

ahead and check it again is in their foundation line it works well with a

touch of glorious face primer but what I love about this and trust me I, I done

turned all my friends on to this like this spray foundation not only does it have

high coverage okay let's let's start there let's start there high coverage

full coverage foundation it's a spray now granted you're not taking the spray

and spraying it all over your face which I'm sure you can that's not how I

apply it I spray it on the brush which is a flat top foundation brush and

then I go in and put it all over my you know just like your normal foundation

but it saves so much time not only is a full coverage it does save you time yes

because you just spray and brush and you go into town but that's not the reason

why I like it the finish that this foundation gives you it's unlike any I

mean not only does it give you a smooth flawless finish like when I put this

thing on I look yes your skin but better but it just looks so smooth and two when

these two pair up together oh my goodness listen you have to experience

this and trust me because every one of my friends that I put on it like

especially they have "manchas" or they had any type of "piel

problematica" whatever whatever they try this once we

got them shade matched using the beauty guide in the app you can go on from your

phone literally in natural lighting get a shade matched when we ordered the

foundation o-m-g okay so smooth so... man your skin "duh" look so so beautiful like the

finish is just so immaculate it is so hard to so hard to put into words how

smooth and nice my skin looks but that's not the reason that I still love it this

sucker doesn't transfer okay that's the one thing it has over now

granted it is the spray foundation when you put it on your skin it dries when

you go with a napkin and go so it's like Beauty Bakerie nothing

nothing Try that with Juvia's Place, Juvia's Place

foundation is flawless, the coverage is flawless, the application and

the finish is flawless I'm not taking away from Juvia's Place however it

transfers like crazy and if you are oily skin like me...

don't get me wrong, there's a time and a place for everything every foundation I have in my

collection has a time and a place but if I'm going to something like outdoors if I'm

going to something important that I want to stay snatched for multiple hours

this is the foundation that I use this is my number one product my number one

recommended product for you if you ever want to try Younique this is the product

that you need this is the product that's gonna put all your other foundations to

shame because you're gonna be so blown away by the fact that is the lightweight

that it is full coverage that it gives you a flawless finish

and that it does not transfer you have to try this have to try... if you would

like to try any of the products that were mentioned I would love to be your Beauty

Consultant, you can visit my website at anytime

or you can send me a message and we can get it started honey if you would like to

get shadematched I can walk you through the entire process and choosing the

right product for your needs and your skin type I hope that this little video

gave you a little bit of insight into Younique products and perhaps my next

video I can talk about my five least favorite Younique products let me know if

it's something that you'd be interested in and I'll go ahead and do it

as usual I am Mrs. Dorset your Beauty Consultant will Caribcultura

Beauty and thank you for watching alright ah don't forget to Like comment

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