Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Citadels (Machiavelli) - Part 1: game set up

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Hello, and welcome to this set up tutorial for the game Citadels, also known as


As you can see, I have an old copy of the game, so its possible some components might

look slightly different from the ones you have.

If youd also like to know how to play this game, I have a separate video for that.

First, lets get it ready on the table.

Start by making a supply of these gold coins in the middle of all players.

Every person can already take two of these coins, and keep them in their own area.

Every player also gets one of these double-sided cards that show some information on how the

game is played.

And the last thing everyone gets is four cards from this deck.

These are the buildings.

Shuffle the deck, and then deal 4 cards to each player.

The rest of this deck stays facedown on the table.

You also have these 8 other cards with the characters on them.

No need to shuffle just yet, just place them on the table.

And youre already done.

Time to pick a First Player, and you can start round 1.

According to my rule book, whoever is the oldest gets this First Player token which

means you are the king.

If youd like to know how the game goes, follow me to the tutorial.

Thank you for watching this set up.

Feel free to leave a comment, and see you for the next one.

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