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okay great we had to look at how to set up Ecwid in general setting up zone

shipping methods and now we're going to have a look at taxes so one of the

grating features that has came out recently and Ecwid is the automatic tax

calculation feature which allows you to automatically calculate taxes for any

destination so you'll automatically be up to date with tax laws whichever are

applicable so this is definitely a great feature but you need to upgrade to a

bunch of plane at least to have this but for now if you don't want to upgrade all

you do is add manual tax rates so we'll just cook here manage tax rate and this

is where you can add them so it's just like hey saves time and get a better

plan but we're going to actually have a look at how to set it up but you don't

want to get a bunch of plan so we're gonna use Quebec as an example so it add

a new tax click on new text and then name your tax so I'm going to put it

clear Beck and one of the taxes here is PBS okay so you can apply it for all

products by default or you can actually configure taxes / products will have a

look at that later on taxes you can flatten to shuttle or tub subtotal +

shipping include tax and price products product prices so you can include taxes

in your product prices define the zone so shipping address or billing address

and then right now affect all destinations I don't want it to be all

destinations I want to specify rates per zone ok and here is where you select

your zone if you missed a video on setting up zones just go back in my

videos and have a look at zones that's where you can set up your zones for

taxes so go back and the amount for this rate

taxes five percent so other zones will be paying zero on that rate say great

those two texts write another one Beck TV q shame same thing for here just

subtotal shipping address kind of zone go back nine point nine seven five it's

pretty click the setup like if you have just a few tax places like and you don't

want to buy it if you want to upgrade your account pretty easy but if you if

you do have to like I taxes for a lot of different zones for different states and

the states i definitely recommend that you upgrade it's just so much easier

okay and then in my shipping video I talked about being able to add handling

for free adding handling costs handling fees is actually a page feature but I

kind of know work around if you want added handling fees without actually any

other fees if you want to actually have your your clients pay for paypal please

you could do this here so i'm going to show you how to do that just add a new

tax and then name it see handling fee and apply it to whatever you need to and

then we can put a percentage so it would be I don't know five percent on all

destinations okay clients won't see tax they'll only see what you wrote here so

they'll see handling fee and I'll cbs-tv to actually pull back will be in there

for them so it usually would take that out or you would just like make it

shorter yeah I would take out Quebec's normally but it's just for the example

here and then like if I wanted to have paypal to get reimbursed for paypal fees

just to add whatever the radius it's probably like flat on a three-point

something to 3.25 to run or something 2.5 maybe right now there you go that's

how you can have taxes and fees actually so it's a great way if you don't want to

upgrade to add handling fees and you can do it like this feed more help on

setting up taxes you can always click here and Ecwid support side will open up

and you'll have a whole bunch of explanations on automatic tax

calculations and manual setup okay so we're just going to go back I'm going to

go back here here are all the race that we just set up and then you can actually

add tax exempt customers that's a new feature also i have to do is upgrade to

at least adventure account you can also edit ordering voices this here actually

refers to this so we'll have a look at that later on in our videos okay so next

thing is setting up payments

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