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What are you doing, fat little harry! <3

You know it's pretty easy to tell if a guy doesn't like you!

How do i know?

Because well i am a guy!?

And i hate all human beings my default..


I'm so social *magic hands*

But if a guy doesn't like you then you could pretty much tell by the following things

Every time you want to hang out they're ''busy''?

Hey niekkk!

So i was wondering..

Would you like maybe hang out Tuesday?

Hey uhhh Tuesday... i can't!

Because i'm very, very busy

Ohhh.. nooo... But what about Thursday?

I could do Thursday as well!

Thursday... Thursday i remember i got something planned so

I can't.. I can't do anything on Thursday..

But i can also cancel my plans for Saturday and then we could totes hang out!

Saturday? Well i got this big homework project and

You know i'm just busy with school in general

Are you kidding me? (squeaky voice)

Well chances are that they're just being ''busy'' playing video games at home!


Wow look at how ''busy'' i am.... oh noob!

*Shakes head with sass*

If they don't put any effort in talking to you or messaging you.. like at all!

*shocked* Oh my gosh nico hey!!

Hmm hey nicolina..

Yeah you know i've been doing okay.. you know this and that

And just *blushes*

How have you been doing?

Yeah just have been busy atm, do you know what time it is btw?

Uhm yeah, you know hmm... the time is 3 o'clock

Oh really? Yeah i have to go to soccer practice

So it was good talking to you and will speak to you again yeah?


okay byee!



Then when they finally are talking to you and still aren't sharing any personal things with you!

Hey nick so i know you're a little bit quiet so i got 3 question for you

So 1. What is your favorite music band?

Hmm i like all kinds of music..!

Okay... so 2. what is your favorite food then?

It doesn't matter. If it's food i will eat everything.

Okay and 3. what are you doing at the moment like for real!

Yeah you know busy here, busy there

Okay i'm so done (okay, great) so whatever

*screams very mad*

No, no, no, no, no, no, noooo

If they haven't been listening to anything you have been saying .. at all!

My favorite artist is totally taylor swift

I mean look at her, she's just fabulous!

She likes to shake it off like me and

oh my gosh that girl is perfect

And i would like her cd so bad!


And she's totally my favorite artist and i mean ohh!

Oh hey did you hear? Katy perry has a new album

And you told me the other day that you where her biggest fan right?

Katy perry!?

You love her... right?

Katyyy perryyyy!?

Yeah you definitely said so

KATY PERRY!? did you freaking listen?

Hey, i listened so i know you're katy perry's number one fan

Because you said so!

KATY PERRY!?!???!?!??!!?? *Very mad voice*

Oh no he did not *snaps fingers with sass*

Oh and yeah if they already have a girl friend or a wive or..... a cult!?

Then noo... i'm sorry... no, no, no, no, no, no :(

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