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It's LWIAY time! That's my intro that's my new intro

Grab your favorite G fuel and let's freakin do this

*Pewds drinking G Fuel*

I've seen this fan art and it's goddamn perfect. Thank you so much Buffalo pillow

Me and the boys ready to give the news without Poppy Gloria

Is it me or is Poppy Gloria fusing into some sort of monster?

Oh, Okay. Wait. Sir Pelo did the art is that right? Oh, it's Pelo that did it. Ah, that's not a retweet.

I love it

I uncovered the mystery of pewdiepie's window cleaner. What? The truth can never be stopped Felix Oh

Our dear PewDiePie thinks he's so smart - you're goddamn right - by not showing the brand of his window cleaner


I'm a stalker, Felix!

Challenge accep- What the hell is this? First: analyze the footage. Blue part, white part

Curvy bottle, blue liquid. What is this? Let's google blue window cleaning spray.No, that's not it


Windex nope

Ajax actually spray. Oh, oh

Bottle shape matches but not the color. Oh gosh. Let's analyze the logo

Come on, I literally showed the logo!

100% Red colour

First letter is W. Hmm

Best match so far is Windolene

Let's Google their products... Oh God. Oh God no...

And boom!

You think you had me figured out huh? So yeah, you have too much spare time. Congratulations, you did it!

It doesn't even look like that. Wake up sheeple idiots. Poppy Gloria is still alive? You're sleeping? Yeah

What if Poppy Gloria killed Mary Ham and then disguised herself as Mary Ham to avoid suspicions?

Bruh - Wait, what if Poppy Gloria killed Matt Hamm and then disguised herself as Mary Ham? Oh my god the plot

Now this is impressive, first the windows stuff and now this you guys should become detectives or something Jesus Christ. This is beautiful


I wish this is real so much. Is this real? Yes, of course it is. huge video quality

Pewds' video quality

Okay, here we go again.

Marzia's video quality

This meme is never gonna die, isn't it? (No pewds) Here I have the perfect quality and people still complain

Shaking my head my head. He's dead. One like equals five push-ups, please. I really need this. Haha

What is that oh it's

49,000 Jesus Christ what is that, 250,000?

That's not too bad. It's gonna be fucking rip, dude

He's gonna have abs on top of his abs. Now. This is some original content! What... Mr Beast uploaded this?

L ast to stop kissing wince 25 grand challenge. Jesus Christ, dude. It'd be fun even Mr. Beast did this

Try the Russian Roulette challenge

With six bullets in the gun. Okay. Alright, okay

Let's calm down. Planted a bunch about nine hundred little trees in this pasture. It ain't much but it's honest work

Well done soldier

Well done. This channel will keep going in 50 years and we'll do an update then update on the trees. That's amazing, i like that.

Keep planting trees goddamnit. What are you doing right now? Stop wasting your time on cleaners and start planting trees goddamnit

My friend recently passed and he was a huge fan of pewdiepie

This is a video of him back when the T-Series thing was big. I hope to honor him by getting him onto LWIAY (You did it Bro.)

I Don't like you mr. T nothing personal kid. Sorry to hear by you, bro

Apple announces 99 Hund-

Oh, yeah, Jesus Christ, a thousand dollar monitor stand the Chinese guy who made him for $0.12

Absolutely incredible. What, you don't want a stand that looks like a cheese grater? Whaat?

Why does it cost a thousand though? Honestly, like what?

What is it made of, gold? Very true. Scientists: students need - I see where this is going

Need a full eight hours of sleep schools. We don't do that here. They need homework

You see they can't just do

Schoolwork at school. They need to also do schoolwork at home

Oh, weekends when there's no school. Oh, nono. I went to a Montessori School, which is based on the concept that you're supposed to

Study yourself at school like we got an hour a day in school for us to do homework and stuff like that

But that just led to teachers giving us more homework because we always go

hey, there's no time for us to do the homework and they're like

Oh is there I believe that is an hour every day every teacher went that

So we - school sucks

Smash like if you think school sucks, too

School didn't even teach me how to buy a Lambo like smh man. PewDiePie deserves proper recognition. Oh, that's goddamn right okay?

2019's YouTube rewind will be worse than 2018's - why? - Since YouTube will most likely have something related to T-Series but not pewds

*Pewds realizing he's doomed*

That hurts, man. You guys think of everything, don't you? And that's a fact. That's alright we'll put Grandayy, Dolan and Kitty together

It won't matter

Explanation time. She's like the best. She's my favorite. I love Mary ham. Alright, let's hear it. Now. This is Christ's

PewDiePie actually killed Poppy Gloria because he has a crush on mary ham *laughters*

No, I just think she's kind of hot, ok?

Sure, say what you want about her, but you cannot deny the fact that Mary Ham looks hella sexy. Hold on. What about Marzia?

Okay. Alright, let's calm down. Let's remind Felix of this. We want the story! After my balls healed, I broke my peepee.

One day I'll tell you about it. This is a lie. I never broke my peepee,

Reported - So weird that this group is interested in this man's genitalia. Whaat?

Me posting only half the meme. Yeah. Okay. I got it.

Oh my god, is it here? Redditors. My fr- *Felix realizes what actually happened*






A plus, that was amazing *laughter*

They're right underneath each other too - that's awesome

Sorry, brother. It needed to be done. When you find out your brother watches morgz. Alright.

So long partner. When i'm with my girl and I see the boys. That's not a girl(?) I'm so confused. Kind of thick though

Did you get a girlfriend? Yes. What did it cost?

The boys. Come on

Come on, as long as you're not Pippi whipped then it's fine

I take your meme and I raise you one IKEA boi.

Normal DNA

Marzia's DNA

Felix's DNA

Oh, it's IKEA. Got it. You think that's funny you blatantly racist.

Look at Marzia's DNA

How could you say this about me?

Mary Ham bad. Oh god. What is it now when the sub to pewds meme ended and I realized I can't change my name

*laughter* Sub to king pewds

Oopsiee! Did Mary ham review you in meme review? Yes. What did it cost? The boys. All of them.

I think this is one of those memes that will stick around. Using the Drake - Goddamnit - Drake formula. I need to review this

f*ckin meme. Sorry, this frickin meme. Using a new template with houses So pewds can get - *laughter*

I Take it back, that's ten out of ten. Thank you

That's funny

Mary Ham promoting a scam app meaning she'll probably get terminated. I can't believe Mary Ham did this. I'm Poppy Gloria all along

All right. Well the next point I guess I have to address this not a meme

but there's a lot of people commenting on pew news recent video and I thought I'd send it here - this got

30,000 up votes and it says don't download Nimses, the app Pewds advertised

It takes all of you data and monitors it even after you uninstall it. Now, this is just demonstrably false, okay?

Apps can't do that if you uninstall it, so it's already spreading misinformation, just in the title.

Literally every single social media tracks the way Nimses does it's a social media app

Everyone seems so freaked out about it

And there was this this top boat saying that they broke down the apk

like the the file on

Android and it showed what it does and the really scary part is that they use the following permissions ordered by danger from high to

Low, the fact that it starts itself when the phone powers on any app that has notifications does this, okay?

What else it requests install packages can request the users to install additional apps and software

Literally any app with ads does this we do it in tuber simulator as well?


You want to download this other app that we have, PewDiePie legend of the brofist, if you don't want to do it

Just click no.

It Asks you to do all this. Permission to get accounts - literally reads which accounts you are logged into - Google does the same thing

Android permission camera

Whaat? A social media network wants to use my camera? Oh, what do you want, to look at me? Like come on guys

Listen, they're not paying me to defend these allegations

But you're just going off rumors. If you're worried about your privacy by all means don't sign up to a social media network

I thought it sounded like a cool idea. If you guys didn't like the promo and you know, like the sponsorship, I'm sorry

I mean

I will try to do better to find ads that you like but it's also everyone seems so protective of me

My answer was so like, oh we need to protect them from all the media stuff

And then you're spreading misinformation to make it look like I'm promoting a scam

Obviously that makes it look way worse. Same thing with Dlive like Dlive is not a scam

There's no proof to show that, but it's a bunch of rumors spread around being like, oh it's promoting a scam

Again, I have no equity. I have no reason to defend it besides the fact that it's misinformation

I mean how could Mary Ham promote an app like that?

Disgusting! So disappointed in her. She is gonna get fired for sure

Nintendo of America did an Oopsie. Happy Pride Month.


Oh God I wish that was real. But those two are brothers. That can't be real. Happy incest month.

No, that can't be right. Please. Be real

Okay, it is real but it's not their official - *Laughter*


Aw my heart - People pointed out how it looks like my arm is just super long

This was my mom's birthday. Wait, so pewds unironically wears that hair style


Petition to make pew- YouTube release Scare PewDiePie season 2 at a hundred million. Come on, please Susan (Yeah please)

Pleease. I'll be a good boy, Susan!

An Apple Pro Stand oor... The Chair;

One year worth of G Fuel; All his merch

And bonus thirty dollars to plant some goddamn trees

Girls in science class: Ew I'm not touching a frog Boys in science class: boys in science class!

Our Masterpiece is finished if you're a boy only you can relate. What if we used a hundred percent of our brain?

Passing joggers on my motorized treadmill.

Damn it

YouTube 2019 is literally just amazing thumbnails

You don't even have to watch the video

Felix having more followers than me on all social media me having more karma and ready

Do I have that little karma? Why aren't you giving me karma Goddamnit? Stop crying. She's dead get over it

No one is ever really gone. What is this from? Stop posting Marvel memes, I don't understand them.

Nobody: - *Laughter*

Is this a gif? It is yeah

Elon Musk tall boi - 188

Pewds: 181. Elon can be taller than me. That's fine.

Choose wisely. A chair or Apple Pro Stand? Can I interest you in perhaps two chairs and $200?

What would you like to chairs and $200?

That's a great price. Why buy one chair, when you can have two chairs! Please pick up your

f*ing morgz


Iwata a new Apple mug. It's only $4999 and the cup pole is only- *Laughter*

These memes are great

Poppy Gloria is dead. There is no evidence. You have no evidence

You haven't uploaded this meme? You know, it's a new format, right?

Good evening. I'm Mary ham and welcome to meme review.

Oh, sorry, did I forget to say my intro? I'm Mary ham and hope you guys enjoyed this episode of LWIAY

Smash like and subscribe and I'll see you guys tomorrow because I'm doing all the shows here on

PewDiePie's channel.

Whaaat?? You never played youtuber simulator?

You know, it's fun right? I'm not supposed to give my opinion

But give it a try and then you can tell me if it's good or not. Not convinced yet? Okay

I'll cut you a deal: the game is available for free and that's a great price

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