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- With Jobe wetsuits,

you can enjoy all water sports, all year long.

The thickness of the neoprene,

the length and the construction of the suit,

determines the warmth of the wetsuit,

and the lining determines the flexibility.

We use a limestone based neoprene of the highest quality

for our wetsuits, which comes with a lot of benefits.

It's lighter, soaks up less water;

it's warmer, more flex, and it's more durable.

As a result, the overall level of stretch in our wetsuit

is much higher than a regular wetsuit.

On top of that, we use ergonomic panels in the suits

for optimal freedom of movement and comfort in each design.

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- Our Perth series is the best selling line

within our wetsuit collection,

and is suitable for all watersports.

Within the Perth series,

we have five different kinds of wetsuits.

They're all made of full stretch neoprene,

which gives you a great freedom of movement.

The first is our 1.5 millimeter shortie,

which is ideal for the warm days on the water.

It doesn't have sleeves,

so it's easy to move your arms in any direction.

Next, we have the shorties.

Three, two millimeter, in four different colors,

and one chested version.

The three millimeter neoprene on the chest and the back

give extra strength and warmth,

perfect wetsuits for when the water temperature

is a bit warmer.

The Perth full suits have a three, two millimeter neoprene

and come in three different colors and one chested version.

The full suits have the same strength as the shorties,

but as the sleeves and the legs are longer,

they give more warmth.

Our Toronto wetsuit consists of two millimeter suit

with longer legs, and without sleeves.

And next to it, we have a separate jacket.

The suit is mostly used on surfboards,

and with the loose jacket, you can easily adapt

to the weather conditions.

Last but not least, we have the jet wetsuits.

Specially designed for water scooters or jet skis.

We have Toronto two millimeter, with a separate jacket.

And the three two millimeter Detroit full suit.

The wetsuits are constructed with innovative D30 panels.

The knee compartment consists of two separate panels

to extend the area of protection

and it increases the comfortability.

The knee area is made of D30,

and the shin area is protected with D30 lite,

which is softer, more lightweight,

and offers enhanced cushioning and long-term comfort.

The Detroit jet full suit also has the D30 panels

in the elbow and shoulder area.

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