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-It's time to ask the age old question: -"Will It Dumpling?"

-Let's talk about that.

♪ (theme music) ♪

-Good Mythical Morning! -Dumpling. It's not just your grandma's

pet name for you. It's a doughy pouch of gooey goodness.

Traditionally filled with meats and veggies, but this is not a traditional

show, so we plucked out the traditional insides, and we gonna replace them with

some interesting alternatives because it's time to ask the Earth-shattering,

-all important question: -(both) "Will It Dumpling?"

I've heard a lot of people say "When you go camping, you can't take dumplings."

Well, that's all about to change with marshmallows.

(both) Marshmallow: "Will It Dumpling?"

All right, bring it-- oh! Look at this!

-Nice presentation! -It's a dumpling container!

-It's like we're in a restaurant. -What is that called? A basket?

Yeah. It's called a dumpling basket. I've got these really cool chopsticks,

lightsaber chopsticks that I will be using today.

-Nice! -And don't worry, Link.

I got you some too. I know you have a little trouble with your hands.

-Seriously? -Yeah, that makes it easy for ya'.

All right, so let's unveil.

Okay, look at that. Grab yours. This is actually not easy to do with a--

This is traditional dumpling casing, steamed with marshmallow inside.

How can this not be good? Let's call this a "Dumpmallow." (laughs)

-Okay. -That makes it more appetizing.


-Uh! Man. -Oh wow.

-It actually just tastes very marshmallow-y.

-The dumpling dough is great too. Oh! Dip this in chocolate sauce.

-Where? -Why haven't they -- (laughs)

-Did you bring some? -Let me give it another taste.

-That's very good. -It tastes like a marshmallow with

-a skin on it. -Any dumpling shop should take note.

Add this to your desert menu.

It actually tastes like if you were to get marshmallows in the wild,

and they molt like soft-shelled crab. Just be like, well the marshmallow's not

molted yet, but this is how the rich people eat it.

-Oh yeah! -So "Will It Dumpling?"

(both) Yes!

-All right so let's go from sweet to savory... -Let's!

...cheesy, saucy, and generally awesome and try pizza!

-(both) Pizza: "Will It Dumpling?"

-Oh I am so excited about this. -Pizza in a dumpling!

Surely this has been done. Oh the color is unexpected.

Now this is marinara, cheese, pepperoni.

How are those chopsticks working out for you?

I'm getting a little frustrated with it, but I'll hang in there.

I have high hopes for this one because not too long ago was when humans...

...discovered that you can put pizza in all kinds of things, like Combos.

-I mean, just pizza bites. -I think we should call it "Dumpl-izza."

- (laughs) Man, that's some dumpl-izza. - Oh man, have you had the dumpl-izza?

- Man. Little League event celebrations-- - Hold up!

- are just clamoring for these things. - You know what it tastes like?

It tastes like a really good thoughtful ravioli.


- This is the most thoughtful ravioli. - Have you had the thoughtful ravioli?

- You have to go to a dumpling restaurant to get it.

- Oh my! - That is some thoughtful ravioli, ya'll.

It's called dumpl-izza.

- We have had some interesting tastes on this show, and most of the time,

they're not real good. This might be the peak of taste.

- On "Will It?"? - On "Will It?".

- Especially after the marshmallow. - I think that we can work on the texture...

...on the outside a little bit because it's a little too revealing.

It's like a woman in a dress-- you know what? I probably won't even say that.

- Okay. But "Will It Dumpling?"

- Absolutely! - Yes!

- Okay, this next one is also an American classic, but it has an ingredient that

Link does not like. The BLT.

- (both) BLT: "Will It Dumpling?"

- Bring it in and unveil it. - (both) Oh!

- This one's also sheer. Sheer. That's the word I'm looking for.

- Now that one looks like it has more tomatoes, which I ain't gonna hate...

- ...but I just don't like tomatoes. - Tomatoes.

- I can't-- look, man. - Oh!

I knew how to use these. Now there's mayo in here... addition to bacon, lettuce, and tomato.

- We could just add the D.

B.L.T.D. or call it BLTD.

- We BLTD (builded) this a few seconds ago. - We BLTD (builded) these dumplings.

I like always just being in this scenario, like we're at a restaurant, and this...

- the first time this has been unveiled. - It's the BLTD. It's amazing.

-Hmm, a little chewy.

- Don't worry about that. - You know how when you don't like

something, you can taste it immediately? Dang, man!

It's like what I was saying, since I don't like tomatoes, I can taste that a little

bit too much, but I think I'm fine-- What is your problem?

(crew laughing)

Even though I don't like tomatoes, this is not bad. I think what we're finding--

- They're almost kinda cooked inside. - Which I like a roasted tomato.

- Well there you go. - I just don't like a raw tomato. So I'm...

...loving this, and I'm starting to think we should open a dumpling restaurant.

- "Dumplings R Us"? - "Take a Dumpling".

- "Take A Dumpling". - "Come Take a Dumpling".

- Oh that's really good! "Take a Dumpling... On Us."

(crew laughing)

- No, then either we'd be paying for it, or it'd be even more awkward.

- Either way... - We give you a free dumpling every time.

- Take a dumpling, on us! - That would be if we ran a shop in...

...the food court at the mall. That's what we would say when giving out our samples.

- I was just trying to add to it. I wanted it to be a team name.

-Because it is most likely that it will be a food court restaurant, any type...

...of restaurant that we open.

- Okay, "Will It Dumpling?" - (both) Yes!

- Okay, we're far enough into the year that we can basically chuck our New Years'...

...resolutions entirely and any stuff we bought associated with any resolutio,... getting in shape. So we thought that we would take and put into a dumpling...

...some protein powder.

(both) Protein powder: "Will It Dumpling?"

So... oh! By looking at this, I really can't tell anything.

Now I thought that this could be a good occasion because it is just protein powder...

- there... - Yeah there's no water. There's no milk.

There's nothing added. There's just pure, unadulterated vanilla protein powder...

- ...steamed for 12 minutes. - If you think that's gonna be a little dry...

- because it will be... - I tend to think it will be.

- I have some soy sauce and Sriracha, but I think that--

- I'm going dry. Imma go dry first. - should go dry first. You know?

Oh, look. If you hold it to the Sun... or just the light, you can see the pattern.

I can see that. So we're calling these "Pumplings" because they pump you up.

- (crew laughing) -Yup.

(both) Oh!

- It's hard! - That powder really firmed up on us.

- It's a hardened packet of protein. - Oh!

It's like somebody put a old piece of chewing gum in there.

Gum! Oh my goodness. Vanilla chewing gum.

The flavor's not bad, but I really feel like I need a little soy.

I mean, at our food court restaurant, I think we're going to have to give these...

- ...away for free, as like amuse-bouche. - That's the one that's on us.

"What do you mean by "on us"?" Well, we got pumplings for free.

Now for any of you weight lifters who have made protein shakes using soy sauce,

you know exactly what I'm about to experience.

- It doesn't help. It helps the initial. - It's just a saltier version of...

...the same thing.

It's part of the strategy though. Go with me here for a second.

You get people a pumpling for free, and then they're like "Well their other...

...dumplings must be better than this." Then they try 'em.

- "We can't get any worse than that one." - They get a whole menu of other options.

- Let's try it! - Throw some money at us.

- Take a dumpling! - On us!

- But okay, let's come to a verdict here. - I think I'm there.

- "Will It Dumpling?" - (both) No.

I always say "Nothing livens up a party like a pair of chaps...

unless you cut those chaps up and put 'em in a dumpling." Leather!

(both) Leather: "Will It Dumpling?"

Okay, that's right. This is leather. Yes, but don't be alarmed.

- What in the world? Is it actually edible? - That's questionable...

...but it will not hurt us because it is vegetable tanned,

- so meaning... - Oh! (sarcastic breath of relief)

It's vegetable tanned! Say no more! What does that mean?

- It means that the tanning process typically involves all harsh chemicals...

...and stuff that would be poisonous, so this is totally vegetable tanned.

- But it's still cow hide. - It's still leather, yeah.

- It's cow skin. - I'm going to go out on a limb and say,...

- ...this is going to be tough. - (laughs) In every sense of the word.

- Emotionally and physically. Imma smell it. - This is going to be tough.

- It smells like a saddle under there. - Oh!


- (mimics bell ringing) - Have a dumpling on us!

- You've just dipped. - Well, you know what. Maybe that's the...

...way it's supposed to be.

Call this a "Leather-ling."

Have you eaten the leather-ling from "Take A Dump On Us"?

Oh my wow.

It tastes like I went into one of those leather stores and asked for a sample.

And they're like "No, no, no! Don't eat that!"

I've chewed on my wallet before, just like, in a moment of thoughtlessness.

- (laughs) - It was just like this.

Mental note: Boiling leather does not make it easier to eat.

But you know what, there are lots of examples in history of people getting...

...stranded and then turning on their own belts.

- Survival Dumpling. - 'Cause it lasts forever.

- It's like the ultimate beef jerky. - Cowboys eating their own pants.

- Right. Exactly. You eat the horse then you eat the saddle.

- I've chewed through everything except guess what.

- Oh gosh! - The leather.

- It's kinda nice though, you know? To not eat but just to chew.

- Like leather gum. That's a good product! - We could sell this at the register.

It's like "Oh for 5 cents more, you can get yourself some leather gum."

I think it should be free, personally.

Yeah, I can't get it down. It's not going anywhere.

I think this'll stay in my stomach forever.


- All that being said, it was pretty okay. - Looks like chorizo now.

It could've been worse. It didn't taste bad.

- Looks like chorizo. - It does.

- Put that in your eggs. - "Hey, man. There's some chorizo in there.

You're wasting the chorizo." Okay. "Will It Dumpling?"

- Nuh uh. - (both) No.

- You know the best way to wash down leather is with sperm from a fish.

That's right. Caviar is not the only fish delicacy...

when you can also get cod milt.

(both) Cod milt: "Will It Dumpling?"

- Now, the Japanese word for this is... - Why?

..."shirako," which literally translated means "white children."

Well it's white, and it makes children. Fish children.

- This doesn't look... that bad. - Hold on, Link. Let me break it to you.

Chase gave me a bowl of this stuff, just straight up.

(gagging and coughing)

(crew laughing)

- Ew, it looks like brain! - That is the most heinous looking...

...and smelling thing.

My tongue is retreating down the back of my throat, and my eyes are...

-...starting to water. - But why why why why why do people eat it?

(stuttering noises)

- Let me eat the dumpling - Move that away.

- What do want to call these? "Sperm-lings?" - What if this is fabulous...

...and this becomes the pièce de résistance of our food court menu?

We can call it "Pièce de Résistance" instead of calling it like Cod sperm.

- Yeah yeah yeah. - More people might buy it.

Yeah right right. They say "What's in it?"

- We're like "Don't worry. Don't worry" - "Just try it. Just try it"

Nobody knows what milt is. Milt's like an old man.

"Oh they named a dish after somebody!"

Yeah we did. His name's Milt.

- (deep sigh) - Come on, man.

Let's dink it.

Dink it... and sink it.


- I'm just looking at it. - It's so slimey.


(deep sigh) I'm gonna go to my happy place.

- (moaning) - I'm going to the part of the mall...

...that doesn't sell cod sperm.

- I'm going into Brookstone. - (moaning)

- I'm in a massage chair. - Oh yeah, I'm in a different massage chair,...

...but I am right next to you.

And they turn it on, and they say, "Sir. You're going to have to leave.

It's been 3 hours."

As long as I don't-- (laughs)

It's helping! Being in Brookstone with my eyes slightly crossed...

...I feel like I could eat anything.

Look at that circular thing that has a little electricity thing coming onto it,...

...and you touch it, and all the electricity goes (both buzzes) into your finger.

- That's awesome. - Yeah yeah.

Give me that -- oh, it's $200. No I don't want it.

- Mine's crawling down my chopstick. - Look.

- And you know what? - Nuh uh.

- I'm gonna finish this sucker off. - Really?

- I'm going to dip this in Sriracha though. - Imma dip mine in this.

I'm shaking. All right.

This is for you, Milt!


- (gagging) - (crew laughing)

That doesn't help.

- Could you leave Brookestone? - (laughs)

You go to Radio Shack. Get me some adapters while you're in there.

- Oh! - Oh gosh, it's...

It's gone. It's gone! It's gone! I'm out! I'm out.

I'm flat out of sperm. (laughs)

- You can do it, man. - We could set up right between Brookestone...

...and the Radio Shack. We're not in the food court.

We're not in the food court. We're in the mall, the regular part.

- "Step right up! Get your sperm!" - "Take a dumpling on us!"

All right, sperm: "Will It Dumpling?"

Let me clarify: Fish sperm: "Will It Dumpling?"

(both) No!

All right, guys. We've answered the questions that have been looming...

...over your... over your dinner table... this month.

I got a whole lot more where that came from.

But thanks for liking, commenting, subscribing, and sharing this video...

...and the joys of... cod milt.

- Augh! - You know what time it is.

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"We're selling a used shower loofa!"

(salesman voice) All right, everyone young and old! Male and female!

- I don't care. Come on up! - But especially for you ladies!

- We've got something soft. - Ooh the men love a loofa too.

- I love a loofa. - (stuttering) It really... it's got the--

what do you call it when rub stuff and it-- exfoliating!

- That's what I was looking for. - Exfoliates!

Now it's exfoliated someone else a lot already.

- That right, it's been used. - But ya know what?

- It's worn down, so it's not so prickly. - It's soft.

- It's a soft exfoliation... - And he was a clean man-- he's dead now.

He died while we were using the loofa on him, so I guess it's technically

has been used on a dead body.

♪ (outro music) ♪

"Take A Dump On Us."

- Dumpling - Dumpling on us.


- Yeah it's really important. - That's important.

It's really important to include the "-ling."

(laughing) The more I think about it, I think it should just be "Dump On Us."

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