Practice English Speaking&Listening with: RT Life: Kung-Shoe Grappling Hook

Difficulty: 0

Blaine: FUCK!

Gavin: What did you just do!?

Blaine: I just kicked my shoe on the top of the studio

Gavin: So, I just Kung-shoed Blaine and I missed

Gavin: He tried to fling it back and it went on the roof

Barbara: All of a sudden I heard NO!!! NO!!!

Blaine: I literally bought this shoe - these shoes yesterday.

Burnie: DID YOU REALLY!? Are they one day old?

Blaine: YES!!!!!

Burnie: They went right up on the roof

Blaine: Look how new they are!

Maddy: Oh my god! Blaine: Fuck!

Burnie: I'm going to get my drone to get footage of it up there

Gavin: I thought he was gonna say, so I'm gonna help. He's just gonna film it and land the drone

Barbara: Of course

Blaine: I'm gonna get that shoe back because I just bought it Maddy: It's new!

Gavin: That's true Blaine: I can do it

Gavin: It pokes holes in the roof

Burnie: The batteries are charged this things like at

Burnie: Like 18% and now the phone that I need to run it is low on battery so now I can charge my phone

Burnie: It's pretty close to the edge

Blaine: My baby

Blaine: Yeah, looks real good up there.

Gavin: I mean the grappling hook would reach that

Blaine: Do you wanna get the grappling hook?

Burnie: You're gonna hit my fucking drone

Blaine: I promise you I won't

Burnie: This is the guy that couldn't kick a shoe straight, and now we're gonna let him throw this pointed metal anvil

Gavin: Hey remember when stage 5 didn't have a piece of rope hanging from it

Burnie: Dude, it's kind of far

Barbara: God, I want them to get it so bad

Barbara: It's never gonna happen

Gavin: Watch out!

Gavin: He just threw it at the building

Burnie: You want to - low battery, uh oh

Gavin: It just adds the tension, it's like a timer

Burnie: DUDE! I think you fucking got it

Burnie: I'm not joking, I think you fucking got it

Blaine: Alright Maddy hold still - hold still Maddy.

Burnie: I think you actually want to come this way

Burnie: There's your goal

Blaine: This is the most extreme game - claw machine game

Burnie: Get a hook - get a - get a - get a shoelace

Burnie: Get a shoelace



Blaine: YES!!!

Blaine: YES!!!

Blaine: Oh my god! Maddy: Oh my god!

Gavin: Holy shit Blaine!!

Blaine: My feet are so happy!!

[Gavin laughing]

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