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Good Morning, hello. Ahead of us there is another day in monstrous, beautiful city of Hong Kong.

We can ask ourselves not a silly question - what even is Hong Kong? Is it a country or is it a city?

The answer is also not clear

Hong Kong is now a special administrative district that is controlled by China.

Exactly 20 years ago Hong Kong left British supervision and started being controlled by China, which wasn't welcomed without any protests because people here were afraid

and still are aftraid that they'll loose the democracy that... theoretically is still here but this democracy is like pretended democracy.

Under strict controll of China

Public elections take place only between the elects that confirmed by China.

Hong Kong lives now under this threat of Chinese intervention and that means that there are pretty fiery protests against

communist government.

One of the protest's symbols are yellow umbrellas about which there was a lot of talking few years ago.

Sadly there is a lot of news about some people that were arrested becuase they were leaders of protests or some missing reporters

public defamations... All of this is sad a little bit.

There is 30 years left of China's promise to keep this local outrightness and some kind of autonomy. So in 30 years nobody knows

actually what will happen here.

But for now Hong Kong is very open-minded, westernised city-state.

There are two official languages - Cantonese and English.

In opposed to continental China, you don't have to apply for visa. You can just fly there.

And Hong Kong has it's own currency - The Hong Kong dollar.

The next day Maciej joined me.

[Maciej] Hello

I went to the district called Quarry Bay - you can find here one of the most iconic views of Hong Kong.

If you type in "Hong Kong photos", this will be what you'd see.


That's what is funny to me is that this geometric beauty isn't here "by design". I mean it's not that

this place was planned as nice spot to take photos, it just happened.

Funny becuase people are taking pictures and here some local ladies are just playing cards.

[Krzysztof] You can't fly higher?

[Maciej] It blocked me (inaudible)

When you take a look at photos of Kong Kong it's easy to assume, 'wow someone has an eye, he got a good spot', when actually

this city just looks that way.

It has such an incredible urban geometry that it's relatively easy to have a good shots and photos here.

Someone at some time imagined a shot of this place with camera facing upwards, took an iconic photo which is even in... I saw this photo album

from Hong Kong, this is on it's cover.

And from now on millions of people took the same photo.

Even in the new version of Ghost In The Shell there was this frame.

There is a great route for walking through the forest, hiking, trailing, 'traileralning'.

Eh, today without the running shoes, covered in sweat like a pig.

Here is a path and here we have some small holy figurines.

[Krzysztof] Eh, now we will go on ferry.

[Maciej] It's hot.

[Krzysztof] It is hot.

[Krzysztof] Actually, we didn't say who you are and what you do.

Who am I? I worked for television previously, for National Geographic and Fox and now I'm starting my own business. Something similar that Krzysztof does.

So we share a friend and I called, wrote and e-mail and we're here now, together.

That shared friend is Koso, known as Koso from PSX Extreme.

It's nice in those ferrys in Hong Kong that they're normal public transport, I mean that it's not a tourist's ship so people go on cruise

to see the city from the water but it's normal transport, right? From island to island.

The view keeps changing really fast. In one moment you have 100% dystopia and all those dark housings and streets,

and here suddenly you have beautifu bay, glazed buildings, wealth.

I can't, ship in the middle of the city.

And here is popular photo of this city that won National Geographic Global Awards

It's hard to fly drones here, there is a lot of disruptions so we don't want to take too much risk and go overboard

This is a street full of stores with flowers and little trees.

It's interesting in Asian cities that here often are crystalized those themed avenues... It's the same in Tokio.

You have for example Kapabashi - district of kitchenware, right? And so on.

You don't see those things in Europe so much.

In Tokio there are few streets that you go 'woo, that's Asia'.

Here between every two buildings are corners that, damn, what is happening there. Here everything lives on it's own. Anyway there is

so many microworlds in this city.

In those mine travels across the Asia I often try to deny stereotypes and showing

that Asia = old man in straw hat and without any teeth but here, like, it actually looks like this.

For example a lot of people in Hong Kong think that it's a great idea to walk around without a shirt.

Come to think about it, yes, it is quite hot I admit.

Now we'll go eat food


We have another person in our group

[Krzysztof] Hi

[??] Good morning, hello.

[Krzysztof] What's your name?

[Michał] Michał

[Krzysztof] And what are you doing here?

[Michał] Let's say, studying.

[Krzysztof] You're on a exchange in Hong Kong?

[Michał] Yes, on exchange in Hong Kong.

[Krzysztof] From what college?

[Michał] SGH. 'Szkoła Główna Handlowa'

[Krzysztof] Good.


Very tasty. This restaurant, likewise it'd seem hundrets of others in Hong Kong, has recommendation in Michelin guide.

I don't know what they did here with this guide becuase in Hong Kong genuinely every other restaurant has on it's doors the sticker of recommendation

or has some star.

Weird thing, it seems like they made a little different standards for Hong Kong because not all of those places are that good.

Beautiful, there is park near Sham Shui Po, ladies are doing tai-chi probably... Really nice.


Now it's a little weird with you. I just sat down. Now you can see how is it all a scam, right?

Yeah, it's nice to sit down, i just did that only for the shot.

To get on tape how I just sit comfortably and look into the distance, yeah.

Beautiful, sunset, tai-chi, Chinese chess. The Chinese culture just... You don't have to look for her when you walk in here

between those people and you have suddenly such a beautiful view of eastern culture on the level that is even dry.

It's a little ridiculous that precisely today, here in Hong Kong is montly meeting of Polish people that live here. So I thought I'll drop by.

It funny becuase when I was In Shanghai, on one of the first days there was exactly the same kind of meeting, so

maybe we'll meet interesting people.

There is no one

[Maciej] Poland! White and red! (The Poles)

Only we came

Polish group moved to well-known exclusive bar named 7/11.

There is this amphitheater that is used for integration.

And generally this street is called Lang Kwai Fong, it's very western. Something like Ropongi in Tokio,

so like, western pubs, western... I don't know, people come here to flirt.

Oh my, I'm exhausted after this day but at least I have a little credit becuase thanks to my post on Facebook about this meeting,

few new people got to know about it and some students from exchange in Hong Kong integrated.

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