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Hey folks! We're nominated for the Televizierring (Dutch television award)

We need your vote for that!

Check the description for details, there's a link there, so you can vote.

Hey folks, great that you're watching!

This is the moment we've all been waiting for:

It's the big challenge day!

Next to me is Niels of Vakkanjers, who also built a vehicle,

With the same engine we used,

We'll be testing which vehicle is most suited for terrain!

The frame is where I started with, it's from a quad,

I dissassembled the front for the steering mechanism.

Then I figured I could also use the rear of the quad,

I threw the engine on there, with a shopping cart,

It isn't that high of the ground compared to yours...

We shall see!

You've also made videos of this vehicle, right?

You can find those on the YouTube channel of Vakkanjers

The entire building proces, but also today's challenge!

Great! Check the link in the description to check out Vakkanjers and Niels' process.

Let's start with a bang!

I think he'll get halfway there.

I think he will turnover...

Okay go!

Let's take a look at Milo's attempt!

That was really clear, 1-0 for Milo,

Next challenge!

This steep of a climb is a little too much for it. The tires don't have enough grip.

I've also destroyed both my pulleys for reverse.

We do have some reserves, so we can repair it if we'd like...

We could also just drive forwards.

That's what I was thinking...

But the tires aren't bad!

They didn't tear yet,

Even though I wasn't really careful.

Oooh Niels, are you still in the game?

Are you going to check the amphibian characteristics of your vehicle?

I will! But I don't think I'll stand a chance...

Check it out, He's completely stuck!

Check out, shopping cart, no?

I think I know who won...

We are... We are going to...

Do a rope pulling contest - A tug of war!

Can you explain what happened?

I had a good start, I started the engine and drove 5 centimeters,

But then Milo did the same and... it was over...

He has way too much torque...

Mine will probably be faster...

Faster, you say?

So we need to test speed? - That would be fun, no?

-Scared Milo Noise-

We're here at Experience Island,

We're allowed to do a test here,

This is an amazing place, if you want to have a staff outing,

And you want to shred some bumps, do go to Experience Island.

Let's do a lap! -Let's have a staff outing.

-Excited Milo Noises-

I have taken a tourist route at some points...

How long have you been waiting? - A little while...

Ah man... our vehicle isn't that quick.

Do you see this?

I don't hear any air. -Yeah, not yet.

Yeah he's leaking.

Let's patch the tire, I'll hold it here,

Okay that's great.

We sanded it a little,

Applied some glue and then put the thorns back!

Add some sand...

Doesn't matter. Look, let's wait a while and then add the patches!

Uh-oh. -Where is it broken?

We can't repair that with a patch.

Did your weld break there? -Yeah, now it moves, loosening the chain.

Niels made his buggy,

We have to climb a hill now.

Are you insured?

I'm not sure...

Everything fine? -Yeah all good.

What happened was that I drove here...

When I wanted to add more throttle,

I closed the throttle,

The handle is the other way around, which sucks,

So the clutch disengaged,

Then I added full throttle and he pulled away at an angle,

and it fell over on its side.

You've seen it yourself.

It's not that exciting, it doesn't weigh a lot.

Here we go!

This challenge is all about speed and good steering.

That went well. -I didn't expect that!

The score is 3-3!

Well... good job!

We'll have to do a revanche!

Yeah, we have to try it, don't we?

We aren't at such a big body of water for nothing,

Let's hope it can float.

The bottom goes like this, and then to this.

I'll stay at the ridge here, and we'll see after that.

I won't go too deep, because I can not go in reverse.

It'll submerge into the water, look!

Sit down!

It's very deep! - Sit down!

I know, but I'll be sitting in the water. -Full throttle!

That's life.

It's a meter deep.

Look at this! -Now he's really swimming.

Works perfectly!

But we'll have to...

Do you hear the water?

He isn't watertight.

But that's good, now the water also drains.

Not a lot.

I can do some water in my boot for the video.

That's so fake.

My socks already are wet.

Alright, what a nonsense, we aren't staging anything that's not us.

That was it for today! -And for this guy.

He did a very good job! -He didn't dissapoint with these inner tires.

Thank you for watching, until next time!

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