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exploring the newest and best in the world of food,

whilst trying to have a few laughs along the way.


We've got chefs, we've got normals,

and a whole world of stuff for you to explore.

But everything we do starts with you.

Happy Wednesday everyone I'm Mike, this is Ben.

- And are you ready for a pasta baby?


- In front of us we have three mushroom pasta dishes,

a five ingredient, a one pot and a chefy thing.

We're gonna eat them, we're gonna compare them,

we're gonna see if they're worth the extra time and effort.

And we're gonna start with Jamie Spafford.

- Who's here to prove, time, effort, no question.

I'm gonna show you exactly how quick

and easy a pasta dinner should be.

Five ingredients and realistically, five minutes.

That looks like ten but really it's five.

Here's what I'm gonna use,

mushrooms, cheese, eggs, bacon,

and tagliatelle .

And to speed things up, I'm gonna use this.

First thing to do is get a pan of water boiling.

Maybe use the kettle to make that even quicker.

Remember to salt your water, for flavor.

Next up we're gonna add our bacon,

this is pancetta, into a dry pan.

The fats are gonna ease out of the bacon

as it starts to cook which means

we don't need to add anything more into it.

Plus, natural smokey flavor.

Whilst that's starting to cook off,

we can slice our mushrooms in the food processor.

With the mushrooms sliced,

they go into the pan with the pancetta.

My pasta's only gonna take two to three minutes to cook

so I'm gonna put that in now which gives us

the perfect amount of time to make our sauce.

I'm gonna swap out my slicing disk

for my fine grating disk in my food processor

and we can get on with grating some hard Italian cheese.

Quick tip, if you're gonna grate cheese,

grate a load of it and use it throughout the week.

And believe me when I tell you,

that cheese is one third of our whole sauce.

Eggs, cheese, black pepper,

whisk together in a bowl

and get ready to pour over your pasta once it's cooked.

Now I've got fresh pasta which is only

gonna take two to three minutes to cook.

Once it's cooked I'll lift it from the pan

of boiling water into my frying pan,

mix it all in with the mushrooms and the pancetta,

move it over to one side,

and then pour my sauce over the pasta.

That way the sauce doesn't hit the bottom

of the pan which is gonna be really hot

and doesn't turn the eggs into scrabbled eggs,

keeping it nice and loose.

Whocha mumma.



- Well.

- You don't even sound convinced yourself J.

- Don't even need to follow that up

but, that was easy.

I'm in the middle and I think this is easier.

Not only is this recipe completely idiot proof,

it also minimizes mess because

it's all done in one pot.

However, there is no correlation as to

why I've been picked to do this one.

Here's what I'll be using to make my masterpiece.

A load of mushrooms,

milk, veg stock, double cream,

garlic, shallots, fresh herbs,

olive oil, pine nuts and spaghetti.

And to help me out I'll be using one of these.

First off I'm gonna peel and roughly chop

some shallots and garlic.

They get thrown into the food processor

along with half a bunch of basil,

half a bunch of parsley.

I set it whizzing,

and then I pulled out the stalks of my chestnut mushrooms

and added that while they're whizzing round.

My zhuzhed up mixture then goes into a pan

with oil and I fry that off for a couple of minutes

so it's all nice and sweated off.

While that's happening, gonna finesse

some of my other mushrooms,

just to make them a little bit smaller

so they cook evenly and to remove the bottoms.

Then it's just a case of taking all of this stuff

and dumping it into this pot.

Mushrooms, spaghetti that I'm snapping in half,

pine nuts, milk and double cream,

and veg stock.

Give it a stir, make sure it's covered and combined.

Bring it up to a boil,

then take it down to a simmer for eight to ten minutes

until that spaghetti is al dente.

Once you think it's cooked,

season with a little bit of salt

and a little bit of pepper.

And I'm spooning that into a bowl

and covering with vegetarian cheese.


- I love a one pot, hassle free.

But if you want a little bit of hassle,

but a great amount of flavour,

then come across to this one.

Don't get me wrong, those pasta dishes were great

but this one goes all out.

We're gonna make our own pasta,

we're gonna use it to shape and fill

some tortellini with a mushroom filling

and serve it with a mascarpone

and flambéed wild mushroom and brandy sauce.

How good's that sound?

Stuff you'll need, the ingredients

for homemade pasta,

that's eggs and flour, oil and salt.

A whole selection of mushrooms plus some

garlic and herbs and root vegetables.

And then mascarpone and brandy

and more herbs for that sauce,

plus a ciabatta.

And we're gonna use just about every part

of this.

First up I'm gonna make some pasta

so that's pasta flour, double zero,

in a bowl with eggs.

Three whole eggs, one extra egg yolk,

little bit of olive oil, generous pinch

of salt and bring it together with the dough hook

until you've got something that's soft and elastic.

It will take about five minutes.

Dry pasta's great, if you can get fresh pasta even better,

homemade, no comparison.

What we should have is pasta.

This now needs to be wrapped in cling film

and to rest in the fridge for at least half an hour.

An hour's good.

The filling for my tortellini is very similar

to the paste that Mike made

but with a few added flavors.

One, dried porcini mushrooms

which I'm gonna rehydrate in boiling water.

Then later on we're adding in wine

and marscarpone.

On the stand mixer I'm gonna switch out

the bowl and dough hook for the food processor.

And into it I'm gonna blitz celery,

shallot, garlic, thyme,

and then the whole bunch of chestnut mushrooms.

With the paste that gets switched off

and fried off in a frying pan

with butter and oil.

Mushrooms have an awful lot of water in them

so you wanna evaporate all that off

at the same time taking out the rawness

of the garlic, and shallot and celery.

Once you've got a paste it'll take

about five minutes or so.

Add in your chopped up porcini mushrooms,

now they've rehydrated,

along with white wine,

and some of that stock from the mushrooms.

Reduce it all down, add your marscarpone

and season to taste.

One thing the last two dishes didn't have

was little bit of crunch and texture.

I'm adding some to this dish

and it is so simple just ciabatta bread,

chopped up into dice,

then season with salt, pepper, oil

and bake them in the oven.

200 degrees Celsius, about five minutes.

I've switched out the food processor

for the lasagne pasta roller

and we're gonna roll out our rested pasta

as thin as we can.

Lay the fresh lasagne like sheets out

on a semolina dusted board

and cut disks out, about ten centimeters across.

Put a teaspoon of your chilled filling

in the center of each and dab around the top with water.

Fold them in half, seal that filling in.

And then fold those in half

with your finger in the middle.

So you're almost forming a ring of pasta.

Seal the two edges, take your finger out

and you should be left

with tortellini.

The last thing to do is the mushroom sauce.

And we're gonna celebrate this incredible mixture

of wild mushrooms.

Chop them up, but so that you can still identify them,

and fry them in butter, really really hot.

Once the mushrooms have some colour

now for the best sauce ever,

simple but naughty.

Brandy, let it bubble down, flambé if you like.

Then go in with a marscarpone cheese

and enough water to make a rich,

consistency of double cream like sauce.

And finish by seasoning to taste

and with fresh parsley.

Just as you're finishing your sauce

you want to boil your tortellini

so rapidly boiling salted water.

And these will only need 90 seconds, two minutes tops.

Combine some of the mushrooms,

some of the sauce,

per portion of tortellini,

job done.

Finish with a little bit of the Italian cheese

that Jaime grated.



- Great!

- There we go.

- The jazz hands came out.

Well let's eat these before they get cold.

- Let's start here.

- I'm not gonna lie J, I think you're

on the tip of getting to scramble territory.

(laughing) - Cheers.

- The thing with five ingredient cooking

is you've gotta pick your five ingredients carefully

and if you do you can get so many layers

of flavor into that.

Smokey, the rich kind of creamy from the egg

and the Parmesan, the mushroom for body

and you can get damn good fresh pasta now.

I reckon this took about three minutes

to prepare, and then I just left it

for eight to ten minutes.

So I would say, I'll take your five minutes

and I'll lower you by two minutes.

And then I'll walk away from a pot

but I'll keep on coming back to it

to make sure that it doesn't get dangerous.

- Cheers. - Cheers.

- Cheers.


- Spaghetti is not date food.

- Oh yeah!

- Interestingly, and this isn't against you at all,

you have nothing to be proud of that one.

I'm not saying this as a slight against you,

because I'm not taking anything away from you,

but you didn't do anything.

- You're taking it away from me

by telling me I didn't do anything.

- But that's a real advantage of the recipe.

- I taught the recipe, I'm a pasta prophet.

- Right this one, a little bit more care,

attention and love.

- It looks like it's from an Italian restaurant so

I'm very excited for it.

- Cheers.

- You're going double.

- Have I got double?

- Oh you've just a really big one.

- I've got a whopper there.

- I'm so glad that I like mushrooms.

That might be the most mushroomy thing

I have ever put in my mouth.

That is amazing.

- That is so mushroomy.

- That is so much more than just a meal,

it's an experience, it's--

that's an afternoon.

- Yep.

- That's a great way to spend a day.

Here's the conundrum that I'm facing.

Usually in these videos we back our own horses

as much as we can.

but, having tasted both of these,

I know how little effort you put in,

which annoys me by the way,

I would wonder why I would go for that

one over that one.

- I agree, in that they were both so easy.

- But you do need to have cream and milk

and veg stock to hand and pine nuts

and fresh herbs and so it's probably twice,

if not more ingredients.

But effort, it's so simple.

- Why did you ruin it

by doing something unachievable for us?

It was on another level flavor-wise

to the other two.

- Also, flambéing is fun.

- When a chef does it, it's called flambeing,

when we do it, it's called setting things on fire.

- Arson.

(laughing) - Panic.

- I'll have to watch the video back and try

and make a judgment call as to whether

I could make that the same way that you did.

- I'd love to give it a try.

- I'd absolutely try it and it would be

one of those things that I would want to make

when trying to impress someone

or having people round.

I'd never make it for myself.

- Really easy but it does take a bit longer.

- Rainy Tuesday night, coming home late from work,

this is what I'm making.

- Rainy Tuesday night,

I've pre-planned my meals,

which is what I tend to do,

therefore I've bought the ingredients I need

to make that, cos it tastes fantastic.

Having said that, that was worldy,

I just don't think I've got the ability

or the confidence quite yet.

But I'll give it a go.

For me, that is midweek deliciousness

and I love tagliatelle.

That's a weekend venture.

- Three different mushroom pastas,

we can't decide between us

which one our favorite is.

Comment down below, let us know

which one your favorite is.

What would you make?

What day of the week it is where you are.

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- What day of the week is it where you are?

- I'm done. (laughing)

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