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I am 34 years old, I have been in the world of IVF for the last six years.

I realized immediately after I got married that there was a problem, after 1 year of

trying and the dream of a child which did not come.

I underwent examinations of my Fallopian tubes and I found that both Fallopian tubes

were impassable.

So, IVF was the only option in my case.

So I went to various private IVF centers, unfortunately without success

and then I heard of Mr. Arkoulis.

So I said I would give it another chance, although very young, I was 28 years old,

I was very disappointed.

All the doctors told me that the case was difficult, because some hormonal

examinations did not have good results.

When I arrived at the center I found that there was a psychological support, something

which I needed at that time

and we proceeded immediately with an attempt and were successful with the first attempt.

From that attempt we have my daughter, who is now 3 years old.

Later I wanted to make a sibling.

Eventually I had problem with my eggs, so I struggled quite a lot to get the little

brother, but as we speak, I'm pregnant, again,from the natural cycle method, which

Mr. Arkoulis insisted on very much, and I think I owe this pregnancy to that,

because I had been disappointed and said that one child is enough.

So I am pregnant again and I am very happy, very glad.

I would like to say to all the girls who have problems, not to give up, to persist, to

endure and the persistent win in the end

and to try with all their courage and strength, because the result really is worth it.

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