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-Hey, guys, we have a big show tonight,

but very big announcement

to make from T-Mobile.

The last three days we've asked you to text

"thanks" to 50555.

T-Mobile said they will match up to $400,000

to Girls & Boys Club of America.

They have a COVID-19 relief fund

for families that need child care.

So it's a great program.

If you text "thanks," you give a $5 donation to them,

they will match up to $400,000.

That's $800,000.

So thank you for donating to that.

But we have a big announcement that T-Mobile

wants to make tonight,

which is very cool that they're donating --

they're committing to donating --

I want to make sure I get this right --

$2.5 million to over 100 local schools

and Boys & Girls Club.

That is amazing. T-Mobile!

You stepped it up during this time,

and that's awesome. Thank you guys so much.

I appreciate it. Now...

let's start the show.


Hi, guys, welcome to

"The Tonight Show: At Home Edition."

My name is Jimmy Fallon.

Thank you so much for watching all week.

I will remind you that next week we have all new shows as well.

We have the Jonas Brothers, L.L. Cool J., Melissa McCarthy,

Octavia Spencer, Halle Berry. It's going to be giant.

So check out next week,

all new shows, all new charities

and stuff to talk about next week,

so thank you so much.

We have a big show tonight.

Hi. Hi.

We have a big show tonight.

We have the one and only Hugh Jackman

is on the show tonight.

Actors Fund is his charity he's going with.

We also have Rose Byrne.

Her charity is

And Bobby Cannavale actually shows up

in her interview as well.

I will say I baked bread with Hugh Jackman,

which I'd never done.

It was pretty fun, and I have the scar to prove it.

That was my little battle scar from baking with Hugh Jackman.

Yeah. And then -- But Rose Byrne makes a cocktail

using -- you know those syringes that come with Baby Advil?

[ Laughter ]

I've never seen anything like it. It's great.

Also, we have Kesha, who we would just love, Kesha.

And here is her charity, to raise money for Crew --

Live Nation for crew members out there

that aren't working right now because of this pandemic.

And then we have another issue of --

another edition

of "The Longest Days of Our Lives."

-[ Gasps ] -That soap opera that is set

in quarantine over Zoom

with people that look like Kristen Wiig,

Will Ferrell, and a very special guest

that I won't tell you who it is.

Okay. It's Matthew McConaughey. Because why not?

Why not tell you who at this point?

Come on. You want -- okay, guys. You ready for this?

We're gonna do some "Thank You Notes."

And then we're gonna do the monologue.

Well, let's do the monologue first.

Oh, and then before I even get to the monologue,

I do want to mention lastly, tomorrow night, the big event,

"One World: At Home Together."

This is with Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel and I

are hosting it.

Lady Gaga headed this whole thing up.

Paul McCartney's doing something.

Elton John. There's certain names I can't tell you.

Can I say the Rolling Stones?

I think I can say the Rolling Stones.

It's out now. The Rolling Stones are going to be on it.

It's two hours of amazing stuff. Just watch it, enjoy.

Set your DVRs now.

Pause this and set your DVRs

to tape that -- "One World: Together at Home."

Is that what I said? I might have said "At Home Together."

"Together at Home" is what it is.

Okay. Here we go, guys.

Let's start with some monologue. You ready for monologue jokes?

-[ Spitting noise ] -Here we go. Ready?

Hey, wait, guys, ready for this?

Listen, listen up. Here we go.

-Hey, you excited? Yeah.

-Yeah. -Okay, good.

Welcome to "Tonight Show: At Home Edition."

Guys, I saw that today is Bat Appreciation Day.

-[ Giggles ] -Bats are incredible animals.

They can see in the dark. -Whoa.

-They can use echolocation to find food.

The only thing they can't do right now is read the room.

-[ Chuckles ]

-That's right. It's Bat Appreciation Day.

Man, out of all the events that have been canceled

in the last month, you'd have to think that

this might have been one of them, right?

-[ Chattering ]

-Guys, I saw that --

I saw the Dr. Phil is in hot water

for some comments he made about the coronavirus.

You can tell Dr. Phil's in trouble

because you just booked a one-hour

exclusive interview with himself.

-You can't! -Why?

-"Do you feel any remorse?" "Yes, I do."

Hey, guys, shh. Whisper for a second.

Whisper, I'm doing this, okay? Whisper while I'm doing this.

Okay? Thank you.

-[ Whispering ]

[ Whispering continues ]

-Listen to this. I read that many Americans

have tried cutting their own bangs.

Cutting your own bangs is a great idea

if you ever looked at Mark Zuckerberg and thought,

"I want that."

I've seen some articles

that offer alternatives to shaking hands,

like raising your eyebrows and smiling.

It was a good idea right up until the moment

my plumber thought I was hitting on him.

"How you doing?"

Listen to this, since New York streets

are pretty much empty,

speeding tickets have nearly doubled.

On the bright side, most New Yorkers have appreciated

getting a ticket, saying it was just nice to yell

at a stranger again.

I'm excited about this. The NFL Draft

is less than a week away.

Yep, the country's top college football players

will sign multimillion dollar contracts,

then just keep living at home with their parents.

And finally, I read that -- you're leaving, too?

Yeah, might as well.

I read that experts say coronavirus stress

could lead to weight gain.

I think that's what they said. It was tough to hear

over the sound of my Dorito and Captain Crunch sandwich.

That's our monologue, everybody.

Now it's time for "Thank You Notes."

Guys, come on back.


Guys, today is Friday. ♪♪

That's usually when I write out some thank-you notes

and I send them out to my friends.

So if you guys wouldn't mind, I'd like to write out my weekly

thank-you notes right now.

You guys want to help? -Mm-hmm.

-Cool. All right. Here we go.

This first one goes -- Music.

♪♪ Next.

Thank you, Yeezy Slides,

for looking more like Crocs than Crocs.

'Cause they look like a crocodile to you.

All right, next one.

-[ Whispering ]

-Next, next one, yeah. -Mm.

-Music. ♪♪

Thank you, smudgy webcam lens,

for being my soft focus beauty secret on Zoom.

♪♪ Next one.


Thank you, new Drake song, "Toosie Slide,"

for giving dads super specific instructions

on how to embarrass their kids on TikTok.

Right foot up, left foot slide!

Here comes Dad, shaking his behind!


-[ Makes spitting noise, giggles ]

[ Giggling ]


[ Music stops ]

[ Music resumes ]

[ Music stops ]

[ Music resumes ]

Thank you, reports that the SATs and ACTs

might be canceled this year because of the coronavirus.

Or as Scantron put it,

[ Robotic voice ] "What is my purpose now?"

-Next one.

[ Music fades ]

-Music. Thank you -- [ Music stops and starts ]

Thank you, mirrors, for that brief moment of thinking,

"Hey, someone new to talk to. Oh, that's just me."

-[ Chuckles ] -Next.

Did you laugh at that one?

-Mm. -You did? No?

No, you didn't.

Thank you, lines where everyone is standing six feet apart,

for looking like a drive-thru where the cars are invisible.

[ Giggling ] -Next?



Music, please.


Thank you, a glass of wine before going to bed,

for now being two glasses -- well, maybe three --

eh, three's basically a bottle, so...



Thank you, karaoke, for being the most fun way

to hear your favorite songs, but worse.

[ Music stops ]

-Music. [ Music resumes ]

The next one.

Thank you --


Thank you, wiping down my groceries,

for giving me the chance to caress a bag of Tostitos

like they are of the love of my life.

And that's it right there. Thank you very much, everybody.

We'll be right back with "The Longest Days of Our Lives"

with Kristen Wiig, Will Ferrell,

and special guest Matthew McConaughey!

-[ Giggles ]

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