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Today I'm listening to Dimash Kudaibergen singing, "Your Love". Keep watching!

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started. It feels a little strange making regular content right now, but many of

you have told me how comforting it is to be able to turn on one of my reaction

videos and just relax and "veg" and enjoy me watching an artist that you love. And

I can't think of a better artist to do that with than Dimash Kudaibergen. He

has a brand new song out on his channel. It went live on March 10th. It's called,

"Your Love". Let's dig in. This is the premiere of the song "Your Love". The music

is by Igor Krutoy and the words are by Lara Fabian. I'm really looking forward to

hearing this song! Here we go!



Oh, I love his voice. It's so beautiful. That breathy, tender sound that he has.

Especially knowing just what he's capable of! Being able to use his

voice like an instrument and it's just lovely. So great to see him looking in

such a good health, and I am really happy happy, happy to be able to watch this

today. It really brings ME a lot of joy. Okay, let's keep going.


This song is so beautiful it reminds me a lot of an old song from the '50s or '60s

The instrumentation. The melody lines. How fun to write a song for someone who

has such a wide range! You can hear him using that in the melody line. We'll talk

a little more about that in a minute, but really beautiful. Wow! Okay, let's keep





I am sorry I have to stop. I have a lot of people who complain about the fact

that I have to stop and I just want to remind you the link to the original

video is always in the description box below. You don't have to watch somebody

watching the video. You could actually watch it yourself without any

interruptions and I encourage you to do that. I'm really looking forward to

seeing where the song continues to take us. Let's get back into it.


I thought he was gonna take that really high note, but he didn't. BUT he probably

will, knowing him! I absolutely love this combination of artists together.

Igor Krutoy and Dimash Kudiabergen. They are geniuses both in their own

right, and the things that they're able to create together? It's just magnificent!

This is absolutely delightful. I'm so excited to be able to share this with

you guys today. Thanks so much for alerting me that this was even out

because I was not paying attention. He's coming off of his tour that he did here

in the States. I'm sure things have been canceled so many things have so I

don't know if he got to finish everything he was doing. But he's in such

good voice for this! So wonderful to hear! Let's keep going!

He's so cute.

Magnificent. Oh my goodness! Wow, that was amazing! Okay, let's deconstruct this

masterpiece just a little bit more. One of the things I loved right off the bat

about this song was the incredible intro! It sounds very much like something you

would have heard on an album by Nat King Cole or Perry Como.

I'm assuming Igor Krutoy does his own orchestrations and I just wanted to note

that he is incredibly talented genius of a musician of the modern day. This piece

of music, the way he's arranged it and orchestrated, it really highlights that fact.

It's really fun to hear Dimash sing in English. I have not reacted to him singing an

English piece for any of the songs that I have listened to on my channel.

I love that melody line!

With that melody line the tessitura-- the range of it-- is really wide!

The velvety, breathy sound Dimash gets is really gorgeous here.

One way that YOU can get that is by singing on a "vvvv" sound.

🎶 It gives your sound a little more texture.

That's just an easy way to find that balance much like what he's doing

Now he sings that chorus with a lot more 'meat on its bones'. There's a lot

more punch to how he's singing.

A lot more presence to his voice, and it's just clear as a bell. Every single

note has accuracy and depth to it all at the same time.

I mean is that transition right there...

Wow! So clean. So precise. There is such accuracy and ability in the way he's

able to shift his voice from one register to another without even

blinking an eye. It's just so easy for him.

Then he goes into this whole descant part of the song which everybody loves

him for. He's doing those little

staccato notes in the midst of it.

He's articulating those notes so beautifully.

You're able to see in this piece in particular the incredible amount of

mastery he has over his instrument. He is able to convey what he's wanting with

such precision, such direction, such incredible clarity of tone.

When he skips back to the back part of the stage he's just

adorable! Oh my goodness, I love that part. So the part where he skips to the back?

Back by the piano and then slides on his knees up forward? It's so great!

I wish the camera had gotten more of that. I think they weren't quite on

him at the time.

I love the range of tone qualities that Dimash is able to pull out.

What an amazing performer he is. I find the audience to be incredibly

reserved and well-behaved in this performance. Everybody is very politely

clapping. It was nice to see some people rushing the stage with flowers for him at

the end, but for the most part everybody really was holding it together nicely. If

it were me I would be a little more "beside myself", let's say? I think it would

just be very exciting to have seen this live and in person and I am really

really impressed once again by the incredible musician that Dimash

Kudaibergen is, and quite frankly Igor Krutoy and Lara Fabian! What a beautiful

song, an incredible arrangement, and a really nice diversion today. I'm so grateful to

be able to listen to this. Well, that's it for me today. LIKE, if you liked it

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YOU ARE LOVED! bye guys!

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