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Difficulty: 0

Normal attack sequence: (1) Arm Swing

(2) Cross Strike

(3) Circle of Light (inner > outer > inner)

(4) Laser Beam (front + back line)

(5) Frontal Daze (use stun/daze to cc)

Normal attack sequence 1 - 5 repeated

If you have another lifter, you can stun/daze the boss here again. My grab is on CD.

After 2 rounds of normal attack sequence, boss jump on furthest member > Dark Pits > Spikes (projectile)

Normal attack sequence again until HP 76%

HP 76%: Boss jump to middle, a large circle of light is formed on the field. All members should stay within the light area, except a specified potential marker. Tanker goes to the middle, following the boss.

Unlike other stage mechanics, the marker here cannot be determined by any apparent buff or debuff on the marker himself.

The marker is determined by inspecting the 4 faces around the wall of this room; the faces will shine light towards the marker

We are currently demonstrating the mainstream method in my text guide, which means that the marker can either be the tanker or the member which stay outside of the light area just now (the warlock).

In this case, it is the warlock; and he need to go into the dark zone while the rest go into the light zone at either 2 or 4 oclock.

Boss will end the special attack phase with a 5-hit aoe burst. Typically, party freeze is the best option.

After phase 1, the normal attack sequence is slightly different

(1) Arm Swing (2) Cross Strike (3) Circle of Light

(4) Laser Beam > Teleport BEHIND the tanker (5) Frontal Daze

Again, stun and lift

Repeat same sequence until HP 51%

Take note that if you take hits from boss, a Darkness debuff will be stacked on you. If the debuff reaches 25 stacks, you will be binded for 10 sec.

The boss also randomly turn a member into a dark sacrifice after this jump; if you are near the member, your Darkness debuff will be stacked rapidly.

HP 51%: Boss jump to middle; everyone stay inside the light zone, except the warlock who is the potential marker. Dark zone binds and damages anyone without protection

The warlock use protection Bastion to resist the damage from the dark zone while moving in the light zone, and observing 1 of the faces.

Boss cast an AoE light burst; typically protected by party resist skill

CC the boss here with knock down; and turn around (do not look at the boss). The wake-up flash will dispel the darkness debuff

You will be killed instantly by the wake up flash if you look at the boss.

Non-marker moves into the light zone; marker need to wait until all other members go into light zone before stepping into the dark zone.

CC with Stun/Daze to prevent the boss from sacrificing the marker

Boss ends each phase with 5-hit aoe attack

Normal attack sequence

Remember that, after phase 1, boss teleport behind tanker before the Frontal Daze

HP 26%: Phase 3 special attack. Take note that in Phase 1, all 4 faces shines on the marker

For Phase 2,3,4: 3,2,2 faces respectively, will be shining on the marker, while remaining faces shine on a random party members (fake faces)

However, all faces shine on the marker in the 1st 0.5 sec after boss jump to the middle and form the large light circle; the potential marker need to judge this very quickly and tell if the marker is him or the tanker

In this case, the marker is the tanker. If the marker is somehow dead, it will result in party wipe instantly (we are lucky :D)

Also take note that Aman has very high evasion rate; typically you will need ~135% hit rate to guarantee 0% miss; otherwise, just have more cc standby

After phase 3, the normal attack sequence is changed. The boss starts by jumping on the furthest member > dark pits > spike

This also means that dark debuff will be stacked rapidly (due to the dark sacrifice)

Here you will need to use Knockdown (instead of Stun/Daze) & DO NOT lift; the wake-up flash will dispel darkness debuff.

Remember to turn around

Normal attack sequence

After a certain time, boss will trigger the 4th phase of special attack (not triggered by HP%)

If your party DPS is high, you can kill him before he trigger the last phase

Classes who have a long duration (~5sec) invincibility skill can be the potential marker, typically warlock, force master, summoner or destroyer.

The potential marker need to: (1) resist the damage/bind in dark zone (2) observe the faces (3) come into the light zone (4) resist light burst (5) tell the tanker if he is the marker

He is the key person in this stage~ A single mistake can result in party wipe

Normally, the tanker to stay at the middle of the field so that the potential marker can observe the face/light deflection clearly

I have prepared a practice playlist for determination of marker by quick inspection of the face deflection; refer to the text guide or the link in video description

With our DPS, we only use 1 round of knockdown to dispel darkness debuff. If your party DPS is insufficient, you will need to knockdown the boss whenever you have the chance after this jump > dark pit > spike combo to dispel darkness debuff before triggering special attack phase

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