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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Krav Maga Self Defense Techniques : Vertical Front Kicks in Krav Maga

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Hi! I am SteveThe DragonJimenez along with Keith Jones in Krav Maga. In this segment,

we are going to go over another variation of the front kick. This will be called a vertical

front kick. There are two different parts of the vertical front kick. The reason why

we call it a vertical front kick, even though we are going horizontal, we are attacking

a vertical target coming forward towards us. So in this one we have two, we have a defensive

and an offensive. The difference between the two is the offensive is made with a ball of

the foot, on a stationary target; all I am going to do is just like the front kick, we

just we went out in our earlier segment as if I were kicking through the groin. I am

going to come straight up. When I come up my toes are going to be curled up towards

my shin. From this position here I am going to extend straight out, making contact with

the ball of the foot, this would be offensive. This will be more penetrating, more impact

to the body. Okay this is going to cause a little bit more damage than the defensive

kick. Okay, so from here notice how my hip is forward, my knee is still slightly bent

and I am thrusting my hip into the kick. I am not just placing my foot there, I am thrusting

it forward and through here, coming back. Now I am moving to the second part of our

kick or the defensive part of the kick. This kick is assuming that I am trapped, my back

is against the wall, or large vehicle or something like a large object and I am just stopping

this person from advancing in towards me. But when I go forward and when I extend it

here just a little bit more making contact with the entire foot. So here as you see,

coming forward, and back. The motion is, where the technique work is your knee is coming

up, your foot is extending out forward into the target.

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