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What's up guys Lew here back with another video

and today I've got another kind of mystery unboxing

I suppose you could call it, I've done something like this before

from a different company. And inside

supposedly is a set of variety of survival things. They don't write zombie

apocalypse on here but I know that's where your head is going. Crack this

baby open

OH MY- This baby's packed! Holy!


What do we have? OK!

Cotton ball, waterproof match case, a key to survival

put your matches in there it's waterproof and if you get dunked in the river you're still good

First aid. Very important, unboxing can be dangerous I have like little cuts on my hands

I gotta keep these nearby. Sticker, I'm not sure- That really probably wouldn't

help you in a survival situation

A raft? Wha?

What the?

No, A BAG!

It's a bag

Heavy-duty cord, paracord. The real survival dudes know what's up when it

comes to paracord

now this fire starter I've experimented with this before

Go back, I did a different box. I started a fire in here. It's probably dangerous

What do we have here? Ah... No survival box would be complete without a knife

obviously some more paracord wrapped around the handle

Heirloom seeds. Post-apocalypse and now you're trying to reset.

Tomatoes, cucumbers and squash. Get her started up, again like the pilgrims

Oh this is important! Little LED flashlight... Probably needs a battery or something...

Definitely add a battery before you think you're gonna survive with it


WHOA! Emergency drinking water, 4.225 ounces of water in a bag

Recommended life: Five years

Another thing i've noticed in these survival boxes, it's always got the...

Start a fire anywhere, anytime

Oh look at that. Waterproof matches to go with your waterproof case

That's double waterproof. Soke it. You got a good look at that there Jack? A little dunkaroo

You remember dunkaroos? I crack the... OH baby. Yes sir!

Money in the bank! Jack this is uh... What are we...

Am I eating this right now? Oh man...

Bring four cups of water to a boil, add the contents

Turn it off and let it stand for 12 to 15 minutes and then you've got lasagna

Oh My- Pshhh- Look at this best by date, up here

That's 2036 my friends. I'm gunna be a 150 years old

Teriyaki rice, I find this to be a little more trustworthy for some reason-I feel like

Water, rice. What are we do doing?

Are we really boiling water in the microwave?

I'm gonna test some lasagna capable of living until 2036... 2036

So I have some boiling water here


I'm a guy who likes lasagna but... (Laughs)


I guess this isn't all that different from like instant noodles or whatever

Except I don't think instant noodles last as long as this does

Cover for 15 minutes

What's going to happen in 15 minutes? It's not going to be soup anymore?

It's going to be actual lasagna?

The rice would've been safer, but no... Jack it's got to be the lasagna

Cheesy lasagna

I'm concerned right now. OK

It's been 15 minutes

Brewing in here

Fairly strong

Dog food vibes going on...

Really soupy still as well I don't know how hot tha-


You know what?

Not that bad!

Little bit eh? Let me go back for a sec

it's edible. I mean it aint going to surpass your nonas lasagna

NO! In fact, your nona she's probably gonna kill you if you bring this home

A little chewy. If i gotta be honest

I just ate 20 years lasagna

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