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Welcome back to another UFO mission. This time it's a small so this won't be an hour-long slog though.

It's a *relatively* easy manifest so we'll take some lower-ranked troops out. CBX is a corporal but jaegers can get insane numbers of kills per mission and hopefully can level up quickly.

The jaeger is really a kind of silly unit because with its signature ITZ ability I don't see any reason to create ITZ scouts.

I mean, we *have* one such scout in Epochol. But the 2 weapons available to scouts have range issues.

A scout with a shotgun can't do anything at range (ITZ doesn't trigger on sidearm kills). A scout with a strike rifle can't do anything close-up.

The primary weapon on a MEC has no such limitations. Plus it does far more damage. Plus if they really have nothing else to do they can flamethrow.

And 2 ITZ units in a squad is pointless. All of which is a long way of saying "I think I made Epochol poorly and if I wanted offense I should have taken hit-and-run."

...though I guess pathfinders have that on lockdown too. Maybe in a campaign where you've got enough MECs to field a jaeger and a pathfinder nearly consistently, you just take conceal scouts only?

I wonder if you could take the Kiryu-Kai Commander bonus, get an assault, give him LR, and just go *entirely* scoutless in a campaign.

The bonus from extra conditioning, I'm finding, isn't really worth it for an assault. Their toughness doesn't come from their HP, but rather their DR. And the aim bonus is entirely useless since I never use non-shotgun assaults.

Something to think about, I guess, should I do another campaign. Though I'm not going to LP such a campaign so I suppose it doesn't matter.

Also yeah I know I haven't talked about this mission but like, it's a crashed UFO and I'm going to humiliate whatever's here with no trouble and we all know this.

The great ethereal boycott of 2020 might keep me from winning (direct action works, y'all!) but random dinguses on a crashed scout don't matter at all.

So here's one for you while I'm in a "let's not talk about the mission" mood.

Canonically, the aliens win XCOM1 and turn every city on earth into a utopia, curing diseases and so on.

Of course, sucks for the poor bastards who get melted into the avatar project, and the long-term future of humanity is to get goo-ified for ethereals.

But say you had this offer: 100 years (which is more than the XCOM2 aliens ended up offering) of the human race having diseases cured, living healthily, etc. But after that 100 the entire species gets melted into whatever the hell the avatar project actually does.

Presumably you still turn that down. We're ruining everything as is, but it'd be the ultimate boomer decision to be like "cool, 100 years of awesome; screw you anyone born more than like halfway into that century."

...but is there a threshold of years at which it'd be worthwhile?

But I wonder how much worse things would have to get in our current lifetime for people to start thinking the magical fantasy alien chessgame that portrays a false utopia is actually better than where we are.

Plus I wonder what an Advent Burger tastes like.

Let's see...what else can I talk about other than this mission?

Anybody play Phoenix Point, the game by Julian Gollop of XCOM fame?

It's, uh...not good.

I kind of want to check out Mario vs. Rabbids, which apparently is a halfway decent XCOM game.

Woah hey maybe I should pay attention.

That's, uh...2 sectopods.

And I don't really have the firepower to kill them both (even 1's gonna be tough) in a single turn. Guardians and Jaegers aren't built to do burst damage.

...and that certainly doesn't help.

neat; love to not be able to see a sectopod or two

nuts; couldn't draw the other overwatch

Not real thrilled with being in half cover but sectopods tend to do weird stuff for AoE rather than murdering single units from full health.

Welp, this is Keith's job: get bloodied. If a Goliath can't tank 2 sectopods for 1 turn, what's the point?

Well dang that's a lot even WITH 5 points of DR...

ok cool, we're fine.

Gotta keep moving forward though because that area in the middle of my squad is about to get orbital striked

Dunno how the hell to pull it off, though. No shred, no acid, no HEAT...

ah, that's why. It has HEAT.

If I can somehow badly wound both of them I can command CBX after a reload and *maybe* kill both?

oh, right; Baker has HEAT. Forgot I brought 2 gunners.

This is gonna be a real close thing, not gonna lie.

I think maybe commanding another RF from Chelsea Baker is the smarter play.

ok, we can deal with a regular sectopod.

even if it AOEs us we've got the guardian to heal back all of that with a single mist.

ok cool, not even through the armor.

Wonder what the next pod is that we'll aggro if we approach that meld canister

ok, minor crisis averted.

I can't imagine anything else on this mission will be more dangerous than 2 sectopods, so if we handled that with Keith just getting his armor dented I think we'll be just fine.

ah! well...that's not as bad as 2 sectopods, though they're too far away to do my usual "flamethrower, then forget it" solution.

Hm. This is actually a modest predicament.

I figure Keith can tank 3 of them if needed, but 4 is dangerous.

Eep. That back guy is, uh...a problem.

Plan is to make them walk forward--we'll move Monathin back--and see what we can do with overwatch.

Keith should be the first thing they see and care about, and he can shrug off a few shots.

well, the toughest one is out of cover now.


there it is

that's a waste of a turn

ok, we're fine.

huh, where'd that come from?

oh right I was suppressed and just completely didn't respect it.

probably should have shot at the flanked one first before he scrambled. oh well.

man, not having all my high aim murderers is kind of annoying

Don't care about hitting the command pod. It's fine.

NOOOO I had an opportunity to punch!

we should be able to breach and finish next turn.


That's a big outsider.

oh, I see. That panel collapsed between turns and so I was revealed.

That outsider is gonna be too much of a pain to kill this turn and also probably has CCS.

He almost certainly has LR so he is not likely to respect the suppression. But whatever.

He gets one shot. Hope he makes it count!

wow, we've completely cowed an elite outsider.

thanks to his hunker reducing vision range, I think he also has nullified his CCS.

There. Moderately interesting for a while but ultimately as easy as I predicted.

We still don't have the power to free up a slot for the final facility (which we also don't have unlocked)

Really at this point because I don't want to learn tier 4 psi without access to mind control, I'm just training up randos until I get my last ethereal.

Er, not mind control. Telekinetic field.

Gated by the same things, though. One's ethereal autopsy. One's ethereal interrogaton. Both of them require another corpse to get at.

oh ok time to do a terror mission and then hope the aliens launch more missions there later in the month so we can save it.

Rest of this is just gearing up. See you next time for mission 200! Jeez, 200 missions and we're still not done yet...

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