Practice English Speaking&Listening with: TEAMMATES THINK BQR IS A CHEATER! | 22kills | SHOW THE SCENE VICTORY!😝 | PUBG MOBILE【BQR】

Difficulty: 0

if the phone is hot then the screen will be dark

for android, it won't

teammate: when my hand get sweat

is okay if the phone is hot..

useful in the winter session

if it turn dark, feel uncomfortable

teammate: no 3 voice, sound similar like Buqiuren

the anchor?

the cheater, right?

similar like him? i didn't watch his live broadcast before

teammate: a bit

teammate: is Buqiuren southerners?

i he?

teammate: don't know

teammate: i like to watch ....

is time to make an announcement

teammate: all dead?

teammate: yes

teammate: get him up. he almost die

teammate: already get him up

i thought u want me to die

teammate: no, i didn't realize that

teammate: i got first aid kid

is fine. i have


teammate: i killed 2 person

teammate: this is a robot

come out

there are many robot..nice

i killed 2 robot after i landed

teammate: i killed 2 person

is my voice sound like that anchor?

last time, there are 3 girl said that

teammate: similar

teammate: they just like to listen to it

southerner can speak well

teammate: do u guys want 98k?

i think it is just okay. sis, your voice sound nice

teammate: people in the northeast don't speak well

teammate: we have self-knowledge

teammate: yes

teammate: they said my voice sound like a boy

similar? talk irresponsibly

teammate: no, just similar

teammate: frighten me

sis, don't think too much

don't be sad

teammate: there is someone coming over

teammate: this chances

teammate: can't miss it

someone in the houses here

have been searched

teammate: wait for us


i will be steady

teammate: do u guys want extended?

teammate: yes

teammate: does someone want M416?

teammate: i want

teammate: then u pick it, i pick Scar

teammate: we're coming

teammate: i throw the extended over here

teammate: and the 4 scope

teammate: wait for me

teammate: do u see someone?

no, but the doors have opened

someone hide somewhere and shot me ...

i' confused how do they see me?


teammate: where do u go?

i come to mountain to have a look

the door has opened but i didn't see one of them

teammate: just get upstairs

teammate: maybe they are inside the big building

the anchor use a small fan

teammate: yes

over my side

there is a guy in the building

teammate: bro, point for us

in front of me

find me. inside this building

teammate: someone over my side

teammate: me too

teammate: inside the house

teammate: don't go..there is a guy in this house

teammate: do u see him?

teammate: there is someone on the bridge

all dead

teammate: i feel like it is no use for me to pick the gun if i play with u guys

teammate: why u throw the smoke?

someone over my side, he was getting his teammate up and dead

teammate: there is a guy on the bridge. don't whether is a robot or real people

teammate: can't find him

teammate: do u guys still want extended?

is not a robot

there is a lot extended on the ground

pick it

teammate: do u guys want silencer?

we can find some place to hide

this rank of people are so powerful

don't know how the anchor play it

find somewhere to hide

in order to

exclude suspicion

i have to pretend that i don't wanna to fight

let me go to find a car to fetch u guys

teammate: i didn't see it

teammate: lets go

there is no car. only 2 buggy

what ammo do u need?

there is a lot ammo over there

lets get into the safe zone


no, sister

your mom was calling u..don't your mom inform u that u match Buqiuren?

don't recognize me

will his mom inform him that he match Buqiuren?

teammate: aren't there any cars?

teammate: he is offline

teammate: there are 2 airplanes

teammate: there is signal gun

teammate: pay attention to

what am i doing with my hand?

no, is what u guys are thinking about?

lets go to chase the airdrop

i scared i can win

depends on the fate

make sentence

teammate: another team will come after we fight

teammate: the airdrop is far away

don't go?

teammate: shit. there is someone coming over

teammate: i can't help him

where are them?

teammate: over my side

we're coming.. are they inside the house? in R city?

can u tell me the accurate position

i'm confused

teammate: they follow me cross over the bridge

teammate: maybe they have gone

there is a new signal airdrop

teammate: come to find us

yes. come to find us. don't be alone

then we are in trouble

teammate: i'm coming

maybe 2 of u are still good, me and girl die

teammate: call me bro

okay. me and bro die

bro, look at this airdrop

teammate: i don't wanna to grab it

lets have a look

don't grab

teammate: leave after have a look


teammate: over the houses

they are at...

warehouse or the mountain

2 of u come faster

just come to our side

teammate: gather. don't move

teammate: what are u guys doing?

waste area?

bro, is over here

teammate: shit, this car is really hard to drive

teammate: is the airdrop landed?

teammate: is on smoke

teammate: fight or no?

3 person

this girl say don't wanna to fight just now

she go ahead right now. my god! be careful

teammate: be quick

i drive to there..i don't know when she go over there

bro, be steady

teammate: bro, they were picking the airdrop?

teammate: there is no one

they drive off?

teammate: no, but there is no one

the car is over here just now

lets go

is not good for us to bring him go everywhere

will someone realize that he was sitting in the car?

teammate: yes

get in the car..

teammate: go and ask him is he can't enter the game?

teammate: have been a long time, must be can't enter in

i feel that

he is not answering the phone

teammate: then what is he doing?

he went to the water closet

teammate: just go to water closet, is it needed to be in an offline situation?

teammate: just need to off the mic

teammate: we find a house later, u go and ask him, is he can't enter?

teammate: id can't then we bomb him

pick his box

houses on left side

there is someone

teammate: go ahead

teammate: on the roof top

teammate: he get down...


teammate: where do u come from?

me too...then where is he come from?

teammate: i don't know. i thought u shot the gun to me

teammate: no. me too. i thought u guys shot the gun

teammate: where is this stupid come from?

teammate: uncomfortable

teammate: he can't enter the games

maybe is the team that shot the signal airdrop just now

are them

let me tell u where is this guy from

if not mistaken, he get upstairs

he went to second floor and chase me. then i jump down.

is so noisy just now

i didn't know that where is he

then u guys dead

teammate: i shot the 2 person downstairs

he are not fat...

impossible i have this idea

even though he is fat i won't bomb him. i'm a kind person

teammate: drive the car inside the house. left a car for him

teammate: he can't enter....

lets go

i fetch him

he got the shot...

teammate: one player down

teammate: inside the house

teammate: almost die

teammate: still got one person

i'm not sure whether there is someone or not

teammate: i just want a red dot...

they don't have?

teammate: don't have

teammate: don't have

teammate: nothing at all

they down...

teammate: u are so over

teammate: use him as a bait

bait has almost die...

teammate: someone at the back...

2 person

teammate: inside the warehouse?

teammate: where?

inside the warehouse


can save the bait...

is okay...

drive the car over here

teammate: u guys are too over

teammate: is better to die

is okay...

there is car coming...don't want bait anymore

what are u doing?

teammate: let u drive the car

bait almost die

teammate: can't save him anymore

teammate: are u still saving him?

bait is alive...useful

let me fetch him in the safe zone

teammate: there is a guy on the mountain

is okay. they will shot the bait first

is fine...bait is too trouble..don't want anymore

teammate: too much trouble

too much trouble. need to fetch him


teammate: there is someone shot the gun just now

teammate: because there is an airdrop

teammate: upstairs

over here

one player down

teammate: beside the wall

teammate: i didn't see them

teammate: yes. behind this wall

teammate: i saw him

teammate: he didn't save his teammates?

can't save....

there is still one more guy here

bro, i thought is inside the safe zone

teammate: shit. there are 2 person in the hosue

teammate: what's that?

teammate: still got 2 person. they are injured

why this people don't shot the gun

teammate: he got 17 kills

teammate: maybe he is the cheater

is me saying that cheater

teammate: u must know yourself better

teammate: no need to on the live broadcast

teammate: there is still someone else here

teammate: i didn't watch Buqiuren's live broadcast before

teammate: i'm not

teammate: bro, why your car didn't on smoke

teammate: cheater

teammate: if i drive the car then must be on smoke


teammate: they are in a team

teammate: fighting...

teammate: coming...

teammate: there are many people

teammate: still got one person

teammate: people say that u are the cheater

today, i match a guy. he said i'm

a rubbish

bro, i go