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Alright, breakfast! Yay!

[Eric]: Fried chicken feet.

[crunchy sound]

[Eric]: So crunchy. (laughs)


Wooh chicken feet! Yay!

Good morning adventurers.

Good morning.

We are in Cebu today.

We are here for the Sinulog festival. You guys, this town is about to go absolutely wild I think.

Oh my god, yes.

It's only 7:45 a.m. They have partied all night last night all morning today. It's just been like

Drums and music and like Hootin and Hollerin. It's amazing.

We are going to head to get a little coffee and then we're going to head to the parade. They have a huge parade

That's going to go through the city

It's gonna be wild but we have to have our food and coffee fuel before we do that.

Yes. Yes. We definitely need that.

We found a spot where there's not a ton of noise

So I figure this is a good time to tell you guys a little bit more about Sinulog.

It is a festival that happens here in Cebu once a year every January

It is to celebrate when Magellan came over and he brought this figurine of Santo Nino

Which is basically the baby Jesus. It's to celebrate the start of Christianity in the Philippines

So it's a religious ceremony. The day actually starts with this gigantic prayer ceremony that happens

The main attraction is this parade that they're gearing up for right behind me

It's going to go all over the city. They're gonna have these huge floats

Sinulog actually is the name of the dance that they're going to be doing and it just kind of means the flowing of the waves and the water.

They're also going to have these huge puppets

We actually saw some of them as we were walking by and they are huge and so elaborate

I have no idea how they work, but it's all very impressive

I think just as important as the parade are the parties that come along with this huge celebration

So essentially you just party all day long from sunrise to sunset

All over the city, so we are actually trying to go meet up with our friend Tal from The Travelling Clatt.

There's no Wi-Fi and there's no cell signal they turn it off in this city. So I guess it's for safety reasons

So people can't coordinate if they were going to do something. Yeah, but it makes it very difficult to find your friend

So he said to meet us here

As you can see there's a lot of people here.

[Eric]: They're literally 10,000 people in front of me. So we'll see if we can find Tal

We'll try.

[Eric]: I can't believe it, you guys we actually found Tal. He's right over there.

He actually found us. He waved at us.

What's up, friends? Welcome! Happy Sinulog!

[Eric]: These kids are all showing us their pain. Yeah, I got something like that, too.

[Allison]: It's not as cool as the spider but it'll do.

Okay, so what you might have seen over there was people dressed up in sort of like this dark paint and a lot of that

Is to honor the original tribes of the Philippines before like Spanish colonialism or something like that

They had, you know, the original tribes were a lot darker complexion and they were sort of like forest warriors

And so that's why they come out wearing sort of like the I think the tunics or whatever they're called and the sword and all that.

[Eric]: So Sinulog is something they celebrated even before Christianity here.


They celebrated but now the embodiment of it is the Santo Nino as this little doll. That's sort of

Praising and accepting the fact that Christianity was brought to the field.

[Eric]: It's basically the baby Jesus, right?

It really is

[Eric]: Guys we got to get more decked out for the festival. So I think it's time for a hat.

Which one do we choose?

[Eric]: There's so many. You gotta get one that matches your shirt.

Yeah, all the colors. Every one of them.

Alright y'all I think we found our hats.

Yeah, I think we're ready for Sinulog now y'all. Let's go.

We almost forgot to mention it. We're here with the best squad ever.


So we have Christine. She's a local with these fellers we're staying with.

[Eric]: She's gonna be our guide today taking us around, telling us what we need to know. We appreciate it.

Sine the Wifi and cell's out, she'll be our Google today for everything we need to know.

This is Brandon, right here.


[Eric]: All right introduction done let's go

[Eric]: Oh, Tal. Eh, he doesn't matter.

We got up to the parade route.

It is pure chaos.

There are people everywhere. Elbow-to-elbow. It's nuts.

And the sweat is real.

So hot!

It's quail egg and we call it "Kwek Kwek"

like you know, the sound "quack, quack"

Oh! That's amazing!

It's a uh, that's a quail egg. It's really good. I know I'm making a sour face but it's actually really good.

It's deep-fried, is that right?

[Eric]: Yeah, that's interesting because the texture is so soft.

[Allison]: Ooh, fried bananas with sugar on it?

This is a banana queue in the sense of banana and barbecue. All right

The outside of the banana becomes kind of caramelized and a little leathery then the inside is super squishy and that sugar on there is so nice.

That is a sweetie and I pretend it's healthy because it's a banana. Yeah?

[Eric]: Yeah, exactly. These bananas are super delicious

You can see there's like this caramelized layer of sugar on the outside when you bite into it

That's a little bit sticky, but then it's nice and mushy banana goodness on the inside there

Oh, yeah

[Eric]: These girls are students and they're doing a research project and they're asking Alison a bunch of questions about Sinulog and why she's here.

[Allison]: It's way more exciting, everyone's very into it.

Really cool, the whole city's alive.


Group Shouting: Thank you po!

Pit Señor!

Every street corner just has a speaker setup like that with music bumping. Some of it so loud it'll make your ears bleed.

I'm very impressed with your hearing here.

I feel like I'll be deaf by the end of Sinulog because the speakers are so loud!

But it makes it really easy to get into the spirit because the music's pumping everywhere makes you wanna dance.

Everyone's yelling "Pit Señor!" which is the -

"Pit Señor!" is like the call to the King, I think?

Something like that, but everyone just yells it during the festival

So you're probably gonna hear that a lot.

Actually says it on your shirt right here.

"Pit Señor!" right there.

So little update Christine just got us into I think it's a reunion that they do here at the USC campus

We're not really allowed to be in here. But she knew somebody who knew somebody and they gave us a little stamp and everything

Some of her family is here so we came by to have lunch, escape the heat a little bit

Yeah, but I think they're gonna have some Lechon or something like that it's gonna be delicious guys

This is a viewer of ours that just stopped us. This is Dale

Hey, how are you guys?

But I told him you're going to be in our videos, yeah, thanks for the warm welcome appreciate it "Pit Señor!"

I can't believe that you are here now.

Yeah, this is awesome!

We found the table, they have like huge - do you call it a Lechon?

[Eric]: Yeah I guess. It's a suckling pig.

Yeah, it's a big pig. It's all roasted and you the meat you just fall right off the bones. We've had a couple times in the Philippines and it is always fantastic.

[Eric]: One of our favorites.

Someone just handed this to me and said hey it's iced tea because we are not allowed to call it what it really is

I think it's beer

This pork looks absolutely delicious. It's nice and juicy. You got a little bit of fat on there

I think all the skins been picked up so we didn't really get much of that

Too big a bite.

It's tender

It's flavorful

It's delicious. I noticed that they have little flossers laying around because when you eat the stuff that goes right in between your teeth

So they thought of everything

[Allison]: They also gave us some hanging rice which comes like this originally, but when you open it up,

It's got this beautiful rice in there. They say it pairs best with barbecue. So that's what we're doing.

We're in the parade now

It's up for a minute, people are swarming the streets.

Thestreets are getting crazier by the hour

And apparently, this is just the start.

We are sure that the streets will be wilder than this in just a bit.

But I'm definitely not gonna bring this camera

We hear the partying is gonna be superb

[crowd shouting]

People are so nice here

We've got good old coffee, go rest up for a bit, then get back to it.

And we're gonna switch to the GoPro so we'll see ya on the other side

So we made plans to meet up with Tal. He never showed up

Tal, you jerk, we waited an hour for you!

So we decided that we're just going to explore the streets there is the wild party just emerging on the street outside of our building

[Eric]: Hi!

Hey, hey, hey

The party has started!

Wow, that was an insane party

Wild more wild than I ever could have imagined


It's hard to even really capture it or describe it but the streets were just going nuts

There were parties on every block, people eating, people drinking, people dancing.

It's like literally the entire town turned into a nightclub

It was insane. I've never seen a partying on that scale

Yeah, and we were in San Francisco when they won the World Series twice and this was crazier. This was crazier

If you get the chance to come to the Philippines for Sinulog, do it. It's crazy highly recommend


We ended up putting the camera away so we could just enjoy the night and chill we found some street food to eat it was

Absolutely delicious. We actually ended up meeting up with Tal and Christine again. We just ran into them randomly on the street

We found them finally it took us a while. We ran into them on the street down there

Can you believe that there were so many people

The cell or Wi-Fi signal were out

So it was just very difficult to communicate, but we managed it

We found them we ended the night on such a good note. It was so much fun

It's actually the next day and we were a bit hungover

Yeah, we're not doing not doing anything. Yeah, that's gonna do it for our Sinulog adventure.

I don't know if we'll have it in us to do another video here in Cebu

Our tentative plan is to go up to Siargao next. So hopefully we will get that sorted will be going with Mr. Tal.

Hopefully that's when you'll see us again. All right, "Pit Señor" adventurers. We'll see you on the road

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