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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 2009 Audi A4/ Quick Drive

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Hi I'm kelsey Mays for And were in wisconsin testing out the

redesigned 2009 Audi A4. Now the A4 hasn't been redone

like this since as far back as two thousand one

this year's model promises sleeker styling more luxury features

and better gas mileage than before

And it goes head to head with cars like the mercedes c class, the BMW3


and the Lexus IS

check out this video for an overview of the interior and some of the car's


and check out our other video for driving impressions.

stands about five inches longer than its predecessor and thanks to a lightweight

steel construction it actually weighs less and the headlights now have LED

optional LED wrap-around daytime running lights

because the borrowed from the r8 super car

the cabin looks a lot like that in the A5 five coupe which was introduced a

little while ago

and for german sports sedans its pretty welcoming you get in and even in our all

black test car the materials are low glass and soft to the touch

Plenty of

wood and

aluminum trim looks very nice there's even nifty convenience features like

a center armrest which comes up word and extend out word

Audi's multimedia interface system is standard

we definitely like it better than the BMW's iDrive

perhaps not as much as mercedes command system these are all sort of knob base

to help you navigate through the

cars computer this one that has a lot of buttons down here shortcut buttons to

get you around to different screens theres also these

large directional buttons here couple annoyances the

heated seats require you to press this button then decide what level of heat you


definitely one step too many

by the navigation screen on the map if you want to scroll you have to go to the

other screen and then input your x-axis and your y-axis and turn the thumb

well a dozen times

Audi says the back seat is

definitely bigger than

before i can attest that i'm about six feet tall that's right have the seat to

drive it i've got plenty of head room and leg room is actually decent there's little

cutouts up front here

and give me a little few more inches for my knees

A 60 forty split folding rear seat is also offer that's not something


every sport in this segment has

but execution is absolutely fantastic you'll notice that

the rear shuffling comes down right here it's a very high opening it's also very

wide opening

You'll also notice there isnt a

seatbelt that's trailing off the rear shelf

Audi mounts their seat belt

in the seat itself

Equally impressive is the trunk

it's about even with the c class much more than three series or IS offer

nice wide opening low liftover

just put stuff right in the floor of the trunk is very flat

very well nicely executed

At cars. com we love sports sedans as much as any other guy

but we really try to look at where car stands in the everyday live ability

aspect. after first drive this Audi is very impressive so be sure to

check it out if you're looking at any of its competitors

for additional information on this car or any other

got to and our blog kicking tires

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