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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Crossing the Atlantic Ocean in a Cessna

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JP: Yo you headed somewhere?

Matt: Yeah I'm trying to get to Austria

JP: Really?

Louis: We're actually going to Austria

Matt: No way!

Louis: Yeah, you should jump in with us!

Matt: That'd be awesome

JP: We've got a seat free

Matt: Sweet!

JP: Come on!

Matt: Let's do it!


Matt: We're making a quick stop in Portsmouth, NH, gonna go grab a sat phone real fast

and then go up to Canada

JP: Oh ok, uhhh... Customs closed at 4:30

Matt: Ok well tell them we'll give them a call back

JP: Alright, we'll give you a call back

sorry about that

Matt: And then throw, add a Hershey sundae pie to that

PSM Ground: Centurion 210EU roger, cleared to CYQB, Pease 3 Departure, then as filed,

expect 7,000 5 minutes after departure, squawk 7337

Matt: So we're about, how far out are we? We're like probably 10 minutes away from landing

in Quebec City. We had a few changes of plan today, it was a big rush, anyway we flew from Lawrence

up to Portsmouth, picked up a sat phone, planned like 5 different flights to get up here

find somewhere where customs was actually available, trying to get all the way up to Iqaluit

to go over to Greenland, that didn't quite work out so tonight we're just headed up to Quebec City

we're gonna clear customs here, get some sleep, get up in the morning, fly 5 hours up to Iqaluit

probably spend the rest of the day there and then hopefully the next day fly to Greenland

so that'll be fun, but right now we're just kind of busy cause this is a pretty big airport up here in Quebec City

so they're busy we're getting thrown all over the place on arrivals, switching runways

so there's a lot going on

It's been a good night though, we had some Burger King, ate in the plane

JP: In flight Burger King

Matt: Yeah this is really nice, we've got this river that just runs right through the city

JP: Yeah it's pretty amazing

CYQB Tower: 0EU cleared to land Runway 29

Matt: 29 cleared to land 0EU

JP: Alright gear's down, we'll leave that where it is, we'll leave that closed, left tank, we'll bring a notch of flaps


Matt: Quebec Terminal, N210EU, 1,000, climbing 3,000, heading 240

Quebec Terminal: N210EU, Terminal, you are identified, climb to 7,000

JP: I'm gonna get the pitot heat on


CYRC Tower: 210EU, Tower, roger, number 1


Louis: *laughing*

JP: I don't get it! It makes no sense why these boots have to be so big

Alert: traffic, 12 o'clock high, less than one mile

Matt: Ground, Centurion N210EU, request IFR to Iqaluit

CYRC Ground: N210EU, St. Honoré Ground, cleared to Iqaluit, VALIN 2 Departure, flight planned route,

squawk 4237

CYRC Tower: N210EU, Tower, winds 31 360 10 contact Bagotville Terminal 127.2 when airborne, cleared for takeoff Runway 36

JP: Cleared for takeoff 36, 0EU

JP: Alright here we go!

CYRC Tower: N92G, Tower, number 2, Runway 36, traffic to follow Cessna on a one mile final

N92G: Looking for traffic 92G

JP: Power's set

Matt: Yeah don't worry about that

JP: Now we're flying!

Matt: Here we go!

Louis: Yeah!

Matt: Gear's coming up

CYRC Tower: helicopter working on the infield, will remain west of Runway 36 at all times

Matt: Gear's up, got some nice terrain out here today

Some really awesome views up here like it's just beautiful

we got some forest, trees, and mountains, and these awesome looking clouds, a little bit of light rain

just fantastic

Matt: Ok over to 27.2

JP: Yeah this is just departure, isn't it?

JP: Departure, N210EU with you off of 36 climbing through 1,200

Bagotville Terminal: N210EU, Terminal, good day, radar identified on departure, VALIN 2 is cancelled, continue

runway heading 2,000 feet before proceeding direct Iqaluit 9,000

JP: Runway heading to 2,000 and direct to Iqaluit 9,000, 0EU

Louis: We've just taken off from somewhere in Canada that I can't pronounce properly...

Bagotville Terminal: N210EU...

Louis: oh radio

Bagotville Terminal: Radar services are now terminated switch Enroute, 126.7, and at approximately 80 miles

of Iqaluit, you can contact 134.55

Matt: Yeah I think she's saying we're basically on our own

or we might be

yeah this is a good time to make sure that all this stuff is tracking

JP: yeah

Matt: Is this on?


Matt: Terminal, N210EU

...or departure, whoever it was...

Bagotville Terminal: 210EU, Terminal

Matt: Yeah just to confirm, should we expect to get someone on 126.7 right now or later on?

Bagotville Terminal: Uhh EU 126.7 is the Enroute so you need to do a position report frequently,

it's not controlled

Matt: Oh ok so it's like a CTAF

Bagotville Terminal: Yep

Matt: Ok thank you

Bagotville Terminal: No problem

Matt: Ok, that's awesome. So this is really interesting, we're up here in Canada in the middle of nowhere

so they don't have radar service, they don't have any air traffic control I guess it's just uncontrolled

so we have to broadcast our position report on this frequency so that we don't run into anyone

JP: Alright we're at 1 degree here and we picked up icing

we should probably go down a little bit

Matt: I mean we're in the clear right here so we're not gonna pick up any more for now

let's go with this and stay here cause then we might have a better chance of seeing

a hole above or something

JP: right

Matt: I'm getting sprayed with water through the vent!

Louis: Yeah I'm getting soaked back here *laughing*

Matt: That's great. Ok then let's put in 2345 here

JP: Is that ice coming through?

Matt: Maybe

Louis: It's like vapor

Matt: Now this is making me wonder if we can get up to 11 and get over this

I don't know, that

JP: But then we're definitely below freezing

Matt: Right but I mean I think we should try up before we try down

because if we don't find a way down we're screwed

if we find a way up and we get ice then we go down and if we don't find a way down we're still screwed

let's uh...yeah let's try 11 cause I think we can get on top of, this looks pretty close

JP: Alright I'm gonna do a cruise climb to 11

Matt: That's fine

let's run this 2,500 RPM for now

yeah it looks like above or about 11 or 12 is where this should probably end

let's just put the prop deice on for now

and leave that

JP: I just don't like what it does here

Matt: That'll be fine

JP: And it's beyond what it's supposed to be on there

Matt: I don't think that's gonna be a problem either

if it goes...I mean I'm sure there's a fuse in there somewhere

or a circuit breaker

*autopilot alert*

JP: I'm just gonna hand fly cause the speed is

Matt: Yeah this is pretty fun so we're out here in the middle of nowhere, we can't talk to anyone,

Everyone on the radio is speaking French, we have no idea if they're understanding what we're saying or

where they're at, and we're getting ice and rain coming through the vents,

we've got ice on the wings, we're having a grand old time *laughing*

JP: I'm glad you're enjoying this Matt

I mean I'm enjoying it but it also keeps me a little bit on...

Matt: I mean it's not an ideal... Right, no, and I think we're gonna try 12,000 cause 11's not doing it

we should be on top by about 12

JP: Well that's beautiful!

Matt: That's awesome

Oh and we've got a little shadow of the plane down there on top of the clouds

Louis: How's the Fusion looking?

Covered in ice?

Matt: Yeah

JP: It is actually! Get a photo for them dude

Louis: Anyone want a cashew?

JP: No

Matt: Not yet, in a little bit maybe

I might have to take a leak soon

You don't think this one's yours JP?

JP: I don't know, I can't remember

Louis: Make sure we don't drink each other's piss


Louis: We can drink our own piss

Matt: Yeah I'm gonna go for the water

So let me explain a little bit about what's going on

So this is Louis Cole

Louis: Hello!

Matt: JP Schulze, say hi JP

JP: Hello

Matt: So they're flying around the world, calling it Fly Beyond Boarders, they're making a movie about it

about like diversity and different cultures and all kinds of awesome stuff

they're on a great adventure, I'm joining them for the North Atlantic portion

JP: I'm very thankful that you're joining, cause this is like some pretty hardcore flying so

Matt: Yeah no this is pretty intense

you can check it out, you can check out Louis' channel he's doing daily vlogs of everything

I'll link that below, up here, everywhere, JP is making some videos too also linked and yeah

you can track the whole thing on their website at check that out

order the documentary all that kind of good stuff but yeah we're gonna have a great time

Ok so I guess we're setup here in cruise at 12,000 feet we're headed up to Iqaluit, Canada

took off from somewhere in Quebec that I can't pronounce, it's about an hour north of Quebec City

anyway we've got about 6 hours left to go, been in the air for almost an hour now

this is really the first tricky leg of this whole flight, we've got our immersion suits on

got life rafts ready to go, life vests on the immersion suits

and all kinds of tracking, we're out here in the middle of nowhere right now

but we're really just on our own up here so we've got lots of tracking going to make sure people know

where we're at and that's it, we're keeping an eye on the speed, the ice, the weather up ahead

and our fuel reserve, so we've got 6 hours 3 minutes to go and right now we're showing about

a 1 hour and 48 minute fuel reserve at Iqaluit so we should be good there, getting about 10 miles per gallon

right now, like a truck

and yeah we're just direct Iqaluit, got 800 miles to go

and lots of treacherous terrain, we can't see it right now that's kind of comforting a little bit

like it just looks like we're flying over anything else

JP: It's a bit of a shame though cause I'm sure it's beautiful

Matt: Yeah no there is that

JP: Oh I got a big chunk off! Look at that indicated

Matt: Nice

JP: I like it

Matt: Yeah we're trying to get rid of the rest of this ice here so we speed up

JP: Sorry can you?... pass me snacks!

Matt: Wow you got everything!

Mixed nuts, there's a thing of cashews back there that we might have to pee in at some point

we've got some potato chips, we've got some dried apricots

I think I'm gonna start with the dried apricots

There's just no one out there

There aren't even roads

JP: Flying is the only way you get around out here

Matt: Yeah

JP: Let's quickly pressurize the tank and then we'll be good for another 20 minutes or so

Matt: Do you want to grab that carbon monoxide detector?

JP: Where is it?

Matt: Right there

JP: Uh oh

I don't know if it's cause it was down there or what

It was fine this morning

Matt: So that's a little bit concerning

but we're gonna try opening a new one and hope this was just, you know, positioning and being down

by the fuel that kind of thing so

yeah hopefully we're not getting carbon monoxide poisoning right now, if you're watching this

it's probably just a faulty indication

So far so good, we'll keep an eye on that though and I might not take a nap now


Matt: It's actually kind of nice with the life vest, you just kinda kick back, it's like having a little neck pillow

JP: Yeah, you can inflate it too

Matt: Could

Louis: Have you seen any polar bears yet?

JP: There's an airport down there

Louis: There's an airport down there?

JP: Gravel runway, and there's a little town there actually and there's a ship. Do you see the ship?

Louis: What?!

Matt: Back to civilization before we head out across the water for an hour

JP: Yeah that's gonna be fun

Matt: It'll go fast, we'll be watching Game of Thrones


Louis: *singing Game of Thrones theme*

Matt: Look at that coastline, I feel like that coastline is just so Game of Thrones-y

JP: Oh yeah

you could kill some lords on that

just imagine like some sailboats coming in

Matt: Yeah

Louis: We are 100% north of the Wall though right now, aren't we?

Matt: Oh definitely

Louis: We are in the White Walker territory for sure

Alright guys, I am checking our fuel level

in the fuel tank

so I have to just unscrew the cap

it's empty

JP: Completely?

Louis: I mean...there might be like a couple a liters in the bottom

JP: You need to give me an indication

Louis: a centimeter

JP: Ok so we'll stop with the ferry tank then

but we know that we still have a little bit there if we really need it

or should I try and get it up there?

Matt: No I think we're good for now

Louis: I think the ferry tank's done bro

JP: Alright

Matt: It's chilly, we had to open the vents to get some airflow, get rid of all the fuel fumes

JP: Well this is a good learning experience

Matt: Yeah

JP: This ain't coming on

Matt: The suit as a whole or the... I mean so you need the suit on before you get this on cause you've got your

hood under there and this little flap is up, I don't even know what that does

JP: It's very like I've got things poking me

Matt: *laughing* what's poking you?

JP: and I can't breathe and...this flap in the back

Matt: *laughing*


JP: Alright Louis I need some water too and some snacks if possible

Louis: Yeah sure

Matt: I'm gonna throw a wrench into things and pee before we start Game of Thrones


JP: That's a dick move right there

Matt: I've been waiting so long and I don't think I can make it another hour and 40 minutes

so I figured it's better now than like in the dark...

JP: than like mid Game of Thrones because then I can't look away anymore either

Matt: Yeah this is actually, this is quite nice

JP: We need to be filming this


JP: I'm scared of the point of view that that thing's getting

Matt: I mean we can probably keep that one running, I don't think that'll be too wild but...

Louis: I've got like an over the shoulder angle here


Matt: There's like a little gel down here you can sorta feel it, then that absorbs water

and basically makes sure it won't spill

yeah I don't know how I'm gonna do this, this is so hard!

It's way easier in the Bonanza...

JP: Maybe just turn around

like loosen your belt, turn around

Matt: Yeah I just took the belt off completely

Louis: And then I'll just have to turn around cause this'll be like a full frontal


Matt: Ok

JP: I'm feeling butt, feeling a lot of butt right now

Matt: This is gonna work great


Matt: Let's turn that GoPro off


Matt: Yeah these zippers are difficult to deal with, hold on

JP: This is one of the funniest things I've ever experienced

Matt: This might take a little while

Louis: Ok we'll keep you company on the radio whilst your peeing

Matt: It's just such a small zipper!


Matt: Now I just have to figure out how to hold the bottle, hold the zippers open and get it in the bottle or the bag

Louis: Just take your time because what you don't want to do is get splash back everywhere

Matt: Right


JP: I will throw you out of this plane right now

Matt: Ok so that zipper's open

Louis: Keep us updated, how's it going?


Matt: I don't know, I'm gonna go for it

I'm just gonna lean like this


Matt: to get a better angle


Louis: This is amazing

Matt: Maybe

You know what...I don't know that this is working, I think the bag's leaking

JP: No way

Matt: Here don't look but...

Louis: Think the bag's leaking?

Matt: Yeah there's a hole in the bag, oh shit


JP: No!

Just think about it Matt, you're we're surrounded by icebergs, we're 11,000 feet up and you're peeing

Matt: It's amazing really

JP: You'll never be able to do this again

Matt: This is phenomenal like I love this experience

now I'm a little short of breath

that was a little more excitement than I was hoping for


Louis: Alright should we watch Game of Thrones now?

Matt: Yeah I'm gonna sit on this piss cushion

So you wanna turn that one back on?

JP: Oh it was on


Matt: Ok well that was an interesting experience, not one I desire to have any time soon again

yeah I think a Gatorade bottle would work a lot better, the problem...

JP: We should get some Gatorade bottles

Matt: Well part of it too is that there's just so much so the layer the hole here with the zipper is so small

then I've got like you know another zipper or pants and like stuff under that

JP: Right

Matt: By the time you've got so many layers but still it's just like this thing is so bulky and bunches up and stuff

JP: Right

Matt: I think there's just a little hole right here

yeah here or even

JP: Right there

Matt: there's a hole there, that's so stupid

JP: That seems to be designed that way

JP: That was very entertaining, thanks Matt

Louis: That was

Matt: That was so rough

Louis: Very funny

JP: Alright well the camera's going off and Game of Thrones is coming on

Matt: Ok

*Game of Thrones theme music*

JP: I don't get this autopilot right now

Matt: Why don't we, you know what, want to just hand fly it?

JP: Yeah

*autopilot alert*

Matt: There's so much light out here I feel like this has been a really long sunset

Center, N210EU, 78 miles south of Iqaluit, 9,000

Montreal Center: N210EU, Montreal Center, good day, squawk ident

JP: I was literally trying to hold that heading and it just completely changed on me

Matt: The track did?

JP: Yeah

and the wind is really really...

Matt: Yeah so I think the change in heading is primarily due to just change in magnetic variation

put in a bunch of little waypoints between here and there, pull up a navlog, and see

what it gives for the magnetic track between each of them

JP: Bearing to, this is how much it's changing,

022 then 028 then

Matt: Yeah

JP: then 030

Matt: Do we have a frequency for runway lights here?

Ok, I guess on request through FSS so we just call

Iqaluit Radio, 22.2

Iqaluit Radio, N210EU

Iqaluit Radio: N210EU, Iqaluit Radio

Matt: Yes we were wondering if you could tell us if the runway lights are on and if they aren't

if you could turn them on for us, 210EU

Iqaluit Radio: Not a problem, they were off, they should be coming on now

Matt: Thank you

Montreal Center: 0EU cleared to the Iqaluit airport, visual approach Runway 34

Matt: Cleared visual approach Runway 34, Iqaluit airport, 0EU

Montreal Center: 0EU contact Iqaluit Radio now 122.2 good night

Matt: Iqaluit Radio, N210EU about 9 to the southwest for the visual 34 Iqaluit

ATC: N210EU, Iqaluit Radio, roger, 34, winds 360 at 9, altimeter 3005

Matt: 3005, copy the winds, thank you

JP: How cool is this!

Matt: This is pretty cool

Louis: Yeah this is cool

Matt: There's more people up here than I thought there would be

Matt: Iqaluit, 0EU is clear of 34

Matt: Hello? We're never gonna get out of the airport


Matt: I think she said something about a guard...

Matt: So this has been a frustrating experience, we landed about an hour ago, it was beautiful coming in,

we got this like 2 hour long sunset, I think the sun is still kind of setting on the other side of some mountains

over there, we saw the Northern Lights, fantastic!

and then we couldn't figure out how to get out of the airport so we've been running around with all our bags

for about an hour, finally figured out how to get out, now we have a taxi, we don't really have a hotel yet

it's kinda late here, we haven't eaten all day, there's probably nothing open

but we're gonna make it work, we'll figure it out, it will be great

JP: It's a mess

Matt: Yeah it's a mess but it's a fun mess and tomorrow hopefully the weather will be nice and

we'll get up early, see this place for just a little little bit and then head over to Greenland

*music from bar*

Matt: Ok

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