Practice English Speaking&Listening with: President of Europa Nostra Plácido Domingo interviewed by Austria's public TV station

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Fortresses, palaces, cultural landscapes and artwork. These are among the types of heritage that Europa Nostra is concerned with preserving.

The President of Europa Nostra is here with me, the opera star Plcido Domingo, good evening.

Mr Domingo, you are the President of "Europa Nostra". Why do you show such a great dedication in this issue of preserving cultural heritage?

The concept of European Culture is very abstract, as there are so many different nations and different societies.

What then do they have in common? What is European Culture?

When one speaks about Europe, the conversation is usually over politics or economics.

In times like these, dominated by economic crisis and social rumors, is there still enough public support of and appreciation for culture and art?

Who has the responsibility to preserve cultural heritage?

In an interview, you once called the Viennese public the "best audience in the world"

so why is the Viennese public the best in the world?

You said that you made your debut here in Vienna 47 years ago.

Could you say how Vienna or how the Viennese public has changed since then?

You've sung over 144 stage roles, more than any other celebrated tenor in history

Is there a role that you would still like to sing or still like to play?

I heard that you have recently survived an illness, I believe it was a pulmonary embolism, and that you were in the hospital last year for medical care.

Has this in any way prevented you from returning to singing?

You have been on stage for almost 50 years, and have a hugely international career behind you. What is the secret behind your career?

I sincerely thank you for speaking with me, it is always a great pleasure. Thank you very much.

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