Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Ó CHIBINHA | 'Sculpe 'Sculpe, Eu Sou um Cão!

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"EXCUSE-ME, EXCUSE-ME, I AM A DOG!" - a yurt and the birth of a new Trio

shot in Madeir, Pedrgo Grande and Cabril Dam, 22, 23, 24 of Jenuary 2017

the river was tiny

it wasn't huge

they filled the whole valley

the valley now is full of water


and there's nothing left

hey, folks...

...I am a dog


...I am a dog

I'm a dog

I'm a dog

there's nobody here, but two guys are passing by

so I'm going to ask them where we could have lunch, three in the afternoon

three hungry musicians

stuffed marinated flare fat, lagartos of black pork, pork chop, grilled biffsteak


I like long names

"The Escape..." "The Escape of..."

"The Escape of the Turtle Antonietta"

or "Please, Take the Number and Wait for Your Turn"

..."Tren" o "Plen, which one do you like more?

..." Chibinha", "A Chibinha e O Tren"!

what do you think of it?

I think it's good

she fell in love

me too

there's a lot of sm... Juan!

here you have a city guy, from Madrid

doing theese things, for the first time

well, it seems to be making progress, yet it's true that the room is filling with smoke

it spoils it

spoil what?

if I play the melody in the beginning, in the intro

it has to be different

that was nice

repeat this twice

let's pretend this is the pause

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