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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Pretend Play Holi Pichkari, Balloons, Color & Gadgets | ToyStars

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Anaya I am here

You don't wanna play holi?

we need colours to play holi & we don't have them

Let's go to the market to buy colours

So today we'll show you different holi colours, balloons & water guns

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now lets enjoy the video..

Do you have Holi colours?

These are of Rs 600/-

so many customers visit to our if you want to it otherwise leave

you're so arrogant

Let's go we'll buy from somewhere else

how much it cost?

we've balloons, Pichkari

di what's this Pichkari?

I don't know Anaya

we need only gulal so pack this

don't what stuffs available now on Holi

di can we buy all colours

what they are playing with?

water coming out from it

what are these?

these are Pichkaris/Water Guns

wow..water too comes out from it

here I've this Elephant's water gun which have a big tank

look this pichkari

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