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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: tharntype the series season 2 coming soon (sub esp / ing)

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This video does not translate what Mame says, but the main idea is that TharnType The Series will have second season

Also take the opportunity to thank the great cast of TharnType The Series for their wonderful work.

We ask you to wait for the second season of TharnType The Series

The second season of this series will be arriving very soon

From my perspective (El herrmoso mundo del BL), I'm sure this series will be full of emotions

I hope the second season has equal or greater support than the first

I (El hermoso mundo del BL) thank you for the support you gave to this series

and I ask that we go to congratulate and thank Mame and the other cast that made it possible to bring us this wonderful series

Beforehand I am proud and grateful to Mame for all her projects

Each and every one of them have managed to catch us, thanks to the production cast, the director, the actors and others

Thank you that in the near future they will bring back to our screens a series as great as it is TharnType The series

Thank you for all your efforts, they are really wonderful in what they do, we hope to have many projects of yours Mame




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