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- So, I feel like we very casually brushed over the fact

that you saw a demon in this house.

- There's an older man.

He shot himself in my room.

- In your room? - Yeah.

- I was not told that this trip would be like this.


- I purposely didn't tell you until you were here, so.


- Thank you.

(creepy music)

(upbeat music)

- So, we're in the car right now,

we're on our way to Casper, Wyoming to see the eclipse.

- The moon's finally gonna defeat the sun.


- Go, moon, go!

- Right now, hotel rooms cost--

- 30,000 dollars!

- I asked on Twitter if I had any fans in Wyoming.

- We're not just staying in a fan,

we're staying in a teen fan's bedroom.

- Hi.

(bright music)

- Eugene is in New York for a wedding,

Ned is also seeing the eclipse in Portland?

- He's in Oregon, - In Oregon.

- He's glamping. - He's glamping.

- Glamping. Glamping.


Still glamping. Oh my goodness.

- Fucking Ned.

Also, very special guest joining us on the trav-vlog today,

Becka! - Becky!

- This is the last trip you're taking

as a not-married-couple.

- Yeah, that's right, that's why we brought you

to keep us virgins til the wedding day.

(bright music)

You're my best friend

Best friend

You're my best friend

(exhales loudly)

- God. Oh my god, why did you scream?

- We were spitting out air because we went

through a tunnel and made wishes.

- What is wrong with you?

- Did you sleep again?

We're here, we did it, Casper.

- [Aurora] Yeah, okay.


- [Zach] High five.

- Boom.

- Aurora, what are these?

- [Aurora] We made you these things!

- (gasps) It's a little pug!

- This seems super nice.

- Seems super nice.

- Alright, well here we are in our room.

- [Keith] Yeah. - The three of us.

- Feels kinda like Room Raiders for some reason.

- Yeah. - [Zach] So, am I in this one?

This is my roommate.

- Here's five-pair right here.

- [Zach] Oh wow, these are the glasses.

- [Keith] Thank you so much. - [Zach] What are you doing?

- [Aurora] (laughs) Watching Ned's story on Insta.

- [Voice] Glamping. - Finally made it to the top.

- [Voice] Glamping. - They call this Monkey Rock,

I don't really see it.

Really looks like a dick from down below.

Can't even wrap my hand around it.

- [Voice] Glamp. - [Zach] Ned?

Don't you speak his name in this house.


- [Zach] I'm looking at the other cat,

the cat's lookin' at me, it's a nice moment.

- [Keith] Oh yeah, look at that.

- [Keith] What did you get?

- [Keith] That's the last of that button.

- [Keith] It's a beach ball, I think.

- A hat! - [Keith] A winter hat.

- Are these stickers? - [Keith] Ooh a pen!

- We have a new aspiration journal.

This is such a good haul.

This is all so cool, thank you guys so much.

Post-its, supposed to be Post-its.

- [Keith] Office supplies are the end of this.

- [Keith] Wow, this is stuff you cannot buy!

(bright music)

Thank you, thank you, thank you

Very very very much

Very much - Broasted chicken!

- [Zach] You look great in this purple light.

- Do I look good?

- Where's Aurora?

- She's over there, she's looking at the spider.

- Aurora told me that there is a dead

little girl that lives in a room.

- Wait, I'm sorry, what?

- Named Emily, who died of polio.

- Wait, what? - That is what she told me.

- I'm sorry, hey Aurora,

can you come here for a second please?

Just heard a rumor, heard a rumor

that your house is haunted?

- Yeah, it's over a hundred years old so you can expect it.

- [Caitlin] No, it's not the house.

- I don't know, I wouldn't expect that.

- It's not me! - [Caitlin] It's her.

They stay with Aurora because she has

this really great energy around her and so


- She has this really great energy.

- [Zach] Frowns.

- [Caitlin] They're more attached to her

than they are to the house, so they won't bother you.

- I'm sorry, no, we need to tell the story,

this is a cool place to do it.

- There's an older man, he shot himself in my room.

- What?

That's not even Emily who had Polio!

- Do you think we can get Ryan

to do some voiceover for this?


- I gotta say, this one really gives me the creeps.

- It's not fun. - No, it's not fun,

a child died.

- I'm not stoked here.

- No, I'm not stoked but everyone seems

to want to hear about it, so here we go.

- [Alex Voiceover] Built in 1912,

the house was owned by a local family.

- There was a little girl in the family named Emily

and she died of polio, she was like four.

And I had an imaginary friend

named Emily who died when I was four so

that's pretty cool.

- I just got chills.

- [Alex Voiceover] The first theory is that the house

is haunted by the ghost of a previous resident,

perhaps the owners, or even more horrifying,

the little girl, Emily.

- My door in the room they're staying opens and closes,

I have tons of videos of it just

opening and closing by itself.

- Can you show us that?

- It's gonna fucking open.

(creepy music)

- [Shane And Ryan Voiceovers]

Oh god, no!

- Our doors do, that's a thing doors do.

- [Shane And Ryan Voiceovers]

- [Alex Voiceover] That being said,

the house has been subject to some other

strange and unexplainable phenomenon.

- [Caitlin] She has scratches on her back.

- Oh yeah, I get scratches on my back

when I'm just standing there.

(camera winding)

- [Shane And Ryan Voiceovers]

- [Alex Voiceover] Which brings us to theory two.

Emily, is in fact, a demon.

(screeching) and the house is not

a case of a haunting, but instead an infestation.



- This is also the same girl who drove around

for an entire summer with a Ouija board in her car.

- Yeah, that's where I got the demon.

- The demon.

The demon.

- No, I was completely 100 percent awake,

it was only like midnight, and I was in the bathroom,

and I turned around from facing the shower

and I saw a really really tall figure wearing

one of those big hats, and I was like, "Holy Shit."

- Did he look like

the Babadook? - No, no! (laughs)

- I don't wanna see the Babadook.

- Did you guys get Baba-shook in this house?

- [Alex Voiceover] That being said,

let's turn to theory three.

- You do live with cats.

- [Alex Voiceover] She does live with cats.

(cat meowing)

Whatever the explanation, it's clear Aurora's house

is a hotbed of activity.

But whether or not the house is definitively

haunted will remain unsolved.

- Can one of you guys just wheeze to complete this as a


- Do I have more cat fuzz on me?

Get it off of me.

- Wonder how that happened.

(cats meowing)

- I don't know, it could've been anything Keith.

- Alright, well, let's get ready for bed.

- So, we're alone

in a teenager's bedroom.

Should we explore it? - Yeah, let's explore it.

Is that a poster of back-in-time Keith on the wall?

Here's Aurora's band participation

- I feel like this would be the fake we-look-alike.

- And also, she has a good sense of humor.

- That's what our son would look like.

- I mean, I wish. - [Keith] Oh my god.

Get off the bed.

- What do you mean?

I'm just hangin' out.

- Pop figurines.

I guess this is a Christmas present.

Stop posing sexily.

- What're you talkin' about? I'm just.

- And we had to blur out almost all that.

Zach please.

- Hey look.

That's the Back to the Future hat.


(Keith laughing)

- Oh God!

- I don't even know if I got it on camera

as much as I meant to, but your scream.

(Zach screaming)

(laughing) (Zach screaming)

(Becky laughing)

(Zach screaming)

- Y'all playing with demons I just wanna say,

hey demons, they're inviting you, they're taunting you.

- Hey there demons, it's me, ya boy.

- I am in! (Keith laughing)

- [Zach] Pretend you're like the girl from the ring.

Get on the bed and crawl like a spider lady.

- Crawl like a spider lady. (laughs)

- [Zach] She's like (growls).

- I am not your monkey, I'm a lady.

- [Zach] Clearly. - I'm a beautiful lady.

- [Zach] Your lovely fiance.

- She's a goof (laughs).

- Gettin' married, together forever.

Can we watch Zach getting scared again?

- [Keith] Yeah. (Zach screaming)

(Becky laughing)

- We're gettin' ready for bed.

- I got a cat on my leg,

I got a cat on the floor, and I got cats

in my heart, I'm in heaven.

- Okay, tomorrow's the eclipse

so let's eclipse our eyes with our eyelids.

(Keith snores) (Becky laughs)

- [Zach] So, it is the morning.

- Wow.

- [Zach] And the eclipse has begun ever so slightly.

- It's starting. - [Becky] It's starting.

- You can look right at the sun

without any protection at all.

You know, just a flamethrower

Just a fire-breathing horse.

Nothing to see here, let's move on.

- [Zach] Oh my god, there's a cat on a leash.

- Things are different here.

- During the eclipse, anything can happen.

- They get powers, you get powers.

That guy you just saw, he was a four year-old.

- [Zach] Wow, it's like a fuse.


- The moment has arrived.

It's like a fingernail, it's so cool you guys.


- Oh my god.

Bout to happen, bout to happen.

- Go moon! Yeah!


- [Zach] Wow, we can't even try to film that.

It's amazing!

- It's so pretty.

- It's the most obscene, beautiful thing I've ever seen.

- Transcendent, incredible!

It was crazy.

- [Zach] You can't go back to a regular moon after that.

- Yeah sun! Take it back!

(cheering) - Great work everybody.

- [Zach] We had a lot of fun here in Casper, Wyoming.

- Wow, that is...

Thank you so much.

Why would a little polio girl want to scratch your back?

(Becky growls)

- [Zach] Why do I have claws for hands?

My nipples are not that,

they're like ketchup bottles.

- [Keith] The nipples I guess are just

a part of her artistic drawing style.

- You have to remember, don't forget!

It was the most magical thing we've ever seen,

you have to remember it forever!

- Well, that's it, we're back at home.

So, we'll see you next time on the vlog.

- Thanks for watching, it was a vlog!

- Yep. - That's you're line, sorry.

- No, they don't even know what's canon yet.

- [Voice] Glamping. (cheering)

- [Voice] Dranks! - [Man] Just get drunk

on a Monday afternoon.

- [Voice] Dranks! - [Man] That's New York Ned,

way more attractive.

- [Voice] Dranks!

- Tall building. Tall building.


- Zero ghouls out of ten.

- I felt like this one had a piece of video

evidence that was somewhat compelling.

- A door opening, sure.

- I'm a little flabbergasted by your rating.

- Flabber-ghosted!

- Oh my god.

- Put it on a shirt!

- Don't high-five him.

- Thanks Zach.

- Maybe one ghoul without the sheet?

- Yo, what does a ghoul look like under a sheet?

- One time, at Disneyland,

I saw the Mickey Mouse character take his head off.

- What did he look like?

- He looked like a guy.

- Woah. - He kind of looked like you.

- [Zach] Was that you from the future?

Did you come back to spy on me as a kid?

- Maybe.


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