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Hi? Dear subscribers, I'm 허 쌤

Today we're going to practice Korean expressions in the laundry

Korea has laundry and laundromat. What is laundry?

세탁소 is a place where people usually wash clothes that can't be washed with water.

빨래방 usually have washing machines.

There are big washing machines

I put the coins and wash clothes itself

So if you don't have a washing machine at home or you want to use a big washing machine, then go to laundromat(빨래방).

So today we're going to practice Korean expressions used in laundry(세탁소)

There are three most important expressions we need to know at the laundry.

The first expression is 'dry'

What is 'dry'?

Yes, dry-cleaning is called 드라이 in Korean

So we said '드라이하다'

Also, giving clothes to the laundry for a while

We use the word 'leave clothes'

We use the expression 'leave' and 'leave clothes in the laundry'

I pick up the clothes back after the laundry is done.

We use the expression 'to get clothes'

So today, this 'dry', 'leave clothes', 'pick up the clothes'

It would be good to remember these three expressions.

I go to the laundry. I take my clothes.

I need to talk to the assistant of the laundry.

Do this dry-cleaning

When you want to say like this

Please dry-cleaning

I'm here to leave some laundry

Say like this

You can say this

And the laundry can wash things like shoes.

Things like sneakers

I'd like to wash this sneakers

You can express it like this

Then the assistant will check the clothes like this.

How about these clothes? How are those clothes?

If the clothes can't be dry-cleaned

If there is such clothes, the assistant will say

Sir, this clothes can't be dry-cleaned

He will say like this

Then that means 'I can't dry-clean this clothes'

And also, for example, in clothes, the hood is made of leather,

Or this part is made of different materials

Are there any such clothes?

In that case, you have to wash separately.

So in that situation,

Should I wash the hood part separately?

They'll say like this.

It means 'wash the hood separately'.

And in the laundry, not only washing but also simply fixing clothes

This is called 'mend, fix'

Clothes, shoes, bags

This is broken

Make it pretty again

We use the word '수선하다'

Some simple mends are also done in the laundry.

For example, do you know the button? button.

Button on clothes.

It's called 단추.

Put buttons on your clothes like this ... like this ...

We use the expression 'to put on a button'

And we use the expression 'falling'. 'The button is falling'

'Put a button on'

say this, if the button is missing.

In that case, you can ask the laundry

you can ask for mend

In that case, say like this

The button is out of here

The button is out

Please put it on

Can you put it on?

The button is out of here. Can you put it on?

And I left my clothes like this

Then when can I get the clothes?

I want to ask


In that case, I use the word 'find(찾다)'

When will I come to get clothes?

When will I come to get clothes?

When you say this, and I'd like to say "when? can you ready?"

In that case, if you want to say that

How long will it be?

We use the word '되다'

In laundry, it is often prepaid before washing.

So if you want to ask when to pay,

Should I prepay?

ask like this

'Prepaid' means 'pay in advance'

Conversely, you pay when you come back later.

That's called 'post pay.'

should I pay by prepaid? or postpaid?

If you ask it like this, and the assistant will say "prepaid". it means "pay today, now"

Well, today we practiced Korean expressions in laundry

The laundry just gave clothes and said, "This!" "Please"

Don't say like this, and from now '드라이해주세요' like Korean

It would be good to say with confidence, "Please do something."

Good, we'll see you on the next video ^^

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