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Hi, I'm Vanessa from

Can you learn English for free?

Let's talk about it.

Today's video is a little heart to heart conversation between you and me.

I get a lot of emails from English learners who tell me, "Vanessa, I'm so sorry that I

can't buy your courses.

I don't know what I'm going to do."

A lot of these people, maybe you, come from countries that can't make online payments.

Maybe you don't have access to international credit cards like Visa or some of these people

tell me "I'm a student.

I don't have any income right now."

Or "I have three kids.

I have to provide for my family.

I just don't have enough time and money to be able to spend on English."

I understand.

As I mentioned earlier in this vocabulary quiz, I'm frugal.

That means that I'm really careful about what I spend money on.

And especially if your finances are tight, this means that you don't have much money,

you need to be extra careful about what you spend money on.

The question is, can you learn English without spending any money at all?

Yep, totally, but there is a slight qualification.

You need to be extremely motivated, organized, and willing to get outside your comfort zone.

Let's imagine two different scenarios.

Here, we have Chris.

Chris is extremely motivated.

He has three kids so he works hard all day and is saving up to pay for their education.

He really needs to improve his English so that he can get a promotion.

How can he do that for free?

Then we have Anna.

We're going to talk about Anna in just a moment.

Number one, Chris needs to be motivated.

I need to be motivated?


He needs to be motivated.

Even when he's had a really long day at work, he still needs to turn on an English podcast

on his way home from work.

Number two, Chris needs to be organized.

I need to be organized?

Yes, he needs to be organized.

Because he doesn't have a teacher or a curriculum guiding him, he needs to create his own plan.

Personally, I think this is one of the most challenging parts of learning English for

free, but you can definitely do it.

Chris needs to plan out his monthly goal.

Maybe his goal is to learn 20 new vocabulary words and improve his accent.

Well, how is he going to do that without a teacher giving him that material?

He needs to go online, probably online, because there's the biggest resources there, and find

some vocabulary lessons, maybe some YouTube videos and study those again and again so

that he can really learn those 20 words.

Then maybe he'll shadow some native speakers' pronunciation so that he can improve his accent.

This takes organization.

Number three, Chris needs to get outside his comfort zone.

I have to get outside my comfort zone?

Yes, maybe on Saturday there is a local pick up tennis game.

Pick up means it's a spontaneous game amongst people who maybe they're friends but maybe

they're strangers and there are some international people who go to this pick up tennis game

every Saturday.

Chris needs to get outside his comfort zone and take the courage to have a quick conversation

with them, maybe some small talk before and after the game.

This is his only chance to use English with someone else who doesn't speak his native

language, so he needs to get outside his comfort zone and try those new things.

Let's go on to our second scenario.

Our second scenario is Anna.

Anna decides not to go out to eat for a whole month and not to buy any clothes so that she

can save every penny for an English class.

I understand that not everyone can do this, but Anna believes that she can so she's going

to give it a try.

Anna decides to enroll in a local English class.

On her first day in the class, she realizes, though, that the teacher just lectures the

whole time and the other students aren't at her level.

So she decides to drop out of the class and search online for something that will be a

good fit for her.

Then she finds my course, The Fearless Fluency Club.

To succeed and improve her English, Anna needs the same qualities as Chris but it's a little

bit different.

Number one, she needs to be motivated.

I need to be motivated?

Yes, she needs to be motivated.

She had to go online and try to find a course that was a good fit for her.

But now that she has the course, she can just follow the material.

Number two, Anna needs to be organized.

I need to be organized?

Yes, she needs to be organized.

Remember Chris?

He had to look all over the internet to find the lessons that he wanted and to create his

own study plan.

But Anna, she can just follow my recommended study guide with the new lessons that she

receives every month.

She needs to plan and organize her time so that she can study them but she doesn't need

to spend time finding the material and organizing how to study it.

Number three, Anna needs to get out of her comfort zone.

I have to get out of my comfort zone?

Yes, she has to get out of her comfort zone.

She wants to improve her speaking so she needs to speak.

But she doesn't have to really search too hard to find someone to speak with because

members of The Fearless Fluency Club often speak to each other each week or sometimes

daily and practice together.

Anna still needs to get out of her comfort zone to talk with those people but she doesn't

need to worry about finding someone to speak with.

So in conclusion, do you think it's easier to learn for free like Chris or with a course

like Anna?

Well, it's a little bit easier with a course because you have a guide and a teacher to

give you feedback, but Chris can still succeed.

If you are Chris, you can still succeed.

You need to be motivated, organized, and willing to get out of your comfort zone.

In fact, Anna needs to do those things too.

If you don't have money to pay for an English course, I hope that this video helped you

to realize that you can be like Chris and you can improve your English.

You're here on YouTube.


You're learning for free right now.

So now I have a question for you.

I want to know in the comments, have you ever paid for an English course like Anna?

Or are you learning for free like Chris?

Thanks so much for learning English with me and I'll see you and you and you next Friday

for a new lesson here on my YouTube channel.


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