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Hi my name is Otto and this is a video review of the Insta360 One X2

so many numbers to remember

so with a regular camera you point and shoot

and you know that whatever you have on the frame is what you're gonna get

but with the Insta360 One X2 you have to shoot first and then you frame whatever you want

so at this point you're probably like "what?! say that again!?" all right let me explain

this 360 camera has two lenses, one on each side

and each of them has a very wide angle field of view

so what this means is that when you're shooting it is capturing everything and I mean everything

there is like a small blind spot like around here on the sides

but this camera is gonna be looking to the front, the back, the sides, up and down...

just about everywhere and when you finish recording

you can edit the clip on your smartphone or your computer and there you become the cameraman

and if for any reason I don't want to shoot in 360

I can use just one of the lenses and then this becomes a regular action camera

just before we keep going you need to know that insta360

sent me this camera for me to try out, but they didn't send me any kind of scripts,

so everything that I say on this video is my own opinion

with that out of the way I'm so excited to show you what you can do with this

but first let's take a quick look at what comes inside the box

if you don't care about this you can just skip ahead

alright so inside the box we get the Insta360 One X2 camera and inside this box we have a neoprene

pouch, I never use this kind of stuff but on this case you must use this to protect the lens

I highly recommend getting this rubber lens cap, it is only five dollars

this will allow you to protect the lens from scratching and at the same time

you have access to the battery or the usb-c port to transfer files or to charge the insta360

so here you also get a usb-c cable, a quick guide and a microfiber cloth

and let's not forget about the stickers

the insta360 camera only weights 150 grams, build quality seems to be pretty good it has

this rubber grip all around the camera and the camera is waterproof up to 10 meters

maximum resolution is 5.7K at 30 frames per second and it also supports these resolutions over here

the camera only has two buttons, the one on the right side is the power button and on the front

we have the shutter button to start and stop recording or to take a picture

on the left side we can open this compartment and here we have a 1630 mAh battery that will

run for about one hour and a half and right here is where you insert a MicroSd memory card

the insta360 has four mics one on each side and this is going to allow for 360 audio

and here we have this touchscreen right in the middle of the camera, here you can change the

camera mode to video mode, picture mode, HDR, timelapse, time shift and bullet time

you can also change the resolution, frames per second and you can change

settings like the white balance, ISO, the shutter speed and the color profile

on the touch screen you can also review your shots and delete them

so the other day I went out for a quick coffee with my parents and I said

"wanna take a look at the new camera that I'm trying out"

and they said "this is not for old people like us, the screen is too small"

and I kind of have to agree with that but guess what you can connect the insta360 to your

smartphone and here you're going to have access to a bigger preview of what the camera is looking at

and you can change all the settings that you want they are very easy to read

and you can use the smartphone as a remote control

Alright so so far it just looks like a regular camera so why am I so excited about this camera

maybe no reason at all? but let's see you make a video clip and then

you take it inside the app or you download it on your computer, you make cuts you can

select the ratio that you want, we have 9 to 16, 16 to 9, 1 to 1 and 2.35 to 1.

then you can apply filters and you can change the intensity and you can also add music

you can change the speed of the clip, make it faster add motion blur you can make it

slower or you can even freeze the action and show different angles at that moment

and by that I mean moving the camera around just to look at whatever you want

the app also supports tracking of people or objects and last

but not least you can choose the field of view

[Insta360 One X2: More fun than a GoPro]

one single clip of about two minutes is all you need

and from there you can edit that in multiple ways

[Insta360 One X2: More fun than a GoPro]

thinking about buying a gimbal for this? forget about it!

this has a six-axis stabilization that they call

FlowState and you can turn it on or off depending on what you need

so with this camera you can do this bullet time wait, I think it's time bullet,

anyway, you place the camera on top of the selfie stick

and then you have this piece which is a tabletop tripod but it also acts as a handle

and you place the selfie stick in here and then you extend this and you start swinging this around

I can't do it here because I'm going to break something but let me show you

it was fun to use but in the beginning I was a little bit afraid that the camera was going to

turn into a real camera bullet and that's why I went to that lonely place back there

inside the app we have this set of templates which are very fun to use

probably my favorite ones were the auto time shift, the dolly zoom

the flash dash

and the Fly Lapse.

With the insta360 you can also take pictures,

it has an 18 megapixel sensor and it supports jpeg and RAW

panorama shots are really easy to capture with this,

so you don't have to wait for the camera to take several shots and then stitch them together

and you don't have to do any weird movements like this, so it's one click,

it takes one shot and you get the panorama shot and I guess that's why they call it InstaPano

You can use the insta360 as a webcam and you can live stream with this on YouTube and on Facebook

let's talk about prices: the Insta360 One X2 is going to cost you 430 dollars, the rubber lens

cap, which I highly recommend is going to cost five dollars and if you want to get the bullet

time bundle, which comes with the tripod that the selfie stick, it's going to be 45 dollars

I'll be making more videos about this camera so don't forget to subscribe

I hope you found this video useful

and if you did please don't forget to give me a like and if you can comment down below

so I guess I'll see you in the next one, my name is Otto, BYE

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