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Greetings, music lovers!


First, we will hear a waltz, written by Johann Strauss.


And as we hear the rythmic strands of the Haunting Refrain,

listen to the rippling rhythm of the woodwinds, as it rolls around and around...and it comes out here.


Wasn't that lovely?

And now we will present the beautiful Blue Danube.


now get going

I'm trapped


I gotta get out of this

I gotta think fast


Oh boy they found the rabbit


hahaha look look fellas Im Rin Tin Tin

ruff ruff ruff ruff

Now I gotcha your a dead rabbit

Telegram for Elmer Fudd

Eyy What's up doc?

your free now

little rabbit

go and romp and frolic through in the forest

oh boy I'm rich

ok fellas break it up

break it up

three million dollars

angel in disguise

come on out or I'll blow your head off

Please Mr.rabbit go on back to the forest where you belong

be a nice little rabbit

oww ouch ouch


what are you trying to do kill me

you fractured my skull

I'm gonna call Uncle Louie

that's what I'm gonna do



a you got a nickle

hello operator


give me walnut street 350

100% would watch again nice

Dont you cry for me

Im gonna dig up lots of gold,

Me for victory!

Oh, la la la la

da da da da,

da bee do do,

da die die die

d die die die die do

da die die do into the distance ....


ehhhh hi neighbor




a ragged, rugged, lover Of the wild and wooly west

Of all the things I haven't got

I like gold the best

Oh, it rained all night the day I left

The weather is so dry

it was so warm I froze to death

Susanna don't you cry

Oh Susanna!

Don't you cry for me

I'm gonna get me lots of gold

"V" for victory!

Good evening, friends!


There's something awfully screwy going on around here.

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