Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 비발디사계 봄 [내용/해설] I 김홍도, 신윤복, 정선의 명화와 함께하는 비발디의 봄 I 클래식 [ENG SUB]

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One day, Antonio Vivaldi..

He was living in Venice, Italy

Vivaldi's reading the Travels of Marco Polo

He discovered an old map between the pages of a book.

and found out a country on that map

,that faces the East Sea on the east

Suddenly, Vivaldi started to write poems because He got poetry Inspiration.

And then He fall asleep.

Jeong seon

The spring trip leaving with Vivaldi's poetry and famous paintings of the Korea's great artists

Vivaldi's Spring

mov.1 - the sound of spring

Springtime is upon us.

Jeong Seon

Glamorous and elegant E major has become the outline of spring.

Jo Hui-ryong

The birds cleanbrate her return with the festive

Three violins expressed singing birds.

Kim Hong-do

and murmuring streams are softly caressed by the breezes.

The soft melody of the two notes repeats over and over again.

that melody express the soft spring wind and murmuring streams

The sharp melody of the strings' Tremolo and the violin solo.

It brings thunder, lightning, and rain and wind.

Thunderstorms, those heralds of Spring, Laura,

Casting their dark mantle over heaven,

Kim Deuk-shin

Then they die away to Silence,

And the birds take up their charming songs once more.

Kim Hong-do

mov.2 - a shepherd and sheep

Lee In-moon (A Shepherd Boy Piping)

The violin solo represents a shepherd in the peaceful countryside.

The sinus rhythm is the spring wind that shakes the leaves.

And the low and deep echo of the viola represents a barking dog.

On the flower-strewn meadow,

with lefi branches trusting overhead,

The gaat-herd sleep, he fathful dog Beside heim.

mov.3 - a trilogy of a shepherd and a fairy

Im Deuk-myeong

with a jolly rhythm in Italian dance music

It has 12/8 beats, which are often used for the pastorale

And the sound of the backpipe is expressed in constant low-pitched tones

Led by the Festive sound of reliable bagpipes,

nymphs and shepherds lightly dance

Shin Yun-bok

Beneath the brilliant canopy of spring.

The Description of 비발디사계 봄 [내용/해설] I 김홍도, 신윤복, 정선의 명화와 함께하는 비발디의 봄 I 클래식 [ENG SUB]