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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: #2 즐거운 식사 : 초간단 무생체 : Korean Radish Salad (a pleasant meal)

Difficulty: 0

#1 Please slice the radish

If you use a Mandalin to cut the radish, the seasoning will seep through

#2 Slice the ​​green onion

#3 Mix radish and ​​green onion together

#4 Add the liquid sauce and mix until the liver cuts well.

#5 Add red pepper powder, chopped garlic & sugar & vinegar

#6 Mix well

#7 Try some tasting

#8 If you like your liver right now, make it a little salty The water from the radish is slightly drained and seasoned.

#9 You can add a little more salt according to the symbol. If you want something sweet, you can add more sugar.

BBibimbap is a Must in Korean Dramas.

Eggs and rice!

If you have one Korean Radish Salad you don't need to explain it anymore.

All right, ready? This is ready.

Mix Mix Mix

The Korean Radish Salad is long, so it's more crunchy. Good !

The Description of #2 즐거운 식사 : 초간단 무생체 : Korean Radish Salad (a pleasant meal)