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Gorno Altaysk is an education hub

Many students are here

Mr Arzhan giving me lift till Novosibirsk

which is around

600 KM

I did not record inside flight. I had a bad incident with me. I will tell you later

Hi friends, now i have reached

from Gorno Altaysk to Novosibirsk

I have checked-in in a hostel

Now the time is as per local time, its

11:30 PM.

I will have to catch flight till Moscow in the morning.

I will have dinner now

I am carrying foods

which i have purchased yesterday


I have purchased from Gorno Altaysk

Bread and Banana

This is my dinner

Yesterday i have purchased at 135 RUB. Which is adequate for me for two days

This is my hostel room

All are bunk beds

I am staying here tonight

You can use this for light blockage and privacy

Good hostel. Deal which i got around

Rs 400 , from booked from

I will sleep only for 3 /4 hours

hence i have taken hostel

not booked hotel unnecessary for such short stay

Now i am going to sleep. let's catch up tomorrow

Good morning friends

Today is my last day in Russia. It's 5:30 AM now

I have reached Novosibirsk Airport

My flight to Moscow is at 7:35 AM

Still 2 hours to go.

Ticket price from Novosibirsk to Moscow RUB 5000 (Rs 5500)

There are 9 time zones in Russia

My flight is at 7:35 AM

When i will land in Moscow. At that time Moscow time will be 7:35 AM

Total 3.5 / 4 hours flying time

Distance Approx 3000 KM

So, i have reached Moscow from Novosibirsk

I will have to catch Aeroexpress. I will go to Sheremetyevo Airport

I will tell you in details about a bad experience i had on flight.

The Airlines i traveled

Extremely bad and unprofessional

Touch your finger

Door opens automatically

Very crowded Airport

Infact, many passenger

Many transit flights get connected from Moscow

May be that's the reason, many passengers

No seat available

When i started from Novosibirsk

came to Moscow

Pobeda is a Russian Airlines

An incident took place with this Pobeda Airlines

My ticket cost was RUB 5000

From Novosibirsk to Moscow. Which was 4 Hrs flight

I checked-in

At that time

They gave me boarding pass

I gave one check-in baggage

The lady told me , checkin baggage is not free

You will have to pay Rub 1000

I replied, its ok

I knew that check-in baggage was not free. Hence i paid Rub 1000

They took my wildcraft backpack and gave for check-in

I have a small backpack like laptop size bag

She did not tell anything about that, which means i can carry in cabin

I always carry that bag in cabin across India and all the international flights as well

So, i proceeded with that bag

When final boarding was happening

Where boarding passes checking happens at the time of boarding.

There one

Person stopped me

He was telling that, i can't carry this bag

I replied why?

He replied, its big for cabin

Then i told, no when i was checking-in

No one told me that

Still he was insisting , i can't carry

Then i replied, let me clarify

I have already paid for check-in baggage

He was replying, you have purchased but still you can't carry

I again replied that, i am travelling with this small bag across the world

I have taken this bag in all the outside counties i have visited

Very small bag like a laptop bag

I asked, what to do now? He told me that i will again have to pay

Pay again? i have already paid 1000 Rub, accommodate it.

I asked , how much again need to pay?

Then he replied, i have to may more 3000 Rub

He took 3000 Rub for that small laptop bag

I told him that, for the big bag i paid 1000 Rub but for this small 3000 Rub

He threaten me that, he will throw this bag

I really felt bad!! Till now my Russian trip was good

But the Pobeda Airlines Executive behavior was extremely bad to an International tourist

Look i am outside India

If anyone tells that , he will throw my bag

Laptop is there

My camera gadgets and batteries

If no option, then agreed to pay

Then he swapped my credit card and taken 3000 Rub

So, my total baggage costing Pobeda has taken

3000 rub for small bag

1000 Rub for the big bag

Total 4000 Rub they have taken . My flight ticket costing was 5000 Rub

They have taken almost flight ticket equivalent money from me

Very bad experience

My Russian trip was excellent

Russian people helped me a lot

Last episode was very bad

I am feeling depressed

Aeroflot is professional airlines

I am going to Delhi by aeroflot

It's a national carrier like Airindia

Aeroflot allowed me the same bag in cabin

But Pobeda did not

All Indian airlines Indigo, Spicejet, AirIndia. You can fly with this bag in cabin

I am going to Moscow from Delhi

After 30 minutes i will board into flight

boarded in flight

Time now

7 PM

Schedule time was 6:50 PM.

Still will reach timely . Approx 6 hours flying time





This is Dinner

Now we are flying above Lahore

Just crossed Islamabad now Lahore

Now we are flying above Pakistan

Will reach Delhi with an hour

Can see the lights of Lahore city, looking nice

Now the time is 2:30 AM. We will land around 3:30 AM in Delhi

I have reached Delhi

Landed at 3:40 AM

Just 10 minutes late

This was a wonderful trip

Will miss Russia

Good videos will come

Please watch the videos

For any suggestion, write on comment box

I will reply for sure

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