Practice English Speaking&Listening with: (ENG) 편의점 알바하다 짝남을 만났을때 | [단짠단짠 요정사] EP.01 지나간 짝사랑이 돌아왔다

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What did you say?

This facial expression

We are mythical serpents

Is not that unfamiliar


It doesnt sound appealing

So just to be cute call us fairies

Or maybe Binoppa

What do you meanoppawhen youre over 500 years old

We are like ancestors

But I still think wereoppa

Think of those blue faced genie guys

I am an extremely handsome fairy


this grandpa has been alive for 1200 years

1200 years

Compared to that, its okay to call meoppa

Anyway, we are the serpents that couldnt become dragons

So, you can think of us as guardian gods or fairies

just call me boss


These young and handsome guys

Are actually hundreds of years old legendary serpents

No, fairies

(owner : 1228 years old, Bin : 456 years old)


This is CU, run by fairies

Oh, and me?

I am a magic pearl

That feeds on peoples joy

Sweet and Salty Fairies

ep. 1 The Crush that Came Back


then show me some magic

Something like sorcery



Be careful with your magic

If you use too much you wont be able to ascend

Okay, okay

Until fill the magic pearl with energy we can..

Ah seriously!

Really you are such a nagging grandpa


start talking

The conditions for working at CU are simple

You have experience working at a cafe

A university senior

24 years old

Korean literature?

Are you the owner?

Yeah, Im the owner

Your resume is fine

Do you have any concerns these days?

Well sure, I always have some concerns

Can you pour out all of your concerns, worries,

Anguish, or irritating problems to us?


We will listen to your problems

Thats the jobs condition:

Divulging any problems you have

But you cant use magic

What do you mean we cant

Just saving our powers

And also using our magic

Is not really helpful to human affairs...

But it does make you feel good

Well, two close friends started dating

They were both friends I liked a lot

But hearing that they were dating made me feel uncomfortable and sad

When youre feeling down and uncomfortable about something,

It calls for a bakery cheese fondue

Can I try some?

Its really good

Of course it is, who do you think made it?

The heart and the stomach are only a hand span apart

When your heart is feeling empty, it is wisdom and good sense

To eat something delicious and fill it up

So, what kind of friends are they?

Oh, Minsoo is being discharged from the army today

So lets go out for drinks with him and Hyejeong

Oh but I dont know those two seniors very well

You have me

Hey, Jeongyoon Woo

How are you friends with everyone?

Is there anyone youre not friends with?

Yes and Deojun Pyeon you have to come too

Ill be bored if I go alone


Youd be fine even without us

Im just gonna go study

Its exam time

Oh Deojun! Such a model student

Its awkward for me too. Im gonna go home

Oh you traitors

Fine then when exams are over you have to go out for drinks with me okay?

These three were really close to each other contrary to the saying:

college friends dont last

Should I poke you?

What? Poke what?

Deojun is a good student

And is rather chic

Jeongyoon is lively and popular

All three were different but really close


I N S I D E R you dont knowINSIDER’?

Someone who knows many people and is sociable

So what youre saying is

Jeongyoon and Deojun grew to like each other?

After a while there was some kind of connection between them

I hoped not

And just ignored it

We have to tell her

Cant keep this a secret from Haru forever

Thats true but it was always the three of us

If Haru found out we were dating

Yeah but we cant hide it forever or break up

It would be worse

If she found this out through someone else

I know and youre right


how about after finding out how she feels

The three of us were always friends and now this

I cant say anything


The fact that they hid it from you must have made you madder

Ah youre right

They should have told me before anyone

I accepted their apology

but why do I still feel down?

I think I know

Haru Lee,

isnt it because you like Deojun?

No I dont

Thenby any chance Jeongyoon?

Its not that at all

These days its not a big deal okay?

Im not a strict and narrow-minded fairy

So you can tell me whats honestly on your mind

Oh my gosh really

A friend and a lover are completely different


You are still friends with Jeongyoon and Deojun

But the balance when it was the three of you is now different

The changes that happened

Made Haru feel anxious

And is the fact they hid it from you

The only thing that makes you feel uncomfortable?

There was also another reason



I had chicken yesterday

So you wont eat today because you ate yesterday?


Hey is chicken a meal?

Choose something else

Fine, chicken feet!

Ah why is it always chicken

Hey why are you so angry at innocent chickens?

But chicken feet are so good

I just dont feel like having chicken

Ah Deojun youre so picky


If Im picky, youre almost a princess

Yeah I am a bit like a princess

So you really want to eat chicken?

Oh youre here?

Arent I just barging in on your date?

Hey dont be silly and just choose something to eat

She wants chicken

No, no

Lets have what Haru wants to eat

What do you want to eat Haru?


Honestly Im not that happy they are dating

I know its rather childish to think this

But it feels like its Im all alone

And honestly a little lonely?

Ive never felt lonely when I was alone

But when they started dating

It made me wonder where my other half is

Suddenly Haru

thought of Iru

Then go make a boyfriend


Should I do some love love pink pink magic for you?

As a fairy, I can bring your other half in a snap!

And like magic,

Iru appeared



Its been a long time

You work here



What year are you in now?

Im a senior

Youre already a senior

It seems like yesterday you were a freshman and I saw you in the club room

Are you still in the boardgame club?


Im busy so I dont do club activities

I guess you have a lot of engineering projects

Okay so good-bye


Yeah... SureI gotta go

See you next time

Hey why are you still so shy even though youre so old?

Hey please

Dont stare at customers and chat them up

Cant you see how uncomfortable you make them

That guy wasnt just a customer

Who is he?

Who is he? Who is he?


You didnt use that love love magic stuff right?

Did you use it?

Hey what

Hey its not like that

Ah I..

Hold on...

That Iru guy

What is this?

Come on,

who is he?

Nothing, hes just a senior at school

It doesnt seem like nothing

So, should I show you some real magic?

Dont you dare use magic

Dont be silly and go prepare the stuff for a delivery

cos a delivery order came in

Ah that guy

He says Im not the one

Lets drink

Just forget it

I didnt like Iru from the start

You always took his side

IWhen did I do that?

Im sure they like each other

This is my favorite chocolate


I think fairy Bin used magic

That love love stuff

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