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- My name's Adam Migur,

I'm from Toronto, Ontario. (golf club swinging)

And now I've recently turned pro this past season.

Being a professional golfer is super fun.

You do what you love to do.

You're out here in nature everyday.

(golf club swinging)

Sometimes it's stressful when things aren't going well

but there's nothing like going out there

and getting better everyday.

Not playing well stems more from,

maybe your body's not feeling right,

mechanics aren't totally good.

Maybe your mind's not in the right place.

The mentality of playing golf

is maybe the most important thing.

All professional golfers, we can hit the ball,

we can putt, we can chip,

it just comes down to what's between the ears.

Mental factor is probably the single most important thing

that happens on the golf course.

(upbeat music)

The sleeve helped with focus.

Just no distractions out there,

you just felt like it was just all about the golf.

(upbeat music)

(golf club swinging)

(upbeat music)

The mental state before,

I kind of felt a little, I don't know,

not aloof but definitely feel like you're out there

and you're more easily distracted.

But putting it back on

and letting the technology do its thing,

I just felt more in the zone and...

Yeah, just pretty much in the zone.

There's no other way to say it.

I think the sleeve could definitely help improve

coming down the stretch when your mental focus

is maybe getting a little aloof.

Being able to stay in the moment

and not let your brain get tired

at the end of a long round is super important

and this sleeve could definitely help improve with that.

I think I would definitely recommend this sleeve

to really any athletes.

I think it's just another tool in my bag

that'll help me against the competition.

Anything that can put me one step up

is something that I definitely want on my side.

(upbeat music)

- [Cameraman] What causes the stress?

- What causes the stress?

Not playing well.

That's why you get out there everyday

and you got to better yourself

in whichever way you can.

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