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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: THE FACES BEHIND GEMINI for 2020 I Characteristic you GOT tells that

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hello Gemini how are you guys out there it's me again my name is pre

and welcome back for my channel so and by the way guys, Im still studying this time

about tarot cards and what is the definition for each number.

okay so let's start Gemini...

okay what I'm seeing here in Gemini is

you've been thinking a while either related with your job money or pain or

health issues

or some of you Here is having a misunderstanding with someone here or

being treated badly with someone who is your colleague,

your friend but at last this time you are facing a happiness or there's an end of cycle

because what I'm seeing here is a completion. maybe this is what you are worrying about so you will be happy


is finally you're in good relationship with your family with

your loved ones so it's a joy of tears and some of you here is

feeling happy

for a successful relationship a marriage,

and looking forward is a new beginning for new decision

or maybe this is a new plan for travel

that you are moving somewhere else

yeah that's what I'm seeing here Gemini a new message okay so let's see Gemini

what is the clarity on your reading today

well, all here are faces and who are these

special people in front of me

okay what I can see here some of you

some of you here are engaged in

relationship with with with a partner who is businessman who are stable

but there is someone who is younger

he's the same your age I can see

looking at you. and you are in

trouble like you don't know what to do and you

don't know what to decide and you don't know who is the best to choose but

you are engaged or you are with your man who is businessman and very successful

financially secured but there is someone who is looking

forward and looking to meet you or he's falling in love with you and or this

person will be going to meet you soon this is what I'm seeing here

maybe an ex lover

also a new message for a new plan a new decision a

new movement to new places or moving to

to a new home

and what I'm also seeing here is there is some awareness coming

I think I don't think so if this is something they called a third party that

your partner loves you and this someone will cause you

doubt in the future but I don't think so

its a third party. A new beginning, a new

decision, new plans yeah so I think a fresh

beginning of life either a new marriage or a new home

with your partner.

I'm seeing that you and your partner are planning to move somewhere and

start a new life

let's see here is this person seems a young one he's really in love with you

he's still thinking about you, he couldn't move on until now.

but what I can see here that you're moving forwards on with your partner

and your partner is inancially stable and he's a very loving person.

make a wish Gem and

let's see, yes okay your wish will be

granted either related about family family obligation situation literally

tell about financial support or any interest that you are wishing for

so it will be happened yeah so you will get it.

okay that's all for now Gemini and thank you

for watching my Channel and don't forget to subscribe

I'm trying my best to give you more clarification about this reading as much as I can.

bye for now and thank you guys.

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