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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Reading OUT LOUD | Learning English Conversation

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hi I'm Lynn thanks for watching my video

today I'm going to help you improve your

English speaking and pronunciation by

reading English out loud this is a very

helpful video so keep watching you might

think that it's hard to practice English

when there's no one to talk to

but there is a really helpful way to

practice your English even if you're by

yourself and it's by reading out loud

you can take a book an article a poem

even a song and not only read it but

read it out loud this is something that

will help you not only get new

vocabulary but it will greatly improve

your pronunciation and your conversation

ability this is something that I have

instructed many of my students to do and

always if they read out loud every day I

can see a huge improvement in not only

their fluency but their conversation

ability and pronunciation and this is

something that is very simple to do by

yourself choose something that you want

to read read it and read it out loud

every day and you will be surprised how

fast you improve it's a great tip so I

really think you should try it reading

out loud each day might not seem like

the best way to improve your English but

it's something very simple that you can

do and I know you guys can do it

so remember learning English is hard

work but if you try a little bit even

something simple like reading out loud

every day you're going to see an

improvement I know you guys can do it

thanks for watching

tell me about your experience reading

out loud in the comments tell me what

kinds of things you read and what

improvement you've seen and don't forget

to Like and subscribe see you next time


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