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Donn't you think so? I didn't get a good gun for so many times.


They got M762... Nothing else to say


Wow, the crates here changed

Everything changed... The G port took a great chage

That hurt him so bad

That's the only guy left

I jumped because...

I thought him looting the crate, and so he did

Yet he wasn't fast enough

I didn't want to reveal footstep

He wasn't bad

He is good. All enemies killed, ha

But I don't know how many he killed

The blood effect makes me comfortable

Let's go

See, I killed 1 and took the G port, ha

I'm a super camper!

Let me see where to go

Oh, that fake garage seems...

It's got something new nearby, a water tower

And it's like...

It's just...

That blocks the route, but is also a cover

It makes the spot safer from the mountain top

So that makes sense. It's a good change

A water tower up there you see... which probably heats water





Everything changed... see the grass here

Eh, the grass here became greener

But from another point

The grass got lower, you see?

It's lower

There's much grass here

But not much grass at another spot

Like the...

The bold head of mid-ageds'

Just imagine that, this grass is like that

He dosen't come out

Let's get there and wipe that squad

Uh, I'm not accustomed to the new button mapping

Always press them wrong...

We have to get

We have to sneak to above that fake garage

I think I can hit them there

But also make sure no one can hit us

I didn't press the...

How come I couldn't press fire?

Nope, the throwing button

Sigh, missed a good chance

It bothers

Can't switch seat while driving???

Gee, I barely held the aim

Still got enemies down there

Wait, let me take a look


The zone is faraway

Look left, that car went towards my left


My state is no good


A new warehouse by the gas station

I shall take the warehouse

That car went there

Can't see it bros

This warehouse has

no holes on the roof. Grenades can only come from two sides

I...couldn't be bombed in the middle

40 seconds

Only 22 left. 21 now

Here I might be rushed

Squads keep battling above me... bla bla bla

Seems no one there either

And no one at the gas station

It passed

It left, bros

Just hold still, let's wait for the zone

I'm not familiar with the spots here... do not dare to wander around

Wow, they fought so badly up there

A kill confirmed... a squad wiped

I'm done sitting here, bros

I wanna join the fight

Should be the last one

All grenades used... no good

Gonna have to take this pill

Should be a squad in that cabin

But they are outside the zone now

I want to loot his crate, but too dangerous

Let me check...

Which one is it... left or right?

Let's take the high spot

Why is it always lagging... throwing grenades?

"Marked a location"

That'll hit him

Killed by the first grenade

So I got slightly bad shot, everyting else is fine



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